Kim Sun Ah is a Fashion Muse for Singles Magazine 100th Anniversary Edition

I find Kim Sun Ah strikingly beautiful, a combination of having imperfect but lovely features and an actress’s willingness to take risks with her looks and style. While most people first encountered her through My Name is Kim Sam Soon, where she put on 20 pounds and won herself a successful baking career and a chaebol Hyun Bin, she had been acting for quite some time and was a model even before that. She does have a tendency to be cute at times, which I attribute to some of the characters she played rather than her acting quirks. Her last drama was the moderately well-received I Do I Do with Lee Jang Woo, where she played an older successful shoe designer who ends up pregnant with the baby of a much younger man. The drama started off exceeding my expectations and was all sorts of wonderfully nuanced. But then it quickly devolved into the characters running in circles for the remainder of the time only to wrap up sincerely leaving only the feeling of wasted opportunity in the wake. In the recent abundance of noona-dongsaeng romances, Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo actually had amazing chemistry that felt real and heartfelt with an undercurrent of attraction. It wasn’t mindblowing, but it was pretty damn good. In the upcoming December issue of Singles magazine which also marks its 100th edition, Kim Sun Ah goes back to her modeling roots and becomes the muse for 10 famous South Korean designers. The pictures are all very fun – at times playfully avant garde, at times stunningly eye-catching, at times quietly powerful. Kim Sun Ah would definitely be my pick for this shoot as well, she’s one of the handful of innately sexy K-actresses with the right sassy attitude and fantastic ability to pose.

[Credit: Singles Korea magazine]


Kim Sun Ah is a Fashion Muse for Singles Magazine 100th Anniversary Edition — 15 Comments

  1. Waitaminute.. so she gained weight for My Name Is Kim Sam Soon? I’ve always thought that was her natural weight. And that she then lost it just before Scent of a Woman. I mean she looked basically the same in S-Diary and City Hall like in MNIKSS.

  2. ,this has got to be one of my favorite magazine spread this year. The photos are amazing and KSA models the clothes fabulously. Plus points that there are no photos which makes one say WTF or scratch one’s head in bewilderment.

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