Written and Video Preview for Episode 15 of Flower Boy Next Door

I can’t believe we’re almost at the final week of Flower Boy Next Door. I wonder if tvN will continue with the Flower Boy series and keep tapping the well since it doesn’t feel dry in the least. There will always be a market for the youth drama, and I actually don’t feel like FBND is all that young in its thematic narrative. There are funny asides and some amusing characters, but the issues being tackled are substantive enough to add adult contemplation to the mix. Now that Dok Mi and Enrique like each other, the more important thing is what they are going to do about it. I have to make clear the misconception at the end of episode 14 that Dok Mi set up the scene for Enrique to overhear her declaration that she liked Jin Rok. She didn’t. It was two issues dovetailing – her wanting to tell Do Hwi to stop bothering Jin Rok, and her asking Jin Rok the night before to help her convince Enrique to go back.

Dok Mi didn’t realize that Enrique would be there, and then Jin Rok took the initiative and went with the misunderstanding because he remembered what she asked of him before and thought this was a good way to go about it. So I guess its noble idiocy by way of a fortuitous encounter? I don’t doubt Dok Mi is the type to go all noble idiot, but I don’t think Enrique is the type to fall for it. I think he will go back to Spain because she will convince him that they can be apart and still stay together as a couple. That the time apart will be good for both of their lives and careers, and they can build on this very precious relationship they have discovered with each other. I don’t mind some angst, even in the form of misunderstandings, but I hope the OTP continue to communicate candidly with each other in the process. I’ve grown to truly love and cherish this little drama and all the good and not-so-good characters in it. It’ll be a bittersweet feeling to bid farewell to it next week.

Written preview for episode 15:

Love – sometimes it’s a very long road to walk.

Dok Mi, who wants Enrique to return to Spain, and Enrique, who cannot leave Dok Mi behind, the two of them are at odds with each other. Enrique usually chases after Dok Mi, and Dok Mi usually runs away from Enrique, but now their situations are reversed………

Preview for episode 15:

Enrique: All I can see is a woman called Go Dok Mi. I don’t care about anything else.

Dok Mi: I will admit that I was jealous. Are you going to be like this?

Jin Rok: Even lying you still can’t do this?

Dok Mi: Look into your heart, KaeGeum, because it might not be love. Don’t turn me into a pathetic person so stop now for good.


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  1. So in love with this show! I can’t believe how the time flew and we are on the final week 🙁 .
    Koala you should really recap “Ad genius lee tae baek” there’s just something so real about the show and uplifting.

    but at the same time it’s sad that this drama is ending )):
    noo. But this preview just made my day…a really long day
    I am so glad that Dok Mi was not intending to play noble. so glad.
    This drama really has its own charm.

  3. Urrrrg im getting through with Dok mi we are one step to the finale and u r still doing this ! Stupid stupid girl just go with him already !! Aaaaaaah Hhh I know that’s gonna happens in like 5 day or so !! Hh thanks mrs koala

  4. I have full faith in the writer to deliver us with a satisfying end to what has been an unexpectedly beautiful drama on so many different levels. From well rounded characters to some extremely good dialogues and lack of unnecessary twists in the plot which has great depth. It has been a welcome bonus to my expectations of watching just a normal run of the mill romantic comedy. The written words of the writer has been perfectly delivered by each and every member of the cast led by PSH, YSY and KJH under excellent guidance of the director……must look up their names.

  5. Oh, Dok Mi, you’re acting out Enrique’s pranks for his pleasure, how cute!

    Here’s something else I would do if I were you. I would:
    – take another trip to the ocean;
    – take a pic of me (that is, of you) dressed in red-carpet gown and give it to him;
    – agree to put the editor’s name on his biography book;
    – watch a Barcelona football match with Enrique; you know you don’t have to be a Barcelona fan;
    – buy some chocolates for him;
    – go to a Chinese restaurant with Enrique and buy two separate plates of jajangmyun and jjampong (vegetarian variants), eat and then switch the plates;
    – get for him a solar-powered flip-flap flower and put on his windowsill; it dances only when it’s sunshining, so he should keep the curtains opened at daytime;
    – gift this toy (a nodding head panda)

    – or get a Little Monkey Hand Warmer Heater USB PC Computer Mouse Pad. Saves energy and warms hands while working at the computer!

    and many many other things, before he decides to continue following his dream together with you!

  6. although i’m a little dissapointed about episode 14, but i still have 13 adorable episodes to rewatch again (^_−)☆

    I re-watch FBND start from ep 1, but for this time i watch in HD video and using headset not speaker. Surprisingly..i love this show more and more ♡ ♡
    Watching in HD, i can see their expression more detail..for example is when both JR and E argue about who is the best for DM after D leaves hospital. I can see clearly JR’s teary eyes 🙁
    Watching using headset..you can see how BGM match perfectly with every scene..and my most wanted BGM is when DM write her diary.. (anyone know what is the name of that BGM?)

    Sadly..we only have 2 episodes left ㅠ.ㅠ
    Happily..i can back to my normal live after get FBND*fever, because usually i don’t watch drama that is still airing

    Off Topic..but i love your header ms.koala.. Kim Ji Hoon oppaaa ^^

  7. Awww-mannn! I thought FBND was DONE airing so I began watching it last week. Now I just finished Ep 14 and realized the last two episodes have yet to come. It’s only a day away but thinking I’d get to see how it all ends this weekend and then this – it’s like stupidly bumping into a wall. 🙂 I’ll need to pay more attention to dates next time!

  8. BTW, I’m still catching up on oldies but goodies so I’m usually out of the loop about new dramas. Can anyone suggest a Must-see for this season so far?

  9. i dont get it……so the ending will be that enrique will go to spain, but will have long distance relationship with dok mi……AND WHAT BOUT JIN RAK(kim ji hoon)…………is he still gonna have one-sided love for her?
    …..why is love so complicated……..KIM JI HOON OPPPPPPPPPPPPAAAAAA!!!!!

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