Park Shi Hoo Changes Lawyers and Postpones Questioning at Police Station

There are considerable similarities in law enforcement and criminal investigation in most developed countries, though the common law versus civil law countries have their own unique divergences in criminal procedure. I don’t know Korean criminal law but the Park Shi Hoo and “K” sexual assault allegation investigation is taking a turn for the strange and not very transparent. Both Park Shi Hoo and K were supposed to show up at the Gwangju Seobu (Western) Police Station on February 24th for the first questioning on this case. Over the weekend, Park Shi Hoo changed attorneys, reportedly upon the advice of his current attorney who specializes in commercial law with a focus in entertainment (contracts, defamation, etc.), and he’s now retained one of the top criminal law lawyers in Seoul. The new attorney promptly released a statement that Park Shi Hoo will not be able to attend the police questioning on the 24th, due to unforeseen circumstances. Er, and what might that be? A death in the family? Severe diarrhea? Temporary amnesia? My ADA and law enforcement friends would shit a brick if I explained how this questioning has been postponed now two times, because its usually out of courtesy and lack of flight risk that an accused rape suspect gets to go in for questioning at a certain time as opposed to being arrested. But that time is usually set within 1-2 days, at most. This is looking more and more perplexing to me if I want to keep an open mind that Park Shi Hoo (and/or K) may be falsely accused and simply want to go in and clear their name. What’s even more weird is that his new lawyer has filed an official request to have the case transferred from Gwangju Seobu (Western) Police Station to Gangnam Police Station for handling. The police have indicated they will likely turn down this request, which is the only sensible thing to do since when does a suspect have a right to request a transfer of jurisdiction?

The media was already camped outside of Gwangju Seobu (Western) Police Station by Sunday as there is sure to be a media circus when Park Shi Hoo and/or K show up for questioning. I don’t see the need for the media to chronicle everything – the Gwangju Seobu (Western) police can question him in another precinct for all I care to cut down on the side show outside. It’s now been 10 days since the alleged rape, and 9 days since the alleged victim reported it, and still no tangible movement on the police investigation. If Park Shi Hoo claimed he was going in for questioning to clear his name that this was a consensual sexual encounter, he or his lawyer is not doing a good job of giving the perception they have nothing to hide. At this point, it might be Easter before the police actually interview Park Shi Hoo and/or K to ask their side of the story. And frankly, I want to hear it beyond the statements released that it was consensual.


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  1. This is nuts for sure. I understand due to the charges he would change attorneys due to the fact of specialties… It’s like entering a fight with a banana. Hmm changing jurisdiction, is super odd.

      • Any idea if any date set, for the third time, for PSH finally going to the police station? Is it true that the police won’t allow delay for three times, or they would issue a search warrant?

        I think this sets a bad judicial precedent case example for the future, as for other suspect in similar cases may also request for delays using the same excuse such as changing attorney, etc. It must be a limitation on how long one can drag the delay, or is there?

      • He is taking advantage of the legal loopholes. The date set for the next meeting is 1 March 2013.

      • Thank you, SKP.

        But this is final, right? I mean, no chance for any further delay according to the law. Or are there any more legal loopholes? What I am thinking, of course there are loopholes as the legal system is developed only by human, people who live in the society. I only hope that he is not going to take any more advantage of the loopholes since this is so public. Revealing those loopholes and how a celebrity took advantage of them does not serve the society any good.

  2. bad move .. the more he dragged, the more I’m gonna think he’s not innocent in this … its like watchin a drama on how the rich & powerful gets away for rape ..such a shame

  3. ahhh it’s so hard to still think kindly of him right now given this new twist. I’m still trying to hold back judgment but this is getting way suspicious (and seriously, creeping me out because never in a million years would I associate him with rape – actor/viewer interaction at least).

  4. He’s on his third lawyer by now, and his current team are complete novices at a lesser-known firm (푸르메) than the first two lawyers he retained from Hwawoo/화우 (one of the top five in the country). Initially, it was a female lawyer at Hwawoo, then a male lawyer with a string of celebrity clients (Rain, Park Hae-Jin, Baek Ji-Yeon, etc), who apparently resigned only hours before PSH’s interview. Now he’s got these recent law school grads at a completely different firm, insisting that the case be transferred to the Gangnam precinct.

  5. People who have nothing to hide come forward as soon as possible and try to clear their name. Although all the facts of this case have yet to be revealed, one can’t help but feel that he drugged and/or raped her and then wanted to play it cool the next morning like nothing happened. He probably didn’t expect her to report it to the police because she was a trainee and unfortunately lives in a world where society tries to find faults with the victims.

      • Totally agree that this is probably NOT the first time that he’s been doing it – ie drug and rape. Most of the other girls may have been too intimidated and fearful to report. Hence he thinks that he had gotten away with it in the past, he will get away with it again. An innocent man would not react so calmly and delay time and again, the opportunity to give his side of the story.

  6. WTF?! How the hell does the legal system allow a rape suspect to put-off being interrogated for this long? Pretty soon he’s gonna be able to say “I don’t recall… ” I don’t know if he’s guilty or not, but it sure is ironic that he recently played a criminal who evaded capture until the statute of limitations ran out.

  7. The entire thing is not sensible.

    What I’d like to know is, why a rape suspect got so much to request? Because he is a celebrity?

    • I’d bet if the accused is not a celeb, the police would have hauled his ass in for questioning the very next day. Doesn’t PSH realize that the longer he waits, the guiltier he looks? Or is it dawning on him that money and power ain’t going to buy him out of this one? PSH sweetie, just get your fat ass in there ASAP. Pardon me for the language, but I’m beyond furious.

      • Considering this is a criminal trial, maybe he’s less concerned about his image now, and more worried about his prospects of going to jail. Seeing that he changed legal teams so many times, there’s definitely something unsettling about the whole case.

  8. Rape victim have any bruises or scratches? Of course he would change lawyers he s scared look at this media frenzy..he s the rapist and she’s innocent??? Yea ok

  9. The authorities must be alert on PSH and K. They might even attempt to leave the country? so a hold departure order (alerting airports) must also be imposed?

  10. The delay allows the time for him and K get together to fabricate the story (assumung that he is indeed guilty of the crime). Is it normal in legal practice? I am really puzzled.

  11. Not looking good for PSH ….I would think if he’s innocent of the charges, he would like to clear it as soon as possible. He’s becoming more suspicious with all his postponements. I can’t even rewatch CDDA anymore without feeling a little nauseous now.

  12. This is the first time I’m really voicing out an opinion in this whole case. Simply because its easy to say what we think happened but really – who are we to judge without having all the information available. But… I can’t help but think he this is seriously flawed law system going on here.

    Its unbelievable that PSH has not been arrested the moment there was an accusation of rape against him. In normal circumstances – where the person is not a celebrity – I refuse to believe that it takes 10 days for the police to interrogate the person being accused of sexual assault! So it this special treatment because the police believes a national celebrity has no where to hide and therefore can’t escape? Or is it because he is high profile and has the power to be able to ‘buy’ time? Or is it because the person accusing him is merely a small trainee – and therefore a nobody to his big stature?

    Its a little shocking to have the person being charged be the one in charge. He decides when he wants to come for questioning, he decides which police branch handles his case. Now if this were a female celebrity that was raped by a junior artist, can this junior artist go about and decide when he wants to face the brunt of the police?

    But more importantly, this is a horrible horrible example set to those raped women out there, afraid to speak out. A is treated like trash here – in my opinion. If (I said IF) the girl was raped, her rapist(s) are out there, changing lawyers, sucking precious time, and making things seem as if they are the only ones who deserves “justice”. If PSH and K are innocent, then come out, and prove it. Sitting in the conforts of your house, talking to your lawyer and demanding things from the police creates suspicion in a case where honestly – you are at a complete disadvantage if only the evidences are considered.

    And A on the other hand, is waiting for the police to do something about this rape case that has happened 10 days ago, but apparently are tied down because of the name Park Shi Hoo. I would say Bizzare, but in this world, money and fame does all the talking…

    • No long ago, read that PSH’s family was really rich,they own many lands in SK. This is maybe a reason why he’s still staying out of the law. A poor person can be arrested within 1 to 2 days just because that person does not have money to hire a very good lawyer. On the other hand, a rich person can stay out of the law longer because paying a lot of money for famous lawyer.
      A famous lawyer I used to known once said that he can make a guilty case into a NOT guilty case . That was why he was really famous in our local community.

  13. Ok the only way I can remain unbiased with this story is by continually flipping to both sides. Maybe A is a gold digger looking to make a name for herself or someone with a grudge. Maybe PSH let fame go to his head because he’s been doing so well lately and thought he had become untouchable.
    But regardless of which side is true the media coverage of this story is ridiculous; I can read an update every hour from a different source. At this point the case should be handled by whichever police station will keep the tightest lid on it.
    While yes I want to know what’s going on, K deserves her privacy. PSH and K both deserve a fair unbiased trial.

    • Maybe he doesnt want a fair trial because if its all fair he would potentially lose for all those “evidence/s” that can be used against him. He’s at advantage holding the ball in his court with all this requests.
      He could still show up and not make a statement until he gets a lawyer. I mean the police can hold him legally 2 days at most? for questioning. But he doesnt wanna risk jail time whatsoever just in case the police formally charge him when he does show up.

  14. What is more to say? Their action shows that they are unlikely to be innocent… It’s appearing to be any other case that the rich and powerful will do and try to twist the ultimate truth. Who knows? They could be trying to get A to settle outside the court without releasing any statements?

  15. Thanks for the post . It is most likely questionable if there are some delays without full disclosure of what lies behind it. On the other hand, since this deals with legal issues, I kinda understand it. For clarification, this site has the latest second legal press release.just came in.

    PSH’s law firm press release #2


    2013.02.25 09:09 News report

    Park Si Hoo : “Problems in the course of the investigation … investigation transfer request

    Park Si Hoo did not appear at Western Police Station yesterday (February 24) at 7 p.m. at expected. His new law firm issued a press release to say they were applying for a change to Gangnam Police Station. They have now issued a second press release this morning (February 25).


    Following is the official position of the law firm

    With regard to the Mr. Park Si Hoo incident, we would like to inform you of the reasons for our application for a transfer of investigation venue and a change of law firm.

    Yesterday Mr. Park Si Hoo was ready to go to the police station to clarify the situation but we counseled him not to as we were applying for a transfer of investigation venue.

    Our law firm has been observing the process from the very beginning. Details on the accusations against Mr. Park Si Hoo have been relayed to the press as if the incident was being played out on a live broadcast, or contrary to the truth, and we have found significant problems in the investigation process. For example, on February 19 the police announced that Mr. Park Si Hoo had arbitrarily postponed a summons, but the truth is that Mr. Park Si Hoo never received a direct summons from the police.

    The disclosure of such accusations to the press is a violation of the constitutional principle of presumption of innocence as well as violation of Article 198 of the Criminal Procedure Code which protects secrecy of the investigative process and respect for human rights. The publication of such facts-of-a-suspected-crime is also a serious violation of Article 126 . Serious damage has been done to Mr. Park Si Hoo honor, which was why he decided to change his attorney in order to actively cope with such problems. We have decided to demand the case be transferred so there can be an impartial investigation.

    And some in the media have chosen to interpret the request for transfer as motivated by the advantage we would gain by bringing this case to Gangnam Police Station, but this is not true at all. We insist an impartial investigation should be conducted at Gangnam Police Station or any police station.

    Regarding the case transfer and investigation to settle pursuant to Rule 4, the responsible investigator has jurisdiction over the place of offense and the Respondent whose address is under Seoul Gangnam Police. Although the rules responsible for the investigation pursuant to Article 30 Article 29 apply, the damage caused by the criminal investigation is enough for request to turn over without delay to the competent authorities. According to Article 2, such counsel in accordance with the laws and regulations have requested transfer to Gangnam police station which has jurisdiction over the Respondent’s domicile.

    In addition, the police was aware of the situation, that even if the victim has filed a complaint, especially since in this case, the statements of both sides are sharply antagonistic, so the controversy justifies a request for transfer of jurisdiction.

    Nonetheless the refusal to transfer the case quickly and the attitude of Western Police Station in handling the case is not only an infringement of the main point of our jurisdiction system regarding facilitating fair case processing and fair treatment of a person concerned with a case, but also led us to believe it is an act of promotion. In this regard, our counsel has lodged a complaint and will submit briefs to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

    We only want one thing for our client : Competent jurisdiction where he will receive impartial investigation. Mr. Park Si Hoo will appear before the police as soon as the change in transfer is completed and he will cooperate with the investigation in good faith. Mr. Park Si Hoo and his attorney will do their best to clarify
    the case.


    (Credits: English translation by H.A.T.)

    • Are they suggest that one precinct is more impartial than the other. What a joke. Maybe I’m not familiar with how things are done in Korea but I’ll be livid if I’m any of the cops there at Gwangju.

    • Don’t be fool by the lawyer tactics. Whether it is an administrative, civil or legal procedures, the defense lawyer(s) basically use only three tactics:
      (1) they fight the facts. But, when the facts are weak;
      (2) they fight the investigative procedures and process; and when and if the Police follows their procedures;
      (3) they fight the competency of the Police.

      Lastly, if the facts, investigative procedures and competency of the Police are top notch. The defense lawyer will try to pick on the integrity of the investigators (Police force) or the medical forensic team. What I meant by integrity is that story such as those officers accepted bribes,even in certain case, they can fabricate that the investigators slept with the victim to frame PSH (that is to the extreme).

    • That’s how they get the attention of the public from PSH and Mr. K to the incompetency and efficiency of the Police and law enforcement in general.

      If the case reached the next level, again they will use similar tactics to fight the public prosecutor office.

      If you read the statement carefully, no “truth” or concrete facts have been revealed on the night and the morning after. It is exactly what the Police needs to find out what has had transpired during that evening. Built the case on a chronological order, and determine the timing.

      Forensic reports are not in favour of PSH and Mr. K. The lawyer knew that. That’s why 2 reputable law firms pulled out. The present one is basically runned by newly qualified lawyers with one senior one perhaps was once a public prosecutor.

      If the girl is 20 year old (western age), it is highly likely that she is still a virgin. In other words, it makes the case very interesting. She can easily be examined for the tear on her “v” spot to determine the number of times she has had sexed that night. Also, based on the tenderness of her “v” and the colour, one experienced forensic doctor can easily tell whether she was brutally treated or actually did it in a tender loving environment and setting. Hence, we can expect expert opinion from the forensic doctor. (Again, the defense lawyer will try to challenge this very fact in court).

      My inclination, based on my experience in the field of forensic science in the past 20 years(solving more than 150 cases on various types of forensic matters in the Federal Court of US, International Tribunal and High Court of several jurisdictions) told me that PSH has had trying to flush out some “substance” from his body. He is buying time to clean up the system in his body. May be to heal some of the “S” related types of dieseas, or he has had taken some sort of drugs. Nevertheless, I believe with the latest forensic tests, those substance will stay in his body for at least 6 to 9 months.

    • South Korea has recently set up a Forensic Team on a national level, I believe the team is still quite young (about 5 years ago). Nevertheless, the team has had some professsionals who can easily pick up the flaws and lend some hands to the Police.

      If PSH has nothing to hide, I urge him to come clean, by offering:
      (1) blood
      (2) urine
      (3) hair (some from pubic and some from his head)
      (4) finger nails

      Also, the interview should be tape recorded, and preferably, he is interviewed by a forensic interviewer and forensic linguists will be observing the interviews through CCTV and later reviewing the footages.

      Questions can be carefully plan. If his lawyer is present during the interview, another forensic linguists should be assigned to only focus on the expression of his lawyer(s).

      It should be an interesting case to follow. ^___________^ I love it!!

      • It would rock if they brought out the Forensics team but would they do that fire this type of case?

      • Hi SKP, I thank you for all the info you’ve given, very very helpful. I was wondering, might the previous law firms have pulled from the case because of the nature of the crime and all evidence found up to date was not in favor of PSH? Even I, someone who has no knowledge in legal matters, can feel that somehow they’re trying to taint the credibility of case by fighting the investigation procedures and such. I’m bitterly disappointed.

      • SKP, learnt a lot by reading your message. You pointed out an interesting fact that many missed: that PSH may be buying time to flush out certain incriminating substances from his body. Totally agree with that perspective.

      • I believe the Police is not stupid. They would have records of PSH. Bear in mind, PSH has quite a playboy reputation in the Korean entertainment industry. Hence, I believe the Police has the intelligence sources to pull out certain information in the vineyard. You will be surprised about South Korean’s intelligence system!! Every country has had some sort of intelligence system about its citizen, and I believe PSH is in their radar for quite sometimes already.

        You may recall the former IMF’s President Klauss case in NY. NYPD moved in within 2 hours and arrested him on the plane. The case was aquitted. However, many women who were once raped or sexually assaulted by him came forward. 2 cases were in fact still pending in France.

        PSH is likely (I said so) to have previous similar type of cases against him. But, somehow and someone managed to clean up the mess for him. That’s why it never get to the mainstream media. This case may be just a repeated offences. Never know, with the rate it is developing, we may hear more about his past sin pretty soon. May be even a suicide the next morning when you wake up.

      • Whether they will bring a forensic team. I believe it is a standard procedure. But, I do not know how equiped are the team, and the team expertise. The South Korean team is very good in computer forensic, that’s all I know about them.

        As for the drama-SIGN–forensic team, then you can easily forget about them. It is mickey mouse.

      • Forgot to add, the Korean forensic team is very good at forensically disecting the CCTV footages. I guess, that may help.

    • Wait a minute… Why is the story changing through the best friend story. Now when she woke up K was molesting her wtf, how the hell did they call him in as a witnesses. He would of absolutely being treated as an additional suspect. This is a he said, she said, they said Mess!!!!

      • Maybe the police didn’t release everything they knew because they were still investigating about it. Just later B(PSH’s friend) was also charged of alleged sexual assault.

        The police also told he stayed there until morning.

        Also, the news released maybe aren’t 100% correct since they are still investigating and kmedia might twist some news…

      • Miss A’s friend is a mere informant. His/her statement cannot be taken too seriously.

        If it is only the first time PSH is meeting Miss A, and that he has had sex with her. Wow!! PSH must be so desperate and too keen to prove his potency or he has eaten by his lust? A girl who is almost half his age, and possibly his daughter, during the ancient Princess Man time.

        He is innocent until proven guilty. But, if he is proven guilty, for sure, when he is in jail, he will be bashed up hard, by his fellow inmates. It is universal (whether you are in US, UK, developing countries), the inmates will normally pick on those who rape and put violence on underage, follow by rapist. Rest for sure, the Princess Man will be bitten up in prison. Normally, the law enforcement officers, just turned a blind eye during the bashing. That’s why he is trying every tactics to delay it. In his case with the way he delay the process, I am afraid, even before putting him in jail, but in the Police detention place, he would already been beaten up, by the fellow detainees.

      • Why would you want to name and shame someone who isn’t proven guilty yet? I’m surprised they even named PSH. None of us really knows the truth behind this matter yet. Even IF PSH were innocent, he’s still going to be tainted by this scandal for years to come.

        Seriously. What happened to innocent before proven guilty? Don’t suspects have a right to privacy? Or does the Korean system work differently?

    • The friend’s story somehow seems a little exaggerative to me. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not even his fan, i’m not siding his side or hers since i don’t know the truth yet. But the part of “seeing PSH sleeping beside her still wearing condom and K came in molesting her just sounds exaggerative to me, not fabricative but exaggerative. But whatever, the fact that he slept around with a much younger woman that he barely know is already a repulse to me, guilty or not. My heart goes out to his fans tho, i know how it feels to be that heartbroken. Just remember one thing, this guy doesn’t even know of your existence, so,let ur life goes on…time will heal the wound. don’t waste your time on this kind of guy. I love my fav actor very much too, but if he is caught in this kind of scandal, i’ll let go of him…he’s not worth my time and energy anymore…

      • Thanks for your kind words to his fans (possibly ex-fans?). Most people are busily attacking them, calling them stupid, idiotic, etc.

      • I doubt that they are ex-fan. They still stand firm to their beliefs that PSH is innocent. I find it bizarre that he would do such a thing too.

  16. Why has it taken so long for PSH to be interviewed? Why wasn’t he immediately taken into custody? It’s disgusting how much slut shaming this girl is going through.

    I don’t think I’ll be able to watch one of his dramas ever again.

    • It’s one of my favorite dramas as well (if not my favorite). I’m sad I won’t be able to watch it the same way anymore. And I never got to finish CDDA, guess I never will :/

      But I guess me not being able to watch one of my favorite dramas is irrelevant. These rapists needs to get locked up before they take advantage of another poor girl.

  17. I was never his fan, but I loved The Princess’s Man to pecies. I even bought the DVD box set of TPM, but now thanks to him, I dont think I can watch it again in at least ten years or more (feel so sorry for the whole cast and crew). Just seeing his face makes me feel nauseous. Guilty or not I dont care, I hate men who sleep around with girls. DISGUSTING!!!

    • I know right? One friend I know just called me and told me ”I just watched TPM! I loved it! Cried so much! And PSH is to die for with that smile!” And she is really his fan and I did not told her about it yet. I’ll wait until the case is resolved… (she doesn’t follow knews)

      I’m sad since TPM was one of my fav dramas and PSH and MCW fav otp… I’m so sad. And I’m sad because MGY also must be suffering from this, ACCD was so so and now they can’t promote it overseas because the drama’s image is tained.

      ALso, I’m scared to think what if PSH and his friend did it before.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if some new victim appears ….

      • The moment this news broke out, I lost all interest in watching whatever he’s in. I never get to watch the scenes I love in CA anymore. My love for MGY is not enough for me to rewatch it. I am so disappointed in him, guilty or not guilty.

      • I understand. At least for this past weekend, I wasn’t holding anything against A or PSH, since the whole case seemed unclear and I could see it going in both directions. I really didn’t want to miss out on TPM though because I adore HSH, MCW, and (adoreD) PSH and knew it had more quality than half of the dramas I’d watch last year.

  18. Yeah right, go to gangnam station, there with some huge bribe, the evidences will be ”gone” and the poor girl will no receive justice.

    • Overreacting much? Who says the case can and will be transferred to Gangnam? It’s merely a delay tactic and one that’s not working at all, if the reactions from the police (PSH and his new legal team have managed to piss off both precincts), the media, and the public are anything to go by.

  19. If one is innocent, it doesn’t matter where police jurisdiction he present himself. If innocent, the interrogation process will bring about his innocence. Now, if it’s not the case …he hesitates..wary of the outcome?

    • It usually doesn’t end up that way, the innocent can still be charged and convicted and it happens all the time. In the US there are a number of innocent people jailed or on death row who were falsely accused and convicted. That is why there is something known as the Innocence Project where lawyers go back and re-examine the evidence in order to get them freed. I also remember reading an article earlier this year about this pathologist and forensic scientist in Mississippi who did autopsies for at least 2 decades and there are now realizing that they may have been falsifying evidence. Who knows how many innocent people they helped send to prison and to the electric chair? Or how many more crimes could have been prevented if they had just done their job and got the right perpetrators?

      In regards to this case, I don’t know if PSH is guilty of the rape or not and I don’t know exactly what happened that night, so I will reserve judgment. But I don’t think it’s looking good for PSH.

      • And to clear up any confusion, I’m not accusing the police in this case of doing anything. Although I have to wonder why they are telling the press how much evidence they have. Shouldn’t they keep it under wraps so that they could investigate and try it in court instead of in the press?

  20. A’s best friend B was called in for questioning by the police because they wanted to hear what A’s normal alcohol tolerance level was and some other info.

    B revealed what A had told her had happened that night because she was upset with people calling her friend a kkot-baem.

    “A had only met with K, the man who introduced her to Park Shi Hoo, one previous time before the dinner together. K said that he would be inviting Park Shi Hoo to their dinner so she met Park Shi Hoo that night for the very first time.

    Although alcohol was ordered, Park Shi Hoo and K did not drink at all and kept encouraging A to drink more. She drank about a bottle of soju, but A is not the type to lose herself over that. She sent a text to her parents after leaving the restaurant that she would be “going home soon”, but then A claims that she lost consciousness after getting in the car. She said she felt dizzy, a different feeling from when she normally drank.

    When A woke up that next morning, she discovered Park Shi Hoo wearing a condom. K then entered the room and started groping her body, molesting her. K claimed to the media that A had sent him a text the next day acting like nothing had happened, but the actual text A sent him said, ‘What am I to do now? What happened last night?’

    My friend called me that day crying. She told her parents what had happened and they reported the case to the police. If my friend was out to get his money, would she have reported it so fast the next day? It’s ridiculous to me that they are claiming that there was no forcing involved.”

    A’s blood tests and body fluids are currently in the lab being tested for whether she was drugged or not.

    credits: Netizenbuzz

    • So A met PSH for the first time and he takes her home……no, gets his lackey to piggy back her to his apartment after plying her with drinks and maybe drugs . …….He is guilty as hell. Never liked him. Always found him too cold and repressed looking. Now he looks like a pervert. To do this to a girl who is 14 years younger to him. Scumbag!
      To those people who are saying A is looking for fame ……..Who would want that kind of fame? If she had wanted money …..she would have not gone to the police. And please remember she’s only 20. ( Western age) Just one year short of being a teen. What kind of person is PSH that he takes advantage of someone so much younger and someone he’s just met. That K guy is a a pimp for sure.

      • thing is, she would never get fame because on asia girls that were raped are looked down. Even if they are the victim, some people believe they did something to make this happens. It is sick and disgusting.

    • this is so true. if she wanted money, would she be revealing it immediately the next day? and why is he delaying everything? omg. im not a big fan but i just watched one of his drama over the weekend and checking some details of the cast and then i saw the news. i know it is wrong to accuse someone so early but the way things are going is really suspicious. i was hoping initially that the girl is just looking for fame but having read some more details seemed not so. omo. PSH will probably not make it anymore, guilty or not in the industry OR not make it to be a freeman. i wonder what the actresses he worked with are feeling now. so sad, i wasnt able to watch princess man before this. anyways, i hope the law will able to reveal the truth, which will never really know sometimes.

  21. Woo…. There are so many legal adviser here. Let’s go to Korea and we can be a lawyer and police officer to help them solve this problem soon. Most of us even do not live in Korea and we don’t know their law. Aishh….. Sometime we feel more clever than the expert.

    • lol, but what law is this, that the suspect does as he wants and doesn’t go to the police station when the police asks him to. LOL

      It is not about being lawer, is about having common sense. Hello?

      • Hellooo… What’s ur name, i am mickey mouse. Yea yea… What’s common sense? I think we only want to satisfied our ego and prove that I am right. You need to learn from sun tzu strategy. This case is complicated Huhh..

    • If you go there mickey mouse and testify for PSH and give your expert view on how and why women get raped, I bet the trial will be over in 60s or less.

      • Jin jia? Wows… Then I willbe the hero right? Ok, I am not talk only for this case ok, but generally. I never blame a man 100% for the rape case ( depend on the case ok). Because I feel you girls realized it or not, maybe not, you also give contribution for something like this happen. Of course nobody want to be raped because women want to be respect, that’s her natural instinct. One of your contributin is the way you dress ESP in the night and in the private place. No matter how good that man to us pls don’t forget the man natural weakness and pls do not test their weakness. Because it would be very difficult for the man to against it. That’s all depend on their faith. You girls, stronger than a man for the sex matter so girls you should help a man for his weakness. Like I said before everybody played their part. In this case I never blame PSH and K but also miss A

      • @super, woo… I can see fire in your eyes and your hair. Be carefully you can burn. Btw, what makes you so sure 100% he is guilty? Are you with them while this case happen? If yes pls go to korea and save miss A and throw PSH to the jail. And after that you can sleep well bcs you know that rapist already in jail. Aishhh…. Poor you dear.. I will be his fans forever no matter what the result is bcs my love for him is unconditionally love. I will be with him in his good and bad time. Of course i am dissapointed if he did it but I will forgive him fOr this case. I never expect him to be the perfect one and from this case I know he will learn something from this case. Nobody perfect. Forgiveness, only his true fans can do this. I know you never can do this not only for him but for everyone. Aishh… I can imagine there is a big fire in your head. Not only you maybe the others too wkwkwk…. Peace man 🙂

    • you are so wrong my dear stinky mouse, I wasn’t angry, in fact I was laughing imagining one day (hopefully soon) you’d be crying when your oppa is going to jail. If you love him so much, why don’t you go to jail in place of him. Didn’t you say that your love is unconditional? BWAHAHAHA

      • Me??? Hey… I love him so much but I am not that stupid. Why should I go to jail in place of him?? Aishh….Poor you my dear. 🙂 dont drink soju too much. Haha… Of course he shall bear his sin but I still love him wkwkwk.. You are the kind of Person who feels very happy when others are suffering.. ck ck ck.. I know it’s very difficult for someone like you to understand that kind of love that I have *sigh* why?? nobody love you? Never be loved from someone?? May god let you feel the love:)

      • Rape is a heinous crime, an unforgivable act that takes away human dignity. Period. Condoning it is a disease. It is worse than killing. I am a volunteer in a crisis center and I saw how a rape victim suffers, wishing they should have just died. The effects go beyond depression and healing takes a very long process.

    • I understand that a loyal fan will have very great difficulty in accepting her favorite actor’s fault. We have nothing to say if you will forever love him despite the bad that he has done nor that you can easily forgive him for that. BUT it is still wrong to say that it seems that you’re saying that it is okay to rape a girl just because she dresses so seductively? Even prostitutes can file rape you know. At whatever point during sex that the girl said no, the man should stop. It is not about men having less control of themselves when it is about sex, this is about a very specific man who decided to lose himself to lust and reason. Rape is rape.

    • After reading the statement of the reasons for transfer. I would do the same. Innocent until proven Guilty went out the window as the police have created so many press releases infringing on his rights.

    • ok, I can technically understand the request to transfer because I was wondering myself how the public/media is aware of everything in an ongoing investigation.

      BUT it’s too late, they should’ve taken action way before. I have decided to stop with this and just check the details when the verdict comes out..

  22. Wait a minute… Why is the story changing through the best friend story. Now when she woke up K was molesting her wtf, how the hell did they call him in as a witnesses. He would of absolutely being treated as an additional suspect. This is a he said, she said, they said Mess!!!!

  23. If this case is just an ordinary sexual harrasment maybe as a celebrity he will have no trouble getting any reputable lawyer. But this time was different b’cos it happened when she was unconscious, a low & shameful act are major consideration for any attorney’s reputation. I just hope it all will be revealed right & also justice apply to the right person.

  24. PSH just lost his credibility. He should have just kept his word to fully cooperate with the investigation, and showed up for the police questioning. Their delaying tactics are just too transparent.

    • I don’t believe it’s a delay tactic. It’s more caution – when you read the official statement released by his attorneys. If I were in his predicament, I would do the same. With the media circus surrounding and the police remitting press release after press release. How is fair judgment supposed to happen. Yes, he has changed attorneys and it makes sense due to the fact that it was not the area of expertise of his prior attorney. Once he obtained an attorney that was knowledgeable of the laws and process of this particular type of case- he was able to obtain suitable advise on how to proceed.

      Would people desire this to be handled different-of course. Nonetheless, one must always be cautious. If it were you, you would do the same. Believe me, even honesty can be misconstrued and misrepresented. JUST look at how many innocent people have gone to prison for crimes they didn’t commit-however the evidence proved otherwise – then years later they are released when innocence is finally proven.

      • Agree with getting the appropriate legal counsel. But realizing the need to change lawyers and then requesting a transfer of jurisdiction, more than a week after it broke out, just doesn’t make sense, and although not tantamount to guilt, lends to some suspicion.
        And if I were in his shoes, and had nothing to hide, I would have complied and cooperated from day one.

      • An innocent man wouldn’t wait for the Police to summon him. He’d rush to the police station because he’s got nothing to hide…..he already admitted he had consensual sex with her.
        Just the thought that this 36 year old man took advantage of a girl barely out of her teens years makes me sick. That too on their first meeting. What makes it creepier is he had a pimp do the job for him. What a depraved man. I won’t be surprised if he’s done this before.

      • Also those who was found years later that they were innocent always has cried that they were innocent. But at the very early stages, PSH already admitted to sleeping with her. Thats why he called for his fans not to rush judgement. Now why he didnt hire the right attorney right away at the very beginning if he’s being cautious? I mean attorneys are good at networking people in their circle. Plus he also said that he was countersuing for libel why he hired the first legal team but the advise was he doesnt need one . Are there public defenders in SK? If he cant right away. For a man whose livelihood depend very heavily on image he’s sure is not very sensible about it.

      • If he complied and cooperated from day one, or just simply appeared on the appointed date then the press releases his law firm are referring to would have stopped already. Wouldn’t he want his side of the story be heard? if really he has nothing to hide?

      • It’s alright, I’m not easily insulted or afraid evil monkeys will come out of my computer and pull my hair out lol. Everyone is entitled to their POV. Legal proceedings and the manner unto which they are handled are at the discretion of all parties. That we as observers want these types of proceeding to happen like they do in our native country- for sure, that is our perception of how it should be handled. I don’t claim innocence or guilt on any of the parties just that I understand the request and why it would be placed. Regardless, he will still have to be questioned and provide assistance to clarify the matter. This too shall have an ending just not on our timetable it seems

      • So who did leak the 1st CCTV in favor of him? Who did leak A’s name? Who did leak K’s report which is favor for him too? In fact, K’s name had been leaked too, but no one cares. PSH was in front of because he’s PSH, and police didn’t have or had the right to say that it’s not him. In this case, media was following every steps in police station, so everyone involves with it was in risk alike.

        2nd CCTV had turned everything to another way, so he claimed that the police “harmed” him? What’s wrong with 1st CCTV and everything before that?

        Reporters did what they had to do, and witnesses said what they want to say, that makes media, and leaked out information. Police have the right to refuse his request, because that’s not their fault.

        And in 10 days, he still didn’t have “fine” lawyers? And he already had THREE lawyers, just ONE of them dropped out, so that’s the reason for his postponement?

        No, I don’t find any logical reason here.

      • Hmm if you purchase property you utilize a real estate attorney, if you had a traffic citation you call the ticket clinic lol (Florida joke), you have bad surgery or malpractice you call a personal injury attorney. Specialties are for a reason.

        At first he utilized an attorney that would be fire civil suits and sent a press release starting he would counter sue. Then as the statements from different parties and police started coming out-the case escalated to another animal. His attorney advises him to different counsel because they are unable to handle this case. He’s referred to the HWfirm supposedly the best-they decline the case. He’s referred to PM firm who take the case because it is their specialty. As of today it’s been ten days (02/25)

        Shopping for an attorney takes time, then that attorney needs to associate with the case and learn all aspects to properly advise you on the best course of action and defend you from manipulations.

        I’m sorry- I’m a human being. Shit just got real and to satisfy others- I have to react according to their whims-hell no. If I don’t protect myself no one elsewill. Point blank. Reacting emotionally does not help. Rational, cold-minded, black and white like the law.

        I’m in no way shape or firm condoning rape, starting that he’s innocent or guilty. But I can rationalize the reasons as to why this mess has gotten to be.

        That he’s guilty and could probably get away with it, um hello OJ Simpson proved that. That he’s innocent and could be proven guilty um the Memphis Three, ever heard if those poor folks.

        Our legal system is flawed and in turn so is the test of the world. However everyone had a right to defend themselves, properly.

        My suggestion is to keep your personal emotions out of the equations. Now that his current law firm is starting to release statements on behalf of Park, now we will be able to read his point of view.

        So far the A and the Police have said their peace. Now it’s their turn. Fair is fair, even if it didn’t happen in the manner unto which you would prefer. The difference between 24 hours and 10 days in justice. Nothing it’s just time- believe me that a result will come – guilty or not guilty. That is yet to be wholly proven by any side.

        As we all know. Your story, my story and the truth are not absolute only colored by ones perception and intention.

        Peace 🙂

      • PSH has something to hide and the clue is in his finger nails. Take the sampling from his finger nails and pubic hair. He is trying to flush out the substance from his body.

        Read my reply to his lawyer’s statement.

      • Yes, I read it and found your opinion fascinating. Part of my coursework in College was Forensic Psychology. CSI definitely has it’s Plus =) if they bring the big guns to the pony show, I would definitely take this a bit more seriously.

  25. A’s bestfriend was brought in for questioning by the police. apparently when A woke up, she saw Park Si Hoo was still wearing a condom and PSH’s friend K was groping her body.

    Police also just released a statement with regards of Park Si Hoo wanting the case to be trasferred to Gangnam Station:

    “Problems with the investigation process? It’s just an excuse from Park Si Hoo’s side. It’s unacceptable. We have followed all the procedures required by the law.” they continued by stating “This investigation is already 70% to 80% complete. It will be completed once we interview the plaintiff (girl). If PSH’s side wants to end this case as soon as possible he should be fair and follow the requests of the police investigation.

  26. That is some Bullshit.Thank god i ‘m not in asian countries because in the us that guy would be arrested by now and he wouldn t get that much favor.

    How dare he ask for a transfer after so many days.


  27. hell if it was me and i was 100% innocent i would get my ass and my top notch lawyers ass to the police station right away to clear all accusations, conduct test get my alibi, witnesses whatever the hell is needed to solve the situation. sorry to say only the guilty would wait. they say love is blind, right now a lotta PSH’s fans are blind. myself included for a while, but i finally saw the light.

    • alibi? witnesses? both sides confirmed they were in that room together, and i don’t know what witnesses you can find to differentiate between sex and rape, besides who was in that room (K?).
      i agree with you though, he should have cleared as much as he could asap. what he’s doing is casting suspicion on him. the alternative though is she is in the wrong and might have a formidable force backing her (for tampering evidence, maybe responsible for charging this against him in the first place. um, i may have been watching Incarnation of Money.) though it sounds more likely that he’s just buying time to prepare a case to hide what he did.

  28. The Minute he did not cooperate with the investigation I lost all respect for him as a human being. If he has nothing to hide cooperate and prove your innocence. I for one will not support anything he is inn again I don’t like the way he is acting in all this.

    He needs to get off his high horse he is nothing without his fans and not human if he needs to get someone to get girls for him and treat them with no respect. Yuck this whole incident is grossing me out.

  29. Wow asian women make me sick.I really didn t think people were that naive and stupid.No wonder you guys will continue to stay slaves to men.

    How the fuck can you have sympathy for him but not her.

    I really want her to get justice but at this point i hope he continues to rape more women(until it kills him) because it seems to me asian women like that.

      • girl guys can t even stand up for your kind.

        Agreeing with men ,taking their side because they have a penis.

        Why is that girl getting bullied by women is beyond me

    • Asian women makes you sick? i pity you, your immune system is so low. Do you have bacterial infection somewhere in your mindless brain??






    • This comment is rude and passing judgments whilst generalizing of a culture based on personal perception reflects poorly on you. I urge the Asian women not to comment against the western culture based on this individuals comment.

    • “i hope he continues to rape more women because asian women are like that”

      wow srsly?? and asian women make YOU sick? the fact that YOU are wishing rape on other women because you think they’re “naive and stupid” is fucking sick and disgusting. People like you are exactly why people like PSH and rapists get away without much of a consequence all the time.

      it doesn’t matter if you’re naive as fuck or you’re the bastard child of paris hilton and voldemort or your full-time job is a stripper, you still do not deserve to be assaulted or raped. nobody deserves that, ever.

      • Learn to read and understand.If more women stood against these actions ,they will have to change the laws but since most do not nothing is changing.

        That s why i say if they don t like women treated this way then why are not outrage like i am.why are they standing up for him

    • Now you’re no better than them.

      You comment is worst than those comments you dislike and how do you know they’re from Asia woman. You can be proud to be an American and your so called justice but don’t look down on others.

    • Defending him? The only person defending him here isn’t Mickey mouse and HE is not even a woman! If you go to his fans’ blog you will find that these women are praying for him. They stand firm to their beliefs that PSH is innocent. THEY believe with the conspiracy theory. Do you even know whose those women are? They are WESTERN women. They are from California, Ohio who were checking their time when PSHneeds to go for questioning so that they can start praying by then. Don’t you think the states I mention looks familiar to you? They are from your states.

      • is there no LIKE button here? sorry but I really like your 2nd sentence here. anyway, val is really bad saying that to us. oh, what a woman you are. thank you so much for the discrimination.

    • I know your comment does not refer to ALL Asian women which in population is over 2 billion, I hope you don’t really mean that or you just made yourself a public enemy.

      As a Asian woman myself, I do agree though a great number of Asian woman are still under the influence of male-chauvinism and lose the thinking power when the image of their male idol collapsed suddenly as such. But, don’t limit your impression or judgment only to ASIAN women, I know for fact there are, right here, some caucasian women do exactly the same thing, if not more.

  30. I’m sorry but this is getting so bad for PSH. He’s like those guilty politicians in our country trying to delay proceedings by giving excuses such as hospitalization. These excuses are no different. There’s too much time already given to him that’s enough. Show yourself!

  31. 2 things i find intriguing. One, PSH recently left his ex-manager to set up his own managemt agency. Two, the toxicology could pinpoint the drugs present in A when the test was done on Feb 15 night, but not the exact time it was ingested, between Feb 14 night to Feb 15 noon perhaps. So, the possibility of being set up cannot be excluded. But all evidence so far is certainly against him. If he did it then he deserves to be burnt. Even if he didn’t rape her, he brought it upon himself for being too casual on sex and too naive to watch his own back.

    • Actually, it is possible to pin-point the possible window (~hours) of drug ingestion, something to do with pharmacology/ drugs half-life and stuff, IF the fluid collection/testing is done ASAP (within the hours that the drug is still expected to be in the system). In this case, the hours between “possible” drug ingestion and testing , and the drug itself (whether short or long-acting in the body) is gonna be crucial.

      Anyways, the evidences against PSH are piling up. Personally, the CCTV showing them piggy-backing the unconscious girl is already difficult to counter. I maybe jaded but I think PSH and his lawyers are waiting for the Toxicology Report to come out before they make a detailed statement.

  32. **UPDATE*** credit: Hancinema
    Police, Park Si-hoo’s transfer request disapproved

    Currently charged with sexual assault, actor Park Si-hoo’s request to transfer the case to another police department has been denied.

    Park’s legal representatives postponed the police summons on the 24th and revealed that they only though it was fair for the case to be moved to the Kangnam Police Department from Western Seoul and therefore a request had been submitted.

    However, according to the Western Seoul Police Department they have no means whatsoever to allow this request. If the police don’t approve of this, Park’s future investigation and summons would happen here,

    Park Si-hoo has been charged with raping wannabe star ‘A’. According to the police, she claims she’s been sexually abused when she was drunk but Park claims the intercourse was mutual.

  33. Seriously, as much as I want to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, everything he says and does, and everything K says, just makes me think they’re guilty. I don’t want him to be, but he’s being very suspicious.

  34. He don’ t want to meet her for date but he just need sex with the girl younger than him in valentine notting in relation except sex for him don’t know why !! reality he is a human poor man not Angle right ? so he like the death note maybe i’m wrong ^^

  35. Article: A’s best friend interviewed, suspicions of drugging arise

    Source: TV Report via Nate

    A’s best friend B was called in for questioning by the police because they wanted to hear what A’s normal alcohol tolerance level was and some other info.

    B revealed what A had told her had happened that night because she was upset with people calling her friend a kkot-baem.

    “A had only met with K, the man who introduced her to Park Shi Hoo, one previous time before the dinner together. K said that he would be inviting Park Shi Hoo to their dinner so she met Park Shi Hoo that night for the very first time.

    Although alcohol was ordered, Park Shi Hoo and K did not drink at all and kept encouraging A to drink more. She drank about a bottle of soju, but A is not the type to lose herself over that. She sent a text to her parents after leaving the restaurant that she would be “going home soon”, but then A claims that she lost consciousness after getting in the car. She said she felt dizzy, a different feeling from when she normally drank.

    When A woke up that next morning, she discovered Park Shi Hoo wearing a condom. K then entered the room and started groping her body, molesting her. K claimed to the media that A had sent him a text the next day acting like nothing had happened, but the actual text A sent him said, ‘What am I to do now? What happened last night?’

    My friend called me that day crying. She told her parents what had happened and they reported the case to the police. If my friend was out to get his money, would she have reported it so fast the next day? It’s ridiculous to me that they are claiming that there was no forcing involved.”

    A’s blood tests and body fluids are currently in the lab being tested for whether she was drugged or not.

    1. [+500, -19] She woke up to Park Shi Hoo wearing a condom? Oh my god! That junior is even more ridiculous… he was molesting her?? What did these two men do to her while she was sleeping?? This is getting ridiculous!!!

    2. [+373, -15] I’m seriously about to throw up. Even my barf is too much of a waste on these two.

    3. [+153, -11] Park Shi Hoo used to say he loved going to clubs. Looks like he only learned the bad things from club goers.

    4. [+367, -20] If she had been a real kkot-baem, she would’ve never went to the police the next day… She would’ve offered him a deal. I truly hope that they thoroughly investigate everything and that she isn’t shafted by the system just because he’s a rich celebrity and she’s not.

  36. I followed this post & discussion b’cos i hoped to add more of my knowledge & be more thoughtful to look at every problem in life as my role as a mother who has 2 growned doughters who both are married & the youngest which is a boy aged 26 who is single. As much as i loved to read every comments but called that we as asian women are stupid, i have to say that sentence was only for narrow minded person. Every women in this world if they get into trouble like this if she is a mentally strong then she will face the unfairness of it as hard as she could. So, let us just keep discussing about this actor who’s trying get a way clean from his trouble & how will this end. Sorry for the long post & for my english which is not to good.

  37. thanks for the updates miss k
    my simpathy for those whose being a victim, A,K or PSH? let just wait until the investigation end, and the police realease their conclution on this case

  38. Omg as much as I want him to be innocent it’s not being hard to believe live that actor Apollo much and I don’t want him to be that kind of person but who knows he might be a scumbag after all! He should come forward as fast as he can he is losing people trust if he hand. Already.
    Plz god ! Let him be innocent !

  39. He try to delay not good for him if he didn’t nothing wrong truly don’ t scare and
    fight every one against him at this police station not need transfer and if you something wrong b coz your fun at that night you should accept and response it
    Pray for the law fairness and punish who actually do wrong a men

  40. I’ve been waiting for Dramabeans’ take on this sad, sordid story but I don’t see it forthcoming. Is Dramabeans inhibiting itself from the “case”? I check the web every 10 minutes for new updates, its frustrating… anyhow, thanks Koala for the updates, you never disappoint.

    • Considering the huge trolling on this blog esp by PSH fans on this peculiar topic why would JB and GF start a thread with hundreds of reactions to monitor? It is safer to wait I guess.

  41. Even the netizens who were on his side were on his side when it was first reported are all against him and no one believe him which is justified considering the evidences pouring every day…. here the latest news and update- Article: ‘Sexual assault suspicions’ Park Shi Hoo, 100 minutes before police summon, he requests for a postponement! Why?

    Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

    Park Shi Hoo was originally scheduled to go in for investigation last night (24th) but about 100 minutes before he was to go in, he released a press statement saying he would be postponing it in order to transfer the case from the Seobu police station to the Gangnam police station because “he didn’t like the way the police were handling the case.”

    The police have released a statement in response saying they will not be accepting his transfer application. They have instead summoned him once again for the 25th.

    Park Shi Hoo’s original lawyer was also said to be female but she left the case and Park Shi Hoo replaced her with a male lawyer.

    1. [+677, -46] He was the one that said he’d be complying with everything asked of him for the investigations, but obviously he’s got something fishy going on that he’s pulling out like this. I really hope the truth gets out.

    2. [+674, -93] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Wow, I really wanted to believe him until the end but…. He’s just utter, utter trash. Don’t ever think of coming out on TV again. You disgusting rapist.

    3. [+661, -98] Park Shi Hoo you trashy ba$tard. Take the punishment for your crime. Who are you to think you can weasel your way out of this? You don’t have the brains for it so don’t even try.

    4. [+212, -10] It’s so obvious what he’s trying to do. The case is already under investigation and he’s trying to transfer it to Gangnam? And he changes his lawyer on top of that? Maybe the law firm he teamed up with has lobbying power with the Gangnam station.

    5. [+161, -6] Hwa Woo is one of Korea’s top 6 law firms and they’re known for even turning criminals into innocent lambs in the face of the law. If even Hwa Woo doesn’t know what they’re doing with this case, it’s game over for Park Shi Hoo. cr:netizenbuzz ………….Just putting the important points- 1. park shi hoo said he’d be complying with everything asked of him for the investigations so he has step back from what he said previously…..why retract if not guity… 2. The case is already under investigation and he’s trying to transfer it to Gangnam and he changes his lawyer on top of that? Maybe the law firm he teamed up with has lobbying power with the Gangnam station.. .really he his excercising his status and power as a star… this is what a guilty does that is everything in the book by hook or crook to get out of his crimes… 3. as pointed out Hwa Woo is one of Korea’s top 6 law firms and they’re known fo past history of even turning criminals into innocent lambs in the face of the law….really he is now playing with law trying to armtwist it with some backing and add to this sexuall assault laws is so weak in s.korea……..really no way in the world he is innocent….. hoping law doesn’t get crubed by power,money or influence and justice be severely and rightfully served which i doubt though……….

  42. PSH’s lawyer had just issued another statement regarding A’s best friend’s statement .

    Park Si Hoo’s official position: The complainant is manipulating the interview

    This news report is about the exclusive interview that Miss A’s best friend Miss B gave today, making certain unwarranted accusations against Park Si Hoo. PSH’s law firm has issued its second press release today to counteract these accusations.

    Following is the official position from the Park Si Hoo side:

    Today at 14:35 the media carried an interview of Complainant A’s best friend B which is widely reported. The information given in the interview was thoroughly manipulated by Miss A and was not true at all.

    As is already known, Mr. Park Si Hoo usually drinks very little. On the day of the incident, however, due to good drinking atmosphere, Mr. Park Si Hoo drank 10 cups of soju with ice over 3 hours. Therefore, the media coverage stating he did not drink a sip of alcohol is not true.

    It is Mr. Park Si Hoo’s usual practice to wear a mask and hat when going in and out of his apartment building — to avoid face-to-face contact with other residents. This is not ususual among celebrities and this fact can be identified through examining CCTV of other dates.

    According to media reports, Miss A claimed to have lost consciousness when she went to Mr. Park Si Hoo’s home and did not wake up until 13 hours later. The fact that she claimed to remember every detail that would be difficult to remember under normal circumstances throws doubt on the authenticity of her statement. Several articles suggested she had been drugged, that she said she felt “hazy” afterwards, as if foreseeing the results of the inspection by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation [ED: results not yet released]. This also throws considerable doubt on Miss A’s credibility and real motive.

    Miss A could be identified through CCTV in elevator to have gone home at 2 p.m. the day after the incident. It has also been confirmed that Miss A and Mr. K called each other several times through instant messaging the next day.

    Mr. Park Si Hoo has planned to clarify the charges above and to present a statement to the police as soon as possible, but in the process of changing law firms, the police appearance has been delayed and an opportunity was missed.

    Series of reports on the case reflect only the position of the police and the complainant and the facts from our side are totally different.

    Therefore we respectfully ask that you refrain from excessive speculation relevant to the case.

    • What kind of law firm decides to spat with “rumors” spread in media instead go to tell the police and face to face the accuser as well?

      • I believe that since he’s finally obtained proper counsel. Now it is his turn to start talking and accounting for his actions.

        Seriously, I get it why people are upset since the 19th they have heard nothing but Ms A’s position and her account of the events in question. We have only heard from Park that he stated consensual sex. After that K corroborated that statement, when he was contacted for a statement as a witness by the police.

        Since there are records via text message/instant message. As well as time stamped footage. Now that the other involved parties are being counseled to speak. God willing, we will be able to place this puzzle together and the truth will come out ::fingers crossed::

        If not we could have another OJ acquitted of all charges but a failed career. Or a Memphis three, because the city said it was them, and the testimony said it was them… Then it must be them… Pot innocent folks lost a boatload of years because of a flawed legal system.

        It is what it is kids, if you don’t like it. Vote to change it.

      • You say this is what they should say? So I asked, is this all the lawyers could do for him? Yes, this time is for ‘him’ to talk, but not to the media about useless things like that. Umh, he drank 10 cups of shoju (sooo much eh), he wear mask, so what? It didn’t mean that A didn’t be force to drudged, she didn’t be both of them raped – at least, she didn’t say she drank all 2 bottles, so 1 bottle didn’t disappear? And the statement about “she remembered so well” just ridiculous, since they can’t point out what she can’t remember and what is illogical in all the thing B said. All they can do was spat with “some press”. We all know that we can’t trust every detail on press, because they’re written by different people. So they fight with media on useless details like that is just ridiculous.

        With all “useless details” like “he drank”, “mask” and “she remembered so well”, what did they want we to see? Yeah, B said something wrong, or just reporters did, so she’s a liar?

        Saying useless things is a useless action. I think I’m still in my mind to ask “WTF” after read that.

      • Well Lily, now that he’s obtained proper counsel. It’s time for damage control as they await to be properly summoned by the precinct that will be covering the investigation (since they did request a transfer). They are just responding to new and old rumors within the
        same statement –

        which when I read B’s statement the same questions did pop in my mind – how can she state after the fact that K was molesting her, when in I’m her initial statement she could not place K in the scene of the crime. Also the comment in that Park was still wearing a condom in the morning-this shows her lack of understanding of intercourse (seriously no man keeps the condom on-it’s uncomfortable also when the penis is flaccid the prophylactic will not stay on the penis usually it will be found somewhere else) regardless A’s initial statement was that Park was naked-which makes me question why to sensationalize or change the story to your best friend it’s quite odd.

      • You can put the timeline with story. A wouldn’t text to K if he was in same room, right? So it took time for K to appear in PSH’s house in the morning after. The statement of law firm said that the time of text messenger was before she left. And when K came, he molested her, but could you sue someone molested you with rape? Remember K’s statement, he said that she was willing to go with them, maybe they said to her like that too. She didn’t see K’s action, so police didn’t take accuse him as well.

        That’s what I call “don’t reply so much on press’s details”, because they wrote the story in pieces.

        Yeah, the man will take off condom IF they’re still conscious enough. But no, not all condom will automatic drop off, especially when he just ‘finished’, half-on (very possible if his penis is small so that’s no much different when it erects or not). That maybe explains why he still lied beside her.

    • Does this back and forth usually happen in cases in the press? I’m totally NOT on PSH side, but the police constantly putting out information via the press about the case is so weird. I’ve never seen so many statements by both sides. Thanks for all the updates.

      • Were the police the one leaked out information? The last time I checked, they’re witnesses on both side talk to reporters, and reporters asked police to check. All of what they said are not in court or in police station, just satisfy their want.

        And people in PSH’s side had began this “press war”, remember 1st CCTV and K’s statement. Now he imputes the blame to police? If his agency didn’t do that first, the reporters would not have to hunted down any witness and exhibit that they could reach, nor they came to reporters.

      • Don’t get distracted with who say what to the Media. Focus on the facts and evidence that has been gathered or will be gathered. Analyze them, and present the truth. The forensic team and investigators are finder of truth. Hence, forget about what other people’s say. Just put the head down, put on the earplugs and analyze the facts. I believe, only this way, the team can crack the code.

        It is an easy case to solve. The Police already have the alleged parties of rape. They know exactly where he lived, just ploug through the intelligence system, or collaborate with the Police intelligence, I believe substantial information has already been collected in the system on PSH. Based on what has already in the database, and construct the chronological of events. I am sure the case can be solved in no time.

      • You will be surprise if the Police has had the team working on the chronological orders of the events. Miss A’s statement, Miss A medical report, statement from the social worker who accompanied Miss A to lodge the report. Police observation when Miss A’s physical condition when she lodged the report. Upon, interviewing PSH, it will be a standard procedures to listen and confirm on certain facts of the evening and the morning after.

        PSH and his lawyer is looking for loopholes in the law enforcement system. The Police should just look at the inconsistency in PSH and Mr. K statement. Interviewed them separately, and look out for inconsistency in the timing. I believe, there are plenty of flaws that will help the Police to press charges, eventually.

        Again, I re-iterate, it is a simple case.

    • text messages and the time of the text and the reply will be fascinating to analyse. Also, in between, apart from Mr. K, did she text or receive text from anyone?

      Is the crime scene really PSH’s apartment? Another report revealed that it is an empty apartment, and not PSH’s dwelling. Under this context, it shows PSH’s intention and motives very clearly i.e PSH and Mr. K might have planned the “romantic” occassion for some time. It is a premeditated assault, rather than a spree moment of satisfying his needs at Valentine’s evening.

  43. I wrote in Aug 2011 in the Soompi forum when Princess Man was airing that I wouldn’t be watching it cos I didn’t like the actor’s look – too feminine and feline like. Guess my 6th sense didn’t let me down!

  44. PSH dearie, I don’t get why you keep defending your stance by not going in for the interview with the police. I really don’t care how many times you change lawyers or ask for transfers, can you just bring yourself and your current capable lawyers to the police station so that they can hear your side of the story?

  45. Oh God if that girl slander him for money
    From someone behind this scandal or did for back mail PSH she not rookie actress but she is the killer like 007 Movies don’t believe this reality or dreaming K fight between A rich man with the girl one nightmare sex scandal

  46. @lily
    Well, that’s what I’m saying. Yes, PSH’s side started with the statement about the CCTV footage that she was fine walking away. The whole thing is just stupid to go back and forth in the press via police statements or the police confirming things or not. Though PSH isn’t putting out his side so he only has his self to blame for this.

  47. He just needs to talk already. This legal maneuvering is not doing him any good in the eyes of the public. I think he has something to hide.

  48. Oh why I am even interested in this , I feel for the young woman

    but all this hide and seek is too much

    sad but I am now getting annoyed

    can he just go and get interviewed already

    in my opinion i am even afraid to say i will wait until the truth comes out

  49. Wow, so many opinions….against and for.

    I’m still waiting for all evidences and investigation to finish before forming an opinion on this case.
    In the end, truth will come out.

  50. I just feel it’s weird that A is still able to text K if what B mentioned to the police is true . so K groped and molested her but then after that , they still texted each other ? and why K’s name is not yet exposed to the public ?? because K is not as popular as PSH , so his name doesn’t have to be exposed ?

  51. this is the recent article about Go Young Wook’s rape case. Sadly, in Korea the rape charges often work against the female rape victim which is why I think she didn’t lie for the money. if it were for the money, she could have just blackmailed PSH and not went to the police/public. Remeber she immediately within the same day went to the counseling and police. If she wanted to negotiate for more money with PSH, she would wait for time to lapse for negotiation purposes.

    Go Young Wook’s Case Takes Unexpected Turn

    With his second hearing in just two days, Go Young Wook‘s case is taking an unexpected turn as the first accuser has been removed from the list of plaintiffs. Previously, Go Young Wook was charged for sexually assaulting a minor in April after getting the victim, who was only 18 years old at the time, drunk and having sexual relations with her. As the news broke out, Go Young Wook was greatly criticized by the public and media.

    However, the initial accuser and the victim of the first count of sexual assault has disappeared since then. Many legal experts are assuming that the text messages between the victim and Go Young Wook, as well as recorded phone conversations between the victim’s ex-boyfriend and Go Young Hook could not prove that Go Young Wook violently forced the victim to have a sexual relationship with him. Go Young Wook’s lawyer confirmed, “It is true that the initial accuser has been removed from the trail. The details of it will be revealed through the rest of the trials.”

    Currently there are four victims in Go Young Wook’s case. The ages of these victims are from 13 and 14 years old, all allegedly sexually harassed and/or assaulted by Go Young Wook. However, the first two plaintiffs of the case have dropped the charges during police investigation of the case. The second trial of Go Young Woo’s alleged sexual assault of minors will be held on February 28 at 4:40pm KST.

  52. i think we all need to calm down and remember we do NOT know all the facts. Those of us who are Americans should also capably protect “innocent until proven guilty” concept. Remember the opposite of poverty is JUSTICE. In our country many times over and over our court system has shown us that TRUTH is pretty damn hard to find and my truth and your truth can be miles apart depending on how wealthy you are.

  53. Park Si Hoo case: Test results show “No drugs detected”

    Test results of the medico-legal institute show that no drugs were detected in Miss A who has accused Park Si Hoo of raping her.

    According to officials of the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, results of analysis by the medico-legal institute on February 25 show that no unusual drug ingredient was detected in the blood and urine of Miss A. Western Police Station detective in charge of this said: “While it is true that the medico-legal institute results have come out, we cannot tell you the results.”

    Earlier on February 23, Western Police Station announced that Complainant A was examined for material amount of drugs by Obstetrics and Gynecology, and they have also commissioned the medico-legal institute to examine samples of her hair, urine, and blood, and ”status” procedure was in progress, which was the typical investigative process in alleged rape. No drugs were detected in test results, but Park Si Hoo’s innocence is not yet proven. In case of a new kind of drug it is known that it degrades fast and cannot be detected in the body.

    • that’s right, there are drugs that cannot be detected in fluids too. Sadly, I’m not sure if they will be able to collect semen from the gyne exam since PSH used condom. Oh well, let us just wait for the results from the nails and/or saliva, hope she didnt bathe before going to the police to preserve those evidences.

  54. If a detective from the Western Police Station commented that
    “…we cannot tell you the results.”, then who did, his attys? The Institute for the sake of their reputation/credibility would not have divulged that info on their own as it’s private info since there really does not seem to be a criminal case of yet without PSH being arrested.

    Also, there is a date rape drug that leaves the body within 12 hours—GHB. She regained consciousness after 13 hours, etc and saw PSH wearing a condom the next morning according to her friend [who should not give “interviews”].

    I’m getting scenes from Gaslight with all of these recent events. “Paula?”

  55. Ms Koala, I have a question for you as a lawyer. Why the progress of this particular case is being reported so publically?

    I mean, all the details, drug test results, even the CCTV footage on youtube, …. I thought all these information relevant to the case should be kept as top secrets, for the protection of the victim and the accuseds, and also for the necessary tactics to win the case just like you never show your cards in a poker game. I understand the media is trying to dig out everything they can, which is their job. But why the police is willing to make certain details public, this is confusing me.

  56. I’m really curious as to what the drug results will be. It’s a bit fishy but I can kind of understand PSH delaying the interrogation. It’s a serious crime he’s facing so his side is probably doing what they can to better prepare for it. Even if he’s not guilty, going in & out of the interrogation room wouldn’t be as easy peasy as it might seem. With him being a big star & all, he’s under a lot of pressure & I’m sure cops would just love to put people like him behind bars [rich & famous]. &if the law allows him to delay the questioning then I say delay away, i suppose it’s also his right whether or not he’s guilty.

    I, also, can’t grasp how “A” could have still texted “K” in the morning if “K” had allegedly molested her. To top it off, she asks him what she should do? Uhm…really? I, too, was groped when I was younger & my first reaction then was to AVOID the person who did it at all cost! I didn’t hang around and asked him what I should have done. Instead, I sought counsel from the people closest to me. *Sigh. So based on my personal experience, IDK how “A” could have still texted “K” if “K” had done her wrong and she knew about it. [Since “K” had done the said deed the morning after when she woke up naked next to PSH]

    Now back to PSH and the rape accusation–I haven’t really formed a definite opinion, I want for the drug results to come out first. Since it’s plausible that “A” could have fallen asleep in the car even if she seemed fine walking out of the bar. This has happened to me &alcohol since I don’t drink &can’t take alcohol. Even after just a bottle of light beer or less I would start to feel it in my system right away so I would stop but I still very clearly know what I am doing &can still walk straight etc. But as soon as I would sit down & let myself relax i.e. going home in a car, I would doze off but I can still feel the things going on around me. Half awake, half asleep kind of thing. I just hope justice is done where justice should be. I hope that the people investigating the case won’t be biased and get too emotionally caught up in this whole thing.

    I have to admit tho that my heart sank when I saw PSH’s name & the word rape in a sentence together. I came to love him from the show “Prosecutor Princess” & fell even more in love in “Cheongdamdong Alice” (even tho I stopped in the midst of it when the main female lead decided to purposely use him; I just got so annoyed by her selfishness &stupidity that I couldn’t take it; I was hurting too much for PSH’s character. Haha). I was looking forward to him doing more shows in the future but now….*SIGH. WHO WOULD WANT TO WORK WITH AN ALLEGED RAPIST NOW??? Not to mention if he was found guilty you know? &How in the world am I supposed to fall in love w/his characters now when at the back of my head there will be a blinking light going on & off with the word “RAPIST” on it. I am sorely disappointed in him. What a waste! Just as he was rising to stardom, he would get himself involved in something like this. I’m sure he could have just asked 10 other beautiful ladies to have sex with him that night & more than half of them would have willingly done so without such a scandal! What an idiot.

    ANYWAY, I hope they get to the bottom of this &if he isn’t found guilty then I hope he (for the sake of his fans) can get back up from this fall.

    • Obviously, you are just one of his fans who are tries to find any kind of excuse for him and think real hard to questioning about A’s motive :P. Nothing new.

      • Obviously you missed what I was trying to say. While I adored him in the two said dramas I’ve seen of his, it doesn’t make me a closed minded, crazed fan. How &where in my comment was I questioning “A”‘s motive? Just because I understand PSH’s stance in delaying the questioning while seeking proper legal counsel doesn’t mean I fully support him on being innocent all the way &for “A” to having some sort of ulterior motive. I did, however, question the validity of “K” molesting her in the morning when she still texts him after. That, for me, just doesn’t add up.

    • “I’m sure he could have just asked 10 other beautiful ladies to have sex with him that night & more than half of them would have willingly done so without such a scandal!”

      Seriously tired of such phrases being repeated over, and over, and over again.

      Then again, you should understand that rape is not about sex, it is about control and power.

      • Therefore, the assumption that he might have as much one-night-stand as he wanted is irrelevant to a rape allegation.

      • The statement simply implies that if it was sex he wanted, it was sex he could have gotten. In no way did it mean to make rape &getting laid synonymous to each other. Also, the latter part of my original comment above was just my own personal opinion/disappointment on his actions &not directed to the allegation itself. We don’t know for a fact yet whether or not he truly took advantage of the girl, so to be giving him the somewhat benefit of the doubt until all facts come out &he’s proven guilty doesn’t seem to be an unfair thing to do.

      • I never said he is rapist for sure but that is the allegation what we are discussing about. He admitted the one-night-stand so it is not an issue here. Your statement of “it was sex he wanted, it was sex he could have gotten” is also a shaky one, yourself would go with him does not mean everyone else would. Lots of women don’t like him as a man.

  57. @mackerel – hello
    RE: your opening line….

    *I’m really curious….*

    sums up my attention to this case.

    I’m really curious:

    1)If the initial meeting of the 3, as orchestrated by un-named actor K, was intended to be:
    *let’s have a coupla bottles of soju and see if you like each other
    *hey buddy, I’ve got a girl who will come out for drinks and I’ll assist in getting her into your bed
    (this in no way condones rape…at any point.)
    The question remains — by what impression did this trio meet up?

    2) Why is the Police dept. rendering names? or not.
    and interviews….suggesting~ evidence
    …alternately —► saying they can’t report possible evidence.
    Were *I* the defendant in such a serious, SERIOUS lawsuit…damn, I’d make sure my lawyer was able to curb the *police* from skewing public opinion before trial. (again, not absolving guilt, just saying it’s applicable to use the proper means of law…and that means …da police- do NOT get to render a verdict before a jury/judge does)

    * Publishing interviews from friends or family. (facepalms) Anyone who has ever sat on a criminal trial jury, as I have several times, knows that third party testimony (ie. character witness) has the weight of a feather floating in wind ~
    It has no bearing on the factual events of a case – which is what a jury is legally bound to consider. And the judge will remind them of this several times.
    **note to the friend of *A* who gave interview – men do NOT keep a condom on one-second longer than is required. (just letting you know, because that’s a faux-pas in re-counting a story that didn’t happen to you)

    * Is is possible that a beloved Hallyu Star drugged and raped an aspiring young actress?
    yeah. it is…but, it is also possible that Tablo graduated from Stanford.

    There’s a whole lotta doesn’t-make-sense going on ..and if it turns out to be a REALLY DARK COLD TRUTH…then let it do so. Expose it. Jail-time.

    If Park Shi Hoo is just a dumbass who wanted to get laid …and got a girl who changed her mind about the circumstances– then expose that too.

    as previously said….*I’m curious…”

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