I Do I Do Holds Press Conference and Releases Lackluster Long Trailer

It’s such a shame I’m so put off by all the promotional material for I Do I Do with Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo. I like the two leads, individually and together they look crackling with chemistry. I’m even in the mood for a rom-com, after going heavy and serious with The King 2 Hearts, plus Summer always puts me in the lighthearted mood for some silly romance antics. I’ll probably have to turn to I Need Romance 2 for my rom-com fix, because the official posters and seven- minute long trailer for IDID leave me totally cold. The posters are derivative of so many concepts done before (and done better), and the trailers are just lame. The long trailer is not as shrill and brain numbling terrible as the first teaser, but ultimately I have to admit the story sounds so damn stupid and…..insulting. So this successful shoe-designing career woman has a one-night stand with an aimless much younger man and from that stems a baby and a romance? I don’t know, Fated the Love You already left me annoyed despite how cracktastic it was, IDID looks to try my patience even more. I’ll probably leave it to the Sun Ah fans to enjoy this drama. And if it turns out to be good and sincerely addressing the topic at hand, I’ll happy tune in at such time.

Seven-minute long trailer for I Do I Do:


I Do I Do Holds Press Conference and Releases Lackluster Long Trailer — 15 Comments

  1. Watching the preview, it fascinated me, a comedy-drama surely will hit the screen! Thanks for the update Ockoala!

  2. I’m a KSA fan, but this one turns me off…will probably give it a look, but am not confident. Thanks for the update.

  3. I thought the trailer was pretty cute. I am ambivalent towards the cast and the premise, but I like what I see so far, just hope it won’t get too sappy later on.

  4. Well.. It was cute trialer. I recognize some of the cast members. However, I do not see the pregnancy after one night stand. It seem they decide not to go to the pregnancy route. I might be wrong. I think I will pass and read recap of it to see if it is worth to watch it at all.

    • Look up episodes of We Got Married. A ridiculous sugary bon bon, no actual substance reality show, but Lee Jang Woo and his “wife” Eunjung are way cute on it.

  5. I don’t know, I still can’t see these two together. LJW strikes me more as a nephew or kid brother than a viable love interest for KSA’s alpha female character. But then I didn’t watch the trailer (card-carrying spoilerphobe here, I don’t watch long trailers) so maybe it works better onscreen than in my head. I was so VERY wrong about Lee Seung-gi and Ha Ji-won, after all. I’ve learned my lesson, I just go in with zero expectations to the first episode now and let it speak for itself.

    I agree that it’s a lame setup. I think the only way it will work is if it has heart and not just hijinks. I reaallly hope it’s good – after SoaW and Fighting Spirit last year, I need to see KSA in a comedy!

  6. OH KOALA!!

    You invoked the FTLY comparison. Oh, grief! I want to be optimistic in spite of that reference, but respect your opinion too highly (so frequently spot-on my own) to ignore that slam. Oh, shame!

  7. For me, the trailer is actually pretty charming, encouraging even after the dumb teaser. Now I have some hope that I do, I do may possibly turn out to be a good drama. Kim Sun Ah hasn’t let me down yet.

  8. uhm, still not feeling this drama! Sadness! I’ll probably give it a try cos I really, really KSA, but…I’m not expecting it to be a great or even an addicting.

    I’ll let you know what I think, okay?

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