New Pictures of Pre-enlistment Yoo Seung Ho in Japanese Magazine

Surprise! Ha, even after a year I still flashback to Big when I write that. Yeah, that drama was wack-a-mole ridiculous in plot, but I got so much out of it feelings-wise. I guess that same opinion could be applied to Yoo Seung Ho‘s last drama before his enlistment, Missing You, so I get why people like it, but there is no sane argument to be made that it was a “good” drama qualitatively. Yoo Seung Ho also got saddled with the least rational character arc in years, probably along the lines of crazy that happened in Jung So Min in Bad Guy. In BG, her character was sheltered spoiled ballet princess and ended with cold blooded oppa murderer. Like, what? That drama needed someone to off Kim Nam Gil (who was being schlepped off to the army before the drama wrapped) and in a game of eeny-meeny-miny-mo, her character got tapped. The same crazy logic applies to MY, where Yoo Seung Ho went from insecure, lonely, traumatized rich boy into serial killer with a rage and jealousy complex. What I love about Yoo Seung Ho is how he took a terribly written character (sacrificed for the sake of narrative intent) and made it memorable. Now that he’s in the army, I thought it would be a few months before came across anything new to share. But turns out he left some goodies behind before he enlisted, and this latest batch of new pictures comes courtesy of a Japanese magazine. Domo arigato!


New Pictures of Pre-enlistment Yoo Seung Ho in Japanese Magazine — 9 Comments

  1. Niiiiice.
    He can go to looking suavely mid-twenties in one shot, then whomp! back to being a goofy teenager with that all-face-involved grin.
    Love him!!!

  2. Awwww.. what a surprise…!!! And here im thinking that there will be no news about him.. and then voilaaa… thanks koala.. Hmmmmm… it is my eyes.. my taste.. or the make up that looks too much.. doesn’t suit him….

  3. . annyeonghaseyo jigeun ela imneeda 🙂
    mannaseo bangapsumnida Kamsa hamnda Saranghae <3 :*
    YooSeungHo <3

  4. well im sure he is one of those young and famous,,just hope he wont feel lonely anymore and open his heart to encounter a love (he said in an interview with a magazine)..sigh how could being famous means that the star cannot be easy to feel love..well that is humanity feeling you know..true fan will support you in anything you want to do dont be afraid..just relax in the military then back with save and sound and go find smone that outstanding, smone that understand you..smone who has shoulder for you to cry on..oo okay i hope you ll see her soon..thanks ockoala for his news..

  5. in the interview i fell he told us how he was living a life as an actor and sm how i fell sad bout him, i dont know..hope he’ll be well in the military and find some thing diferrent than his daily life and gain some thing good for him in the future.fighting yoo..thanks again ockoala

  6. well in an interviews said his agency and parents asked the reporter not to try to interview him anymore and for fans to respect his military service life..its seem to me that we should forget him or abselutly forget him about two years? like never had seung ho in his fans life? could it be happen? Pretending like never knew bout him before then try every possible effort to forget him??And you know,i wonder how many people trying hard to get famous and being spotted everywhere WHILE this young man trying hard to become an ordinary people with avoiding every aspect of a star must have,popularity,entertainment bussiness,reporter,huge attention from public..i appreciate that but you must have been in a hard life before Mr Yoo since you got that popularity from the very young age..but i hope youll get what you want and back with save and sound ..ATTENTION TO ALL PARENTS IN THE WORLD, IF YOU HAVE A VERY NICE SUPERRIOR OUTSTANDING LOOK AND TALENTED CHILD IN ENTERTAINMENT BUSSSINESS BELIEVE THIS,ONCE PUBLIC FOUND THEIR CHARMING SIDE,THE PUBLIC WON’T BE EASY TO LET THEM GO OUT OF THEIR MIND CAUSE YOUR KID HAVE BEEN IN PART OF THEIR LIFE..its easy to shut up the mouth than to shut up the mind in your head..Ockoala can you forget your baby jailbait sooo easyy??

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