Song Joong Ki Attends Samsonite Event and Will Enlist at the Same Base as Yoo Seung Ho

With all the rave reviews coming out of South Korea for director Bong Joon Ho’s just-premiered first Hollywood movie Snowpiercer, I’m even more disappointed that Song Joong Ki had to pass up the chance to headline Director Bong’s next movie Sea Fog. With only three weeks (*sobs*) left before Song Joong Ki enlists at the end of August, I promised to post about him every chance I get so here’s the latest news about him. On August 8th he attended a promotional event for Samsonite luggage, being a spokesperson and all for the Red line of products. He attended alone without his other spokesperson co-star Ha Yeon Soo, who was probably busy starting filming for her upcoming Potato Star sitcom with Yeo Jin Goo. The media was gushing over how fresh-faced and dewy-eyed he looked, which is an understatement if you ask me. I know eight year olds with complexions not nearly as perfect as his. I hope attending promotional activities isn’t all he has planned for the next three weeks. In my ideal world, I hope he guest stars in a music video, films tons of CFs to be released in a steady trickle, and throw in a few glorious photo shoots for stylish magazines like GQ or Singles and then shave off that pretty mane of head and get ready to yell “sir, yes sir!” for the next few months. Word on the street is that he’s headed to the same army base where Yoo Seung Ho enlisted earlier this year. Just the thought that two of my beloved guys are going to serve in the army together and probably trade acting stories brings a big grin to my face. On a really depressing note, Kim Bum revealed in a recent interview on the set of Goddess of Fire that he’s already planning to enlist in the military in the near future. With how young Bummie is, he’s clearly taking a page from the Yoo Seung Ho playbook and getting it out of the way earlier rather than later. I love how savvy and practical my darling cutie pies all are with managing their acting careers.

You didn’t think I would let this post pass without sneaking in a picture of Yoo Seung Ho, now did you? Song Joong Ki so deserves his baby-faced reputation, he doesn’t look any older than his much younger hoobae Yoo Seung Ho. Speaking of hotties all in one place, turns out Ji Hyun Woo is also stationed at that army base. But he’ll be done early next year and out to reunite with his honey Yoo In Ah.


Song Joong Ki Attends Samsonite Event and Will Enlist at the Same Base as Yoo Seung Ho — 10 Comments

  1. So I know this post was about song joong ki and I am way sad he is going to enlist so soon, but as soon as I saw the words Kim bum and enlist soon I forgot all about that … What what no Kim bum enlisting please not before you take another lead role

  2. Ahhh song joong ki T___T
    I love his style the first pctures… Fresh and stylish… So glad he is not wearing weird t-shirt Like bfore lol
    His kang ma ru will be forever in my heart…
    I agree with you… Please makes a lot of great photo shots before going tp army.. Joong ki ah.. Then I will be in heaven with his collection photo in my hardisk

    See you in tnext two years….

  3. can i make a suggestion? i’m thinking maybe we need to send Jang Geun Suk to the army as well. i’m hoping he would take the time away from the industry and comes back with a clearer head. i feel he is so talented but it is laid in waste with his choice of projects.

    sorry… a bit off topic

  4. He’s going to receive his basic training there, that doesn’t mean that’s where he’s going to be posted five weeks into his enlistment. Odds are though he’ll go to the front lines, given that he’s reporting to Chuncheon rather than Nonsan. I almost wish I’d paid more attention when my own brother was enlisting, but whether it’s family or friends, army talk wasn’t something I was actively engaged in…

  5. Kim Bum enlisting soon: Not a bad idea. He doesn’t seem to receive interesting job offers in Dramaland, maybe because of his baby face. He has to become a “man” to start phase #2. Yoon Shi Yoon should do the same.

  6. Song Joong-ki doesn’t look any older than Yoo Seung-ho in photographs, but when you see them both on film, especially in close-ups, they both look their respective ages (Nice Guy showed this off to fantastic effect – he looked like a boyish mid-to-late 20something. While YSH in I Miss You pretty much looked like a much younger boy play-acting at being 25, even my love for him couldn’t get past the baby face)

  7. sad news again:-(… all the cutiepies are leaving us…I cant wait for 2 years for them to come back. I wish I will be one of the fans welcoming them back from army some time in 2015. God bless them and keep them safe.

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