Han Chae Ah is Smart and Sassy for Marry Him If You Dare

Overall I’m really pleased with the cast of Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice). If I can pleasantly endure Taecyeon in Who Are You, there ain’t nothing Jung Yong Hwa can do to annoy me that much in MHIYD (if he sucks, and he can totally surprise me and not suck so I’ll wait and see). The reason is that he’s surrounded by so much guaranteed goodness with the other three leads and their track record with screen chemistry and acting talent. With the release of the first stills of Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa this week, KBS is keeping Lee Dong Gun under wraps apparently so the next to drop is second female lead Han Chae Ah. She plays Seo Yoo Kyung, a stylish television show reporter who has a cute personality but an ambitious attitude. She’ll track down her story no matter what, and she takes that determination into her personal life as well. She apparently has a love line with Jung Yong Hwa, and also may be interested in Lee Dong Gun’s character. Sounds like this drama is doing a four-some love quadrangle, though with the possibility of two happy couples at the end of the show rather than the OTP getting together and two losers off crying in the corner. I like that, the more happy people the merrier, and it always astounds me in dramas that second leads who lose out on winning the heart of the main leads usually act like the sky has fallen when really they have all the requirements to move on and find someone else. Han Chae Ah looks adorable in these official stills, giving off a sophisticated and warm aura. I like Han Chae Ah even though she hasn’t been in a single drama I’ve liked, which goes to show that she’s the real deal and future headliner in the making. I hope her character in this drama isn’t bitchy or backstabbing at work or in love, and will have her own story about making decisions that impact her own future. The main leads will all be working at the same network – Lee Dong Gun is an announcer, Yoon Eun Hye as screenwriter, Jung Yong Hwa a VJ/undercover boss, and Han Chae Ah a reporter. There have been a few more fan captures of the filming so check it out below, including some super squeeworthy spoilerish ones.


Han Chae Ah is Smart and Sassy for Marry Him If You Dare — 10 Comments

  1. Oh my Oh my, is that a wedding scene of Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye! Aaaaah! They look so perfect together even from afar!!! Wish there’s a nearer one, but it’s ok, tons of imagination making-up for it. Thanks Koala!

  2. This girl rocked her role as ueno rie in gaksital — she got the whole audience rooting for her over the heroine.

    It’s funny. When i first heard news about this show i was really meh about it even with the names attached to it. Now I seriously can’t wait until this show airs already.

    Agh, october is going to be the busiest month yet in k-dramaland! I’m going to try to tune into pilot episodes of Heirs, Marry Him if you Dare, Answer me 1994, Secret, Medical Top Team, Basketball, Potato Star 2013QR3 and see which shows stick. Why couldn’t some of these have aired in the summer when there was barely anything to watch.

  3. She was awesome it the cable drama she did, Hero. Her character was seriously kickass there. I wish she’d do another part like that.
    I’ll give this a go even though JYH is just such a mediocre actor but I like the other cast and the story sounds fun.

  4. Her role is exactly? what it was in AAMR, then?

    When WILL we see our male lead?! They are smart to build our expectations for him.

    I hope Yonghwa does well in this so I don’t have to make fun of him.
    He was the second K-pop voice I fell in love with – Alex was first – He really can sing beautifully. His OST from Heartstrings still plays on my phone daily, and that really cute Banmal song.
    Taking a second lead role is a good idea for both sides of his career. Do OST songs must make anyone money? He writes them, right?

      • You know, I hesitate to say to poo-poo your YH suggestion, but if it’s not him, it could be a really close body double. I heard he wasn’t on the set that day. That being said, look at the very last photo of the church pew. I am pretty sure that pillow, the one in focus, is him.

  5. wow! never expected this wedding
    so early in the drama..from what
    I see this is the early part ‘coz
    YEH is still sporting her ahjumma
    hair..first time I see YEH doing
    a wedding dress in her drama..but
    I’m curious to see LDG its been so
    many yrs…

  6. still i can’t understand why this young singer-actor gets negative comments for his acting.Is he the only one that can not act?Most can not.
    As for the drama “Mirae’s choice”I have so high expectations that I m afraid in the end would be a total disappointment.That happened with the most dramas I could not wait to watch.

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