That Winter, The Wind Blows Episode 5 Recap

That Winter, The Wind Blows makes me simultaneously feel squicky and shivery. The intensity radiates off the screen but it’s not always the appropriate kind. Currently I can’t fully enjoy the OTP moments, because its all predicated on Oh Soo pretending to be Oh Young’s brother and Oh Young falling for his pretense that treating him as her oppa. This episode seriously gave me whiplash back to Song Hye Kyo’s classic fauxcest career making drama Autumn in My Heart. The night out in the countryside and later taking a romantic beach stroll could have been lifted straight from that middle episode of AIMH when Joon Suh and Eun Suh eloped and tried to run away from all the collective family and friends freakout over their romance. I tried to ignore it early on but its impossible for me to actually enjoy watching Oh Young and Oh Soo touch each other or snuggle in bed or do gorgeous beach walks when in the drama Oh Soo is supposed to act like a sibling while the other labors under the belief that Oh Soo is her oppa.

I hope Oh Young finds out soon that this Oh Soo is not her oppa but instead the other one who was nice to here once, otherwise this romance will continue to give me the subtle heebie jeebies. I kinda wish the drama could have found a way for Oh Soo to ingratiate himself into Oh Young’s life but not pretending to be a blood relative, but that’s just me wishing some of the taboo assumptions could be done away with. This drama still dazzles with its visual mastery and storytelling excellence, especially with the reveal of Moo Chul’s beef with Oh Soo and his first love backstory with Hee Sun’s sister Hee Joo. Not to mention Jo In Sung did his patented cry like a super baby routine for the first time in this episode, and took a fully clothed shower to add to the count. How could anyone not give this drama their full attention when watching?

Episode 5 recap:

Oh Soo carries Oh Young of the water. Hmmm, the princess carry, it always gets me right there.

Oh Young touches Oh Soo’s face tentatively, wanting to feel what he looks like now. She calls him oppa and tells him that they can leave now. Girl, I know you be blind, but people be not touching brothers like that.

Myung Ho sits with Moo Chul in Oh Soo’s old apartment and introduces himself as from PL Group. Moo Chul says he recognizes him as the fiancée of the PL Group heiress. Myung Ho asks if Oh Soo (the not dead one) lived here and Moo Chul asks why Myung Ho is curious. Moo Chul says he’s a swindler and bad guy.

Oh Soo puts Oh Young in the car and calls her a crazy woman as he tries to dry her. Oh Young says she’s fine but he can tell she’s freezing. Oh Soo is relieved to find some change of clothes in the trunk. He chastises Oh Young for going into the water and asks if she’s trying to kill herself like she did at the train station last time?

Oh Young laughs because she was curious who Oh Soo resembled and now its clear he resembles their nagging mother. Oh Young asks if they can not go home tonight. He call her crazy again and gets out of the car and tells her to change inside. Oh Young keeps calling him oppa and tells him to not go. He says since she doesn’t listen to him, why does he need to listen to her?

Moo Chul tells Myung Ho about swindler Oh Soo – he owes Moo Chul a debt, grew up in an orphanage, and dated Jin So Ra (showing a magazine with her on the cover) but now they have broken up. But he’ll likely meet with her in the future. Moo Chul says the two Oh Soo’s aren’t very close and don’t keep in touch anymore. Moo Chul asks why Myung Ho is looking for one Oh Soo behind the other’s back? Oh Soo (tree) or Oh Soo (protect). Moo Chul shows Myung Ho a picture of Oh Soo, Jin Sung, and the dead other Oh Soo..

After Myung Ho leaves, Moo Chul calls Oh Soo and informs him that Myung Ho was just at his place digging around for information. Moo Chul reveals that he gave Myung Ho a picture which included the dead other Oh Soo. Oh Soo says Moo Chul will handle it from there and won’t out him since he needs to get paid as well. Moo Chul claims he can’t tell a lie. Oh tells Moo Chul to go stay away from each other in the remaining 2 months left. Moo Chul says time is passing by and when the 3 months is up, who know what their ending will be?

Moo Chul flashes back to a scene with Hee Joo (Hee Sun’s unni). He’s on the street and Hee Joo sticks her head out a small store and happily tells her Moo Chul oppa that she’s carrying Oh Soo’s baby and she is so happy because Oh Soo is finally hers now. Moo Chul looks devastated.

Myung Ho sits in his car and stares at the picture of the three guys. Turns out Moo Chul lied to him that dead other Oh Soo was the swindler orphan Oh Soo. Myung Ho remembers Moo Chul’s offer to call him if he wants to know more.

Oh Soo goes back to the car and hands Oh Young a warm beverage. Oh Soo agrees to stay out all night and suggests taking Oh Young to the beach to ride a motorcycle. Oh Soo thinks about the accident but Oh Young says he promised to teach her to ride a motorcycle.

Oh Soo rides a motorcycle with Oh Young sitting in front of him. She flashes back to riding a bicycle with her mom and brother when she was little. He flashes back to riding a motorcycle with Hee Joo behind him, and he screams out that he loves Hee Joo and Hee Joo says she loves him, too. Oh Soo tears up remembering this.

Moo Chul is at the nightclub beating up his own minions for disobeying his orders for allowing teenagers to join the gang. One guy says he felt sorry for the kid having to pay for his mom’s medical bills. Moo Chul beats up the kid and asks if his sick mom told him to go join a gang to make money? He tells the kid to scram and never show up here again.

Jin Sung is there dragging his younger sister out of the bar. He bumps into Moo Chul and tells him to leave them alone today since they are customers. Jin Sung rags on his sister, saying that their father drinking already gives him a burden so why does she have to drink as well. Moo Chul asks Jin Sung to follow him instead of Oh Soo.

Moo Chul asks Jin Sung what he’s hoping to accomplish with Oh Soo? Jin Sung ignores him and piggybacks his sister out of the bar. Moo Chul finds out that Jin Sung’s sister frequents this club with her friend. He tells his lackey to give her VIP treatment from now on and some spending money, smirking as he sets her up to cause trouble for Jin Sung.

Secretary Wang waits until midnight and calls Oh Young. Oh Soo picks up and says Young cannot answer because she is in the shower. Secretary Wang is incensed they are staying out all night, saying they are adults of the opposite sex. Oh Soo reminds Secretary Wang that he said she was just a guardian and not their mother. He doesn’t need her permission, he just wanted to let her know Oh Young was fine. She slams the phone down in anger.

Jin Sung is at Hee Sun’s place and she’s placing her sister’s picture in front of an offering. Hee Sun tries to call Oh Soo but can’t reach him. She’s upset that he might have forgotten today is the anniversary of Hee Joo’s death. Jin Sung says it’s not a big deal to forget. People forget birthdays of living people, much less anniversaries of the dead.

Jin Sung’s sad arrives outside and Jin Sung goes to get items from dad. Dad seems rather cheery and simple minded and thinks Jin Sung and Hee Sun are alone in the room and ought to have been hooking up. Jin Sung scolds his dad for drinking and causing problems for him. Jin Sung didn’t even go to college and is trying his best to make money so his dad needs to behave.

Dad knows Jin Sung is living a difficult life and he vows to behave. He hopes Jin Sung and Hee Sun make a go at it. Jin Sung tells dad to raise Jin Mi well and make sure she goes to college and doesn’t turn out like him. He chides his dad for taking all the family’s money to buy cows. Dad says Jin Sung must love him since he beats up anyone who calls him a cripple. Dad tells Jin Sung to take good care of Hee Sun tonight on Hee Joo’s anniversary.

Jin Sung walks back to Hee Sun’s place but she’s leaving to find Oh Soo. Jin Sung stops her and asks if all she sees is Oh Soo and she never notices him. He asks what Hee Sun is trying to do, bothering Oh Soo when he’s likely at Hee Joo’s tree crying all night like he did last year. Hee Sun stares at him and Jin Sung angrily asks why she is looking at him like that? Doesn’t she know he likes her? He huffs off.

Oh Soo and Oh Young walk outside and she asks all about his first love. Was she pretty? Kind? When was their first kiss? What was her name? He says he doesn’t remember any of it and she calls him a liar. Oh Young uses Hee Sun’s name and guesses a few combinations and actually guesses Hee Joo. Oh Soo doesn’t want to talk about Hee Joo because she’s dead so Oh Young wants to talk about their parents. She tells him to do it now rather than later since he’s leaving in 2 months and she could die soon.

Oh Soo and Oh Young sit in the room and drink soju as she plies him with questions because he claimed that he couldn’t talk about his first love sober. Oh Soo starts to open up about Hee Joo – her parents were teachers at school and he doesn’t know why she liked him so much. They moved to the countryside but she came back to him and ran away from home. He told her to go home but she cried and wouldn’t so they lived together. She asks if they slept together and Oh Soo says of course, he’s a guy. Both start laughing. She tells a funny story about sending the wrong text message when she first started learning braille.

It’s time to go to sleep and Oh Young asks if he can sleep in the same place with her. He says no, he’s still a guy even if he’s her brother. Oh Young is blind so she can’t see anything. Oh Young wants to use her hands to remember his face, to see if he looks like their father. After he leaves, that way she can still remember him and how he feels so she won’t be so lonely.

Oh Soo and Oh Young lay down and he allows her to touch his face, teasing her that there are place she can’t touch. Oh Young says that everything a blind person touches is innocent and not to be misread. She really is very curious about him and its not something he can just tell her.

After Oh Young innocently feels up Oh Soo, she lays down next to him. Oh Young reveals that as a blind person she needs the arms of others all the time. Oh Soo offers her his arm as a pillow. Oh Young is grateful that her brother came back and she’s happy.

Oh Young turns and embraces Oh Soo. Oh Young falls asleep and Oh Soo tells her that he didn’t come back for money, he came back because of her, would she believe it? While Oh Young is asleep, she cries out for her oppa not to leave her. Oh Soo whispers in her ear that he’ll always be next to her no matter when.

The next morning, Oh Soo and Oh Young are walking on the beach and she reminds him that he promised to be next to her wherever she is at. He realizes she wasn’t asleep last night and heard it all. They walk along the beach happily.

Secretary Wang sits at the piano at home and she flashes back to walking into the house and seeing little Oh Young happily playing the piano with her mom.

Oh Young asks Oh Soo what happened to the man who had the same name as him? She thinks about that man a lot whenever she is with Oh Soo. Oh Soo lies that he’s not living at that place anymore and he doesn’t know where he went. Oh Young says that man was in a rush that day but still told her that her brother loved her. If he hadn’t told her that, she wouldn’t have been able to keep going.

Oh Soo gets a call from Jin Sung that today is Hee Joo’s anniversary. Jin Sung and Hee Sun are at a little tree that has a plaque of Hee Sun planted next to it. Jin Sung is furious Oh Soo forgot. Hee Sun grabs the phone and says she won’t forgive Oh Soo for today. She smashes her sister’s plaque in two and walks away, leaving Jin Sung to pick up the pieces.

Oh Young asks who called when Oh Soo calls Secretary Wang to come pick up Oh Young. She’s upset they can’t go back together and wonders why his attitude changed all of a sudden and he’s so cold to her.

Oh Soo apologizes to Secretary Wang for taking Oh Young out all night and leaves Oh Young with her. Secretary Wang says no, she was put in her rightful place and walks over to allow Oh Young to take her arm. Secretary Wang checks out Oh Young to make sure she’s alright. Young isn’t happy about being treated like a child.

Oh Young sits with Secretary Wang who asks if she likes her brother now. Oh Young says she went to the beach with her oppa and they drank together and rode a motorcycle. She thought of her mother and how she would be happy to see them together. Secretary Wang tells Oh Young that Lawyer Jang brought over teh will. Secretary Wang tells Oh Young that if she died, her inheritance would go to her brother even if she didn’t leave a will. Secretary Wang talks about Myung Ho and how he’s a good person which just makes Oh Young yell out that she doesn’t like him.

Secretary Wang wonders why Oh Young doesn’t just fire her since she dislikes her so much? Is it because she still has some use? Secretary Wang hopes Oh Soo is a good person and will take care of Oh Young, and until then Oh Young can keep using Secretary Wang. Oh Young screams, asking how she turned out this way needing help. Secretary Wang says firmly its because of the brain tumor, telling Oh Young not to second guess. She’s ready to be tossed aside now that someone is here who can take care of Oh Young.

Oh Soo arrives at the forest memorial for Hee Joo and sees that the plaque has been broken in half. He is devastated but then Moo Chul steps forward saying Oh Soo sure arrived late. Moo Chul thought Oh Soo would be gone by now.

Oh Soo tells Moo Chul to scram but Moo Chul points out why there is only one memorial here? Shouldn’t there be two? Hee Joo and the dead unborn baby, the baby that never got to see the world.

Oh Soo is so angry that he punches Moo Chul. He then flashes back to him tossing Hee Joo aside while she begged him to raise the baby together. Oh Soo says he doesn’t want the baby since this world is so dirty so why have someone grow up like him. He tells Hee Joo to go home and gets on his motorcycle and leaves.

Hee Joo gets on her motorcycle and chases after him. Moo Chul was there and witnessed the fight and chases behind both of them on his motorcycle. Hee Joo keeps calling out for Oh Soo to stop but he ignores her. Oh Soo rides past an intersection and a second later Hee Joo enters the intersection and is blindsided by a truck. Her body goes flying and she lays bloody and inert on the ground as Oh Soo and Moo Chul stare in horror. Even dying her hand goes to instinctively protect her belly.

Back to the present, Oh Soo and Moo Chul start fighting in earnest and beating each other up. Moo Chul said he loved Hee Joo, but Oh Soo claimed he loved her more. So Moo Chul let Oh Soo have Hee Joo as long as he promised to take care of her forever. Moo Chul loved Hee Joo so much, so why did Oh Soo have to let her die. Why did he get her pregnant and then dump her? He regrets giving up Hee Joo to Oh Soo, and even in the end Hee Joo loved Oh Soo.

Moo Chul tells Oh Soo not to dare say he was young and scared, because Hee Joo was also young and scared as well. Oh Soo cries that he never expected she would die. Moo Chul screams that Oh Soo’s words to her was her entire world, she even left her parents for him. Moo Chul hands Oh Soo a pill in a little glass jar. It’s clearly poison and he says this is his last present to Oh Soo. Whether Oh Soo takes it, or his fake sister takes it, it doesn’t matter.

Moo Chul thinks Oh Soo won’t feed it to his fake sister, because ultimately Oh Soo is just a piece of garbage that is crawling with maggots. After Moo Chul leaves, Oh Soo sits against the tree and sobs his guts out. He then tapes the plaque back together before leaving.

Secretary Wang sits with Lawyer Jang and he reveals that she doesn’t have any shares in the company so she cannot inherit. Secretary Wang doesn’t need anything, she is happy to see Oh Young happier these days. She asks Lawyer Jang to take her out on a date which totally throws him off guard. He asks where to and she suggest the neighborhood is fine.

When Lawyer Jang leaves, he trips over himself and tells Secretary Wang to call him anytime she feels lonely, he’s always free to talk.

Oh Young is reading in her room and Secretary Wang comes by to hand her a camera that Oh Young asked Lawyer Jang to buy. She shows Oh Young how to use it and suggests they take a picture together since there are no pictures of just the two of them. Oh Young declines.

Secretary Wang hands Oh Young the will and says the original is with Lawyer Jang. Oh Young asks Secretary Wang to help her find a man with the same name as her brother. Didn’t Secretary Wang say Oh Young can keep using her? Secretary Wang agrees to find the person.

Oh Young goes to her hiding room and records herself, saying that she is leaving a video for her brother for after she dies, much like she used to make videos intended for her mother. We see that Oh Young can see some light out of the corner of one eye. Oh Young knows her tumor is growing and she is conflicted about whether to go to the hospital.

Now that her brother is back, she doesn’t want to have the surgery anymore. If she got the surgery, everyone around her would be taking care of her. She wants to spend the time left being happy. Her head starts to hurt and she stands up only to trip. She heads upstairs to look for Oh Soo.

Oh Soo is in the shower fully clothed thinking about Moo Chul telling him to kill Oh Young. She arrives and talks with him through his closed door. She asks him to apologize for suddenly ditching her or at least tell her the reason. She walks out and he feels back and goes out only to see her waiting for him.

They go back in the room and Oh Soo sits down. Oh Young asks where he went after he lost his temper with her? She’s curious about his sudden coldness to her, back then and also now. Oh Soo admits he went to see Hee Joo, it was her anniversary yesterday and he forgot.

Oh Young walks over and comforts Oh Soo by holding his head in an embrace. She accidentally knocks the pill on the ground and steps on it. She asks what that is and is told that it was a pill given by a friend. If a person wanted to die, it would allow that person to pass peacefully. Oh Young asks for the pill.

Thoughts of Mine:

Until the drama unravels the fake brother ruse, which ought to happen soon since there are too many people in the know (Jin Sung, Hee Sun, Moo Chul, So Ra) and even Secretary Wang and Myung Ho aren’t buying his identity that easily, I’m not going to talk about the OTP romance. I know in my gut this relationship will be compelling – a guilt-ridden orphaned con man and a blind abandoned heiress – but nothing about Oh Soo and Oh Young’s interactions with for me except if Oh Young knew all along and was just playing the game because pretending he’s her brother gives her an excuse to keep him around. The way they banter is so flirtatious at times, and so raw and grasping in others. That is not how long-separated reunited siblings ought to even be interacting, so the fact that Oh Soo treats Oh Young like a woman he’s attracted to and doesn’t try to alter his behavior annoys me because it undermines his ruse. And this is supposedly a ruse that is predicated on his life on the line. You can say Oh Soo can’t help himself, but then I wonder how he’s veering from the script already so early on. Similarly Oh Young’s actions with Oh Soo really are so inappropriate, regardless of her being blind. All the touching is way inappropriate and the snuggling even more so. I don’t know how anyone could get excited watching that because we know one of the participants thinks the other is a sibling. At least in AIMH they started the romance long after they knew they weren’t siblings.

I continue to adore Jin Sung, and to a lesser extend Hee Sun, because they are the unpredictable outliers in this story. We learn about Jin Sung’s country background and his family that depends on him to be the breadwinner and protector. Kim Bum is doing an outstanding job of making Jin Sung so alive and interesting despite his limited screen time. It’s probably my love for Jung Eun Ji that makes Hee Sun endearing to me, despite her pissy attitude at times and her fixation with Oh Soo. I actually am completely on the side of Hee Sun and Moo Chul and why both are so angry with Oh Soo. He really is the cause of Hee Joo’s death, and the death of his unborn child. There is no other way about it, but I connect with Oh Soo because he knows that and accepts his guilt. Jo In Sung plays Oh Soo so well I cannot even begin to describe how magnificent it is to watch him in his glory emoting all over the place whether subtly or full-blown. The story continues to be not terribly exciting or tension-filled but the acting and dialogue are the crown jewels of this piece and both remain at the top of its game. Because the OTP is current off-limited for me to squee over, I’m all in with the “what is their relationship?” push and pull between Jin Sung and Hee Sun. It’s weird that he’s over at her house seemingly fixing his pants (are they sleeping together without strings attached?) and he’s so candid in liking her, but she’s just surly and Oh Soo obsessed yet wonderfully relaxed around him. They are sooooo cute together I need them to start making out onscreen ASAP.


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  1. YEY I’m the first! Its been a long time since I had an opportunity to say such! I went straight to say this whilst closing me eyes as I scrolled just so I wont see the spoiler. I love you Ms. Koala! You’re amazing!

  2. I’m hoping that it won’t turn into a fauxcest drama too. Hopefully she will find out that he isn’t her biological brother soon. I’m enjoying this very much so far.. but brother-sister.. no thanks. It’s the main reason why AIMH is in the top 3 of my K-drama hate list, despite the fact that I adore SHK and WB.

  3. Yeah, you can’t really enjoying in OTP moments,because when you’re watching trough OY eyes, it’s to odd and little sick, but then when you do that with OS eyes you are edge and you are pushing him in her arms. That’s I call drama that got your focus 100%.
    I’m watching with fact I know he’s not her oppa, so I don’t feel guilt for wonderful preview ep 6.

  4. Thanks mr koala u r definatly the fastest I was hoping to be first but I’m ok ! I’m loving this show with each moment ! I hope it doesn’t end like the original !!!! They deserve happiness even I it would take the whole kdrama Gods to make it such !!

  5. Once again, it is like seeing the episode right before my eyes complete with colors, face expressions … the whole shebang! Each time Koala, you make wonderful recaps.

  6. hmmm It’s interesting cuz i didn’t see OY’s treatment of OS to be icky at all… she’s like in stunted growth, it feels like. I shared this elsewhere but I think it fits well here too so:

    We see how in reality, she’s a woman living in the past… partly because the most vivid memories were attached to images she saw… and it was only so long ago in the past that she saw anything clearly at all. It’s so terrible to see how she’s stuck with that warm, happy memory… but in reality must live with the present, cold reality… and so she moves, breaths, and interacts like a sleep-walker… and so I can kind of follow what compelled her to walk into the water like that… just wishing to die in, and thereby forever branding, this moment of exhilaration into her existence…

    You see how each time OS does something that sparks in her the memories of her happy childhood, it’s like she’s injected with warmth again (props for SHK demonstrating the difference for us), she’s once more alive and she literally breaths/lives off of the exhilaration. Even though she hasn’t REALLY experienced anything until the cotton candy to bring her anywhere close to 100% certain that OS’s the real brother, it’s hard to be self-protecting in the face of something that makes you live.

    The writer paced herself, bringing us along the progress of the mending of her relationship with her real brother (if we think from OY’s perspective) — founded on precious memories, but so long set on the side, all that’s left is unfamiliarity and covered with dust. We see how she’s rightfully angry at the pool-side scene, but from the train-platform scene to the amusement park we see her anger at her brother subside… perhaps she’s drawn the wrong conclusion about him not caring about her… simply because there was such a large gap of what she knows about his life since their separation. Once shaken, she’s helpless to each time OS’s actions give her hope that she really got her brother back. He’s her memories, returned to her life in a real, living, breathing form.

    I said I was going to come back and talk about OS’s side of the relationship that’s happening between him and OY… In their first encounter, already he was genuine to her– because she wasn’t a woman he was looking out to pimp, but his friend’s younger sister. A year later, he’s been pushed to a corner and finds this con an option for him to live. But as someone else has pointed out, he has these odd episodes of strong reactions hinting that he was genuinely caring about OY’s situation… and I feel that has to do with the first perception he had of OY– his friend’s sister. Yes he’s using her so he can live, but that doesn’t cut away that link between them. To him, this is him merely “borrowing” his friends sister out of desperation. So he tries to get her to open up to him, he plays his part as her older brother. But the tension between his own survival and what he’s doing to his friend (survival vs. friendship) becomes stronger… and the line between him being a fake brother vs. becoming the manifestation of her real brother begins to blur.

    In trying to do his job as a con man, he puts a lot of his attention on her, finds out more about her… and finds the commonalities that make the personal tie between him and her stronger… she can no longer simply be the tool for him to save his hide (not that it could really be like that to begin with, since there already was that tie of her being his friend’s sister)… her pain, her loneliness, her having had the beautiful family he could only dream for… but then devastatingly lost, the walls of self-defense she’s trying to build… in them he sees his own pain, he teaches her from his own experience that humans can’t go on forever isolating him/herself, he feels the need to protect her from the people who took her family away… now she’s going to become a WOMAN who’s shakes his heart.

    But just like OS “borrowed” the dead Oh Soo’s sister… his living on borrowed time. Time and threat for his life boxes him in. How many times has he uttered to OY that he only has 2 month’s time left with her? Increasingly he succumbs to the urge to leave her with SOMETHING of her “brother”– the wind chime… submitting to her touching so she can “know what her brother is like”… he knows how she suffered the absence of her brother, sees how her walls have completely fallen, reverting to her childhood self in an embracing of him being her real brother… but knowing that he’ll have to remove this “brother” from her again, be it by his death, or his release from the debt.

    His desire to leave OY with SOMETHING reminds me of their first encounter… where even though he had to run away, he still made sure he left OY with something of her brother– that her brother wrote “I love you” at the end of his letter
    … and so we see the parallel here…
    he knows that the time where this all ends will come soon… but he makes the extra effort to leave something of “her brother” all around her, do what her brother did not have a chance to do for her like making sure she can live as normally as she could… in hopes of softening the loss

    sorry it’s so friggin long

    • It just feels like OY is being the “spoiled little sister” who playfully annoys her brother with clever words… really… maybe because I feel like i can see how much OY enjoys having her brother back…

    • Completely agree with you about OY. I don’t get everyone finding this icky or flirtatious?

      They’re acting how younger siblings act, in my opinion -holding hands, touching affectionately/innocently, etc.-, because that’s all that OY has known. Just as you pointed out, she reverts back to her younger self whenever OS sparks a memory of her with her brother.

      So with OY, I feel like it’s her innocently trying to connect with her brother the only way she knows how. With OS, I feel it’s him being so intrigued by her and then on top of that fighting his growing attraction/affection for her (out of guilt and holding onto HJ’s memory AND the fact that macking out with his fake sister really won’t help him at the moment lol).

    • Very well said.

      I would also like to add that OS is also full of guilt over the other OS’s death. The real OS died because of chasing after him just like his first love HJ. When he was chased by the cops, he stopped and turned around when he heard the car schreeched and hit real OS. He did not run but was trying to reach the dead body and was clearly devastated. I would not know if he saw OY frantically trying to hail a taxi by the curb near to her bro’s body or that was a scene to show the tragic connection of OS and OY. OS is trying hard to atone his sin. He is not as cold as he portrays.

      My 2 cents on OY. She is a smart woman. She knows OS is not his real brother by virtue of the burn scar. However OY feels that OS is close to her real bro that is why OS knows their childhood memories. She might already figure out this OS is the one mentioned in her bro’s letter as someone she could trust. Hence, OY wants SW to find the gambler OS to reaffirm her hunch. Also to find out why OS comes to see her instaed of her real bro.

      This drama is visually pretty to see. It is not overly dramatic but it draws you in and makes you want to sit by the small screen to wait for the next episode.

    • amen to that. my exact sentiments esp. with Oh Young’s actions toward Oh Soo. It’s not squicky at all. I commend you, you’re a witty writer. try to make your own blog and do drama recaps, i’d be happy to read and follow your blog.

    • awww thank you for all your replies =P it’s just that this drama is pulling me in so deep haha

      I do have a blog… I do have a drama i want to recap… but I have yet to bring myself to sacrifice all that time and energy as Ms. Koala does to actually write stuff up for the blog haha

      <3 ms. koala

  7. Thanks Koala, its the first page l open when l open on my laptop this morning. l know you wont dissapoint me (as always).

    l watched AIMH and loved it without knowing of its really sad ending. If l knew, l wont watch it at all. That’s why l really hoping that this drama wont have those sad ending and makes me hate watching Korean drama that was pretty and beautifully done and loved by everyone suddenly turn to be hate by everyone cos of its ending. There’s another long way to go, 11 more eps and really awaits for it.

    This drama is on my first list drama currently watching, so l hope it keeps it flourish.

    And btw Hartofseeker, its so enjoyable reading your comments. Fighting!!!

  8. I think I’m fine with touching his face since that’s how blind people ‘see’ a face, but the snuggling was wierd. And you know what, I keep hoping that all this time, she is totally aware that he’s not her brother. That could be one reason why she asked to find the other Oh Soo..

  9. Thank You for the recap I enjoy every episode more and more. The main leads are doing a great job I have already watched episode 5 twice and with no subs.

  10. btw~ I can’t forget to add this: I love waiting for and reading your recaps ms koala~~~ Q__Q well maybe not the waiting cuz i’d be itching to see what you think. Thank you~~ lol you’re like the fastest, comprehensive recapper out there =] keep up the awesomeness!

  11. As someone who has watched several tv shows that feature semi-incestuous or incestuous content, I can’t quite say I find this entirely icky, or weird, as OY seems to revert back to being a little girl around her brother. Or that’s how I see it.

    OS is sparking many of her memories, and I feel her touching him/holding hands with him/snuggling with him, are ways that help her connect to him the only way she knows how- the way she USED to, when they were children and that type of closeness isn’t deemed “inappropriate” when you’re small. So I feel like that at this point, if she does truly believe OS is her brother, this isn’t that weird. She’s probably confused and is really like a little girl, as someone pointed out above. It’s like she stayed in this sort of emotional limbo, waiting for her mom and her brother, and now he’s back and she believes it’s truly him, she’s going back to where they left off. But maybe I’m interpreting this wrong lol.

    Either way, OS needs to watch himself and his behavior if he’s trying to act brotherly. I feel like he’s going along with it 1) because he wants her to have some good memory of her reconnecting with her bro and 2) I feel like his attraction/affection for her is growing, but he is not helping himself AT ALL.

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels uncomfortable whenever OS and OY have an opportunity to talk and be close per se. The hugging and touching part to me is kinda too soon for a brother and a sister that had been estranged and just got reunited. As viewers we know they are not siblings but in the drama Oh Young is suppose to be unaware that OS is not her real brother. In addition, OS is suppose to be convincing OY that he is the real brother. So the hugging and touching bit is quite inappropriate to me (of course until everything is revealed to OY). However I must admit that in the back of my mind, I have the feeling OY knows all along that OS is not her brother. How can she not? Being blind heightens all your other senses such as hearing, sense of smell, touch etc. She mentioned in the previous episode that she can recognize someone by their footsteps thus she knew to follow OS down the stairs of his residential building. She got close to OS when he was trying to hide from the police and must have smelled him. Although she is blind now, she saw when she was young where her brother’s scar was located especially that they were very close. When she first watched her mom’s videos of them she had sight. Therefore, she must have seen the pictures taken by her mom and one of them the real OS was wearing short sleeves which showed the scar on the left arm. Yet I still feel a bit of the shivers as they interact with each other, even knowing that they are not really siblings. I guess it must be because the characters were well portrayed by the actors that one gets drawn in to the story. For me, I think it will take the revelation of OS and OY non-familial relationship to be OK with their man-woman awareness of each other. Their chemistry is too palpable and the writer better make the revelation soon.

  13. So far, I’m able to be engrossed when watching the drama that I don’t find myself being disturbed at all. I give the credit to such delicate writing and execution. I find the scenes between Oh Soo and Young sweet and heart-tugging but I don’t see them romantically, at least not from Young’s side.

    I don’t know if you’re thinking too much when watching it, but if you just let it go and watch the show with an open heart and mind, you may be able to follow through the character’s feeling and emotion from their action.

    In Young’s case here, Oh Soo is the only family member she has in this world, and she misses him so much. It’s almost like he’s both the brother and the mom she has been longing for. And she’s also still in the memories when she was a little girl. I don’t know how they do it, but when watching their scenes together, I see Young behaving like a little girl with her brother, while Oh Soo developing interest and feelings towards her. Yes, their actions are not appropriate if you think about it, if you’re not absorbed enough into their world.

    It’s a different case with AIMH where I dislike the fauxcest. They clearly behaved like a 2 people in love, and want to continue with it despite knowing they’re brother and sister.

    I hope this drama won’t go that way. I’m fine with it so far because Young doesn’t act like she sees Oh Soo as a man instead as the brother she long for. Eventhough his presences and action somehow makes her think of the other Oh Soo. This is where i find Noh Hee Kyung so brilliant in that there maybe 2 persons there Oh Soo and Young but it’s like 3 souls are present. Oh Soo has been reenacting the real oppa Oh Soo’s previous action like that person is inside him while Young is reminded by both Oh Soo when interacting with him. I don’t know if I make sense here haha. Anyway I’m loving this drama so far, and hoping I will continue to love it till the end. The characters and their emotions are layered and very complex that it’s fascinating to watch. Not to mention everything is executed so beautifully with dialogues and acting that move me. So good.

    By the way, I don’t know why but I cried so easily and a lot of times watching Flower Boy Next Door compared to this or any other melodramas that it leaves me dumbfounded everytime. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish for this drama to make me crying more, but that’s what amazes me with FBND. This drama is another kind of awesome though.

  14. if hee sun doesn’t want jin sung, i am willing to take him any day LOL!!!
    on the other note…
    “the touching is way inappropriate and the snuggling even more so. I don’t know how anyone could get excited watching that because we know one of the participants thinks the other is a sibling.”

    i totally agree w/ koala’s statement above! there is no excuse to be touching and behaving inappropriately like that…it doesn’t matter even if they haven’t seen each other for decades or so…youngie sure is acting more like his lover than his sister hahah Anyways, we all know Oh Soo is seeing Youngie as more than a sister.

  15. Thanks for the quickest recap! You keep me sane…
    I find the relationship totally believable… If Young didnt start to think soo might just be the brother, she would not trust him enough to be physically close to him. She has basically no one close to her, no one she can touch or hug or allow herself to be hugged by. But now she has that in Soo! Young probably wanted that sort of physical warmth but has never had anyone to turn to, and now she has a brother to hold and trust. Thus, to me, there is nothing icky about them holding each other. I didnt see any intentions in young, other than to hold and to be held by a family member.

    Soo, on the other hand, understands young intentions and needs, but of course, the physical contact, though innocent on the part of Young, arouses something else in Soo… Which is so brilliantly conveyed!

    Make sense??

  16. Can we say that OY belongs to the kind of people who are very affectionate? Especially since she has to ‘see’ with her hands and not her eyes? But my, my..incest or not, they oozed chemistry like no other and perhaps it’d be less icky to watch those scenes and make up our own story about how they’re actually lovers and not fake siblings.

  17. I really love your review. You have a good taste in drama. This drama is good so far, but I have a feeling that we will have a sad ending. It is just my thought, anyway, I hope it won’t be the case

  18. Count me as another one on the second lead ship – I’ve never seen feelings so openly admitted and matter-of-factly understood by the other person in a kdrama, and Kim Bum has fantastic chemistry with Eun-ji so even if the OTP go down in flames (which they well could) I’ll be happy if these two make it out alive and together.

    And as a beta couple, they’re so much better-integrated with the main story than Nice Guy managed, being part of the ruse makes them non-superfluous and I look forward to seeing more of them.

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