Gu Family Separate Vacations: Suzy in Paris and Lee Seung Gi Visits Hawaii for New Magazine Spreads

When I saw the upcoming pictorials for Suzy in Harper’s Bazaar and for Lee Seung Gi in Esquire, my first thought was “oh, did modern day Yeol Wool and Kang Chi have a fight and head off on separate vacations?” It’s amusing how it takes awhile after a drama ends to stop associating leads with each other. In this case, Gu Family Book ended with the mother of all ridiculous time jumps plus reincarnation so it doesn’t seem weird to see Seung Gi and Suzy back in their typical modern day look. I actually thought Seung Gi looked amazingly hawt as modern day billionaire Kang Chi, minus the leopard print shirt under his suit. Or maybe despite the leopard print shirt under his suit. But I’m mostly unamused by his Esquire photo spread and its nothing against Seung Gi himself. The shoot took place in Hawaii but for the most of the official released photos – all I see is the giant PPL suitcases and bags and a shill for the Trump International Hotel. Seriously? They went to Hawaii just to shoot in scenes and only one captured the beauty of the Hawaiian beaches, local suburbs or streets of Waikiki? Mostly it wants to gopher bash us over the head with a blatant attempt to sell suitcases and a reservation at a swanky hotel? Bah humbug to that, Seung Gi is gorgeous but the concept not so much. Suzy’s spread for Bazaar took place in Paris and it was conversely all about the Parisian aura and backdrop. One look and I knew it was Paris without even needing to confirm it, and Suzy is really rocking the various couture outfits and look right at home there. This isn’t the best Korean actress-goes-to-Paris photo spread I’ve seen, not by a long shot, but its still very well done and Suzy continues her development into a striking and confident young woman. Her acting is still all sorts of terrible and I’ve pretty much lost hope she’ll ever learn the craft. All she can hope to do is find a good character that she is capable of playing in her own limited way. Or stick to singing and endorsements.


Gu Family Separate Vacations: Suzy in Paris and Lee Seung Gi Visits Hawaii for New Magazine Spreads — 20 Comments

  1. Suzy is totally her generation’s Han Ga-in – great at CFs and photoshoots and super pretty, but so bad at acting that we probably have to give them credit for just managing to face the right way, on camera.

    Seung-gi….I like those black outfits, but all-black looks VERY out-of-place in Hawaii, maybe if they were in NY it would work but it’s a shame the stylist didn’t have something in lighter colours on hand.

    • LOL after going through seunggi’s pics i thought he was wearing the same outfit in all of them cause of all the black xD had to go back after reading your comment to see they were actually different outfits.

      but i don’t understand why they had to go to hawaii to shoot those photos. wouldn’t it look the same if he stood under some trees in Korea? hehe you would have thought they’d at least thrown some tropical/ floral prints in there right? and a little more sun maybe?

      haha anywayss…

      Suzy looks AMAZING! i never really found her as pretty as most people say she is, she looks more ‘normal’ than other idols/actresses out there. More the ‘girl next door’ look than ‘goddess’. But i must admit she looks stunning in these photos- especially that last one of her. LOVELOVELOVE!

    • She is certainly very pretty, but I have the same problem with her as a model as I do as an actress – blank expression, repeated endlessly. She breaks into a smile easily but other than that her face does not seem very mobile. I really don’t get much dimension from her.

  2. What make u write about them again? Alot People complain and dislike them. Maybe actor or story? I never disagree and agree. When this drama with them act, i really exited and it rare partner. I used to comment they seem like brother and sister, about age but my feel recally want suit them. this drama called sad or funny but i really memorize it. if i alway anti but because i want it better. Because love this them. Same you talk, when saw this picture , i think modern kangchi and yeowol. But maybe hard chance meet them again together. Feel unfinish story, that ‘S WHY I HATE WRITTER.

  3. Did Suzy lost some weight? That second picture looks like she’s sporting a narrower jaw line, gaunt looking face. The third looks like she’s IU. Anyhow, both are bland photo shoots.

    • My impression is that they photoshop Suzy a lot. In all the photo spreads I have seen with her she looks a lot skinnier than she does in premiere photos or in dramas. Very sad, given that she’s perfectly pretty the way she is.

      She totally looks like IU in the last one! That’s what I thought as well.

  4. I will be happy for the day people quit connecting her to LSG. the dramas over lets move on. He does not need to be associated with her anymore.

    • Oh goody-goodness… “How dare they associate oppa with someone as lame as her.” Is that what you’re trying to say? It sure seems like a typical crazy fangirl case.

      • Nope. She’s just saying he needs other womEn. 😀
        I plead guilty of drama-transferring to real life, though. It took me months to stop associating Song Seung Heon with Kim Tae Hee. To my defense, they did that Blacksmith campaign right after My Princess. I was crushed by the Rain scandal…

      • First of all he is not my Oppa he is younger than my son. But yes I am a fan. Working with her was the only mistake he has made to date. I do not like her period. She ruined GFB for me and I am not alone. I won’t go into all the details of why I feel this way. However there is no reason for them to be on the same posts unless its regarding that drama. And you should learn respect to other posters. No need for you to respond.

  5. “Suzy continues her development into a striking and confident young MAN.” Was that a Freudian slip Miss Koala? It made me laugh Suzy is lovely and I adore her for the very fact that she does not look like the same old cookie cutter Korean entertainer. These picturs of her are stunning and I wish people would stop bashing her acting. She is growing and she is improving AND she is young! It is so easy to sit and judge but to put youself out there everyday and to face your detractors shows a real strong character which I applaud her for. And I couldn’t agree with you more about the LSG spread – what a waste of a great model and wonderful local.

    • She takes great pictures, but the minute she has to play a character, it’s like all the charm she has in 2D just vanishes. And personally, I wouldn’t really care about her if she wasn’t being cast in roles that are far beyond her ability, all while her fans make excuse after excuse for her vacant, one-note ‘acting’ – youth is no excuse for sucking, when rookie actors and idols her age or close manage to do better on debut.

  6. He did take some Hawaii themed shots during his vacation, but they are fan merchandise for his tour. The magazine scans also weren’t so… product placementish. So most people probably won’t be seeing them. They both look good. 😀

  7. Lee Seung Gi *insert infinity hearts*. Suzy looks ahmazing with even more breathtaking locations but is it bad if I say I only have eyes for the hawt guy in black?!?

    He looks fabulous and fit. I hope he gains a bit of weight though… Which I suppose he is doing these days since he looks much chubbier on the cheeks. I hate the waste of Hawaii too, but I don’t really care as long as I can stare at that gorgeous face 😛

    As for associating them with kang chi and yeo wool – I think everyone’s going to do that till either one does another drama. GFB is easily one of this years top 5 most popular show – irrelevant on if people really liked it… I hope both of them can come back to drama land soon. I already miss SJK, and LSG is the perfect balm…

  8. Please people can’t you just get over it! if you dislike the drama that much don’t try to connect it with such things! How does the drama relate to this photoshoot by any means!

  9. I think the editing in both photoshoots is terrible, not Suzy and Seung gi’s fault of course. The weird yellow-copper tone and overexposure kill the clothes, see I didn’t even notice Seung gi was wearing different outfits!

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