IU Channels Charlie Chaplin in First Teaser for The Best Lee Soon Shin

With two weeks left until its premiere, don’t be surprised to start seeing more promotional material from upcoming weekend drama The Best Lee Soon Shin. I’m also uncertain whether relatively newbie actress IU, with only a supporting part in Dream High under her belt, is ready to headline a drama that is named after her character no less. She has a unique charm that isn’t too manufactured though she is at that awkward age between late teens and young adult. I’m not that worried mostly because this drama is a sprawling family and work piece with a big cast consisting of seasoned and capable actors with their own stories to tell. I’m the most excited to see Jo Jung Seok finally get his leading man role, and the first glimpse of him in the teaser below sent me into fits of happy giggles. He totally does the poker-face-secretly-smiling-inside look perfectly. Their age difference of 13 years doesn’t weird me out since they probably play closer in age onscreen and good organic chemistry goes a long way. I’m sure this drama will milk IU’s character name of Lee Soo Shin until we all want to scream “Yes, she shares the same name as the famed admiral Yi Soon Shin!” The teaser below with IU doing a Charlie Chaplin routine was unexpected, but I like that the drama doesn’t make her plucky by giving her an unfashionable haircut, making her bumbling or screechy, or in general throwing the bathwater of Candy cliches on the screen. She appears pretty, somewhat talented, and not a total wack job who shouldn’t be pursuing a career in entertainment. I can’t wait to see her and Jo Jung Seok interact and see the sparks fly!

First Teaser for The Best Lee Soon Shin:


IU Channels Charlie Chaplin in First Teaser for The Best Lee Soon Shin — 17 Comments

  1. I loved him in th king two hearts I hated that he died and cursed for two whole weeks for that ! I love him he is gonna be great but I’m afraid he looks too old for her ! Unless she changes that baby look !

  2. Well, that teaser certainly is a big tease ’cause we only get to glimpse our precious JJS in it for 2 seconds or less– he looks adorable though, doesn’t he? My biggest concern for this one is the writing– but I’m cautiously optimistic.

    • Ahaha, I know there will be someone who’ll be on cloud #9 (or over the moon?) to be able to see him regularly for certain period of time.. ^^

      • Over the moon?? Up to the stars!!! I am sooo giddy and excited to see JJS again in a drama!

        I am one of those who dropped TK2H on its penultimate episode because they killed my favourite character. I have not yet forgiven the writer for that (hhrrmmmppphh!).

        I liked IU enough in DH, but am also looking forward to seeing all the second leads.

        By the way, I am disappointed with the teaser, for being so stingy with JJS scenes. Can we have more next time?? pretty please?

  3. Ugh, I don’t know – no matter how much she tries to change her image, she still looks and sounds 15 to me…and I can’t picture her with JJS who looks very much his age (32). I’m really interested in seeing how their chemistry pans out.

    But it was a very good choice for her to do a drama with a big musical component – I think she’ll do well with that, and it also will cover up her acting flaws. It’s only the romance part I might not be able to get aboard…

  4. IU aiiiii. youuu. LOVE HER and love EARNEST. oh i see in the photos QIHM female lead, nice to see her again, i was worried she might not be given any more projects after she got hitch by kim boong do.Her WGM got cancelled right because of the dating news.?

    • LOL at rumors. No, YIN was never scheduled to be on WGM – they lied. I still think JJS looks way too old for IU (even with styling to make her look older)

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