Goddess of Fire Through Episode 24 Continues to Putter in Narrative Excrement

It’s with great sadness that I report that Goddess of Fire isn’t done airing yet. Even worse is that a wormhole hasn’t appeared in the dramaverse to consume the very existence of this horrid hell mess. This sucker is scheduled to go for 32-episodes, which if you ask me is 32-episodes too long. This story is genuinely sageuk for idiots, with romance so non-existent (Gwanghaegun and Jung Yi) or one-sided (Tae Do and Jung Yi) that it fails to engage the viewers and political and personal intrigue so elementary it boggles the mind with its one-track simplicity. Since I last wrote about Goddess of Crap, Gwanghaegun was being set up as a potential crown usurper and he saves himself with some clever explanations. Poor Kim Bum‘s Kim Tae Do has two functions in this drama – bail Jung Yi out of trouble and find out who killed her dad – and its a testament to his hotness and acting intensity that his character stands out when really he should be the cardboard presence to end all cardboard presences. He gets stabbed during his investigation but manages to heal himself after what feels like a good night’s sleep. I’m fine giving orabeoni magical regenerating abilities, it seems less ridiculous than Jung Yi’s dumbass personality. Kang Chun gets rid of his minion Ma Poong but Tae Do manages to get confirmation that he was responsible for Jung Yi’s dad’s death. Tae Do tells Jung Yi who decides she wants to go all Old Boy and get vengeance personally for her dad. She ends up aligning with the ambitious Consort to take down Kang Chun, which would be mildly interesting if Jung Yi’s transformation didn’t happen with the snap of a finger.

Hwa Ryung goes completely to the dark side when her raging jealousy over Jung Yi makes her seek power at all costs, including arranging for her mentor to be killed. She’s the one person who actually is relatable in how angry she is at the unfairness of it all that lame lard Jung Yi gets everything, though of course her actions stemming from her anger and jealousy makes her a total sociopath. Thank god any pre-ordained “romance” between Gwanghaegun and Jung Yi is still barely there, with him asking her once to run away with him and her saying no because he’s meant to be a good King to the people. Of course, they haven’t ventured beyond accidental skinship, though I have commend the truly brainless screenwriter for throwing in yet another scene where Jung Yi falls on top of Gwanghaegun. This drama would only make sense if netizens discovered the real screenwriter was actually the 5th grade son of the President of MBC and this was his pet project script. When I like dramas that are admittedly shoddily written but actually have fun elements aside from narrative cohesiveness, like Mary Stayed Out All Night or Lie to Me or Big, it’s not that I think the quality is good but simply I had fun watching it. Watching GoF is a chore akin to getting one’s toenails plucked out in a gulag somewhere in North Korea. It sucks inside and out. Now that Hyun Joon oppa in Who Are You has gone to the great party in the sky in a flash of golden light, I feel compelled to return to orabeoni and keep Kim Bum company. He still gamely gives it his all and is gorgeous beyond belief here.

One measly scene between Jung Yi and Tae Do:


Goddess of Fire Through Episode 24 Continues to Putter in Narrative Excrement — 123 Comments

  1. The only reason why I’m still watching GOF is because of KIM BUM! He is gorgeous, hot, and beautiful eye candy. I know that acting in a saeguk drama has a higher level of difficulty than modern dramas. What do you guys think of Kim Bum’s acting in his first saeguk drama. I think he’s pretty good.

    • Me too! I’m just hanging on bcuz of Kim Bum. He’s giving it his all despite the boring plot. In other websites, people praised KB’s acting bcuz of his show of emotions and the way he expresses his character’s love to jung yi. I wonder the same thing…For people posting comments on this article, what do you think of Kim Bum’s acting for his first historical drama?

  2. I think Kim Bum’s acting is good too and his character really suits him. In GOF, he outshines lee sang yoon because MGY has better chemistry wit KB. I’m frustrated that Kim Bum is always second lead/supporting actor. For his future projects, he deserves to be the main leading actor. Also, Kim Bum’s face looks more mature now compared to BOF, but he has always been very handsome.

  3. Dear Ms. ockoala,

    I’m surprised that you finally came back to posting articles about GOF. I know the story is really boring and pointless, but we are still hanging on because of the beautiful Kim Bum, who by the way should have been the main star becausse he’s the saving grace of this drama. I hope the last 8 episodes will be “kind of interesting” because Jung Yi decides to take revenge and Hwa ryung obtains power by having her mentor killed. This creates “a little bit” of suspense. I hope.

  4. There’s so many characters I don’t like in this drama except Tae Do, who is portrayed well by Kim Bum. Why did they have to film 32 episodes? It’s way too much and the boring story makes it worse. I’m really disappointed cuz in the beginning I thought GOF was gonna be good, but turns out that it stinks!

  5. I keep skimming through every episode cuz I can’t make it through this tedious drama. I don’t like jung yi and MGY’s acting in this drama is not good. I also don’t like gwanghae and lee sang yoon’s acting is meh. As for kim bum, I can’t find anything I don’t like about Tae Do. Plus, KB’s acting is good and decent. I just keep staring at Kim Bum’s perfect looks from head to toe. Really handsome actor!

  6. Lol, you are so funny Ms.K…
    I have drop this long time ago
    ‘coz i can’t handle Jung Yi
    cluelessness…just follow
    you’re recap…plus for me i
    don’t see any chemistry bet.
    Gwanghaegun and Jung Yi..your
    rt about Orabeoni his the only
    light in this drama…

  7. Same here, I gave up on GOF a long time ago. gwanghae and jung yi have no chemistry. standing next to each other, they look like uncle and niece. LOL! Only reason I read your recaps is because of orabeoni KIM BUM.

  8. I just hope tae do ends up jung yi in the end. After all the sacrifices, passion, and devotion, he deserves to have the woman he loves dearly.

  9. Poor MGY I heard she hurted in Her eyes bcz those stupid drama producers don’t give protection to the cast and the actor or actress for them is just a worker he will do the job even he is tired that happened to the brilliant actor Phillip Lee in faith so he paid the price of stupidity and negligence of producers πŸ™
    I hope she back healthy and take care of her health .

    • I also feel bad at what people from other websites are saying about MGY. They said her acting in GOF ain’t good, she’s not fit to play jung yi, and she’s not that pretty because she looks like a 12 year old kid. Even though I’m not a fan of MGY, I agree that people should stop bashing her like that.

      • Also I am not fan of her but I respect her works .
        Bashing, Jealousy and Hatred from those immature people who just comment the only thing they can do , they aren’t in their shoes so they can see how those people suffer to make those dramas I hope people learn how to think before commenting .

      • @Nilechoclat
        To be honest, I don’t think MGY is pretty, butI think she is a good actress. People are criticizing her so much for GOF. On the contrary, people are praising Kim Bum. They said he is drop dead gorgeous, his acting is pretty good, and his character Tae Do suits him. I agree and I’m such a big fan of Kim Bum that I did research and found out that besides Asia, he is famous in other foreign countries around the globe too. I’m so happy for Kim Bum! I just want him to be the leading actor from now on.

      • @Nilechoclat
        I was skimming through comments from another article. There’s one girl who keeps saying that Kim Bum is not one of the most popular actors of Korea. She’s wrong!!! Since I’m a really big fan, I have to speak up for Kim Bum. Everytime I google search “most popular Korean actors”, Kim Bum’s name is always there on the list in different websites. Because of curiosity, I searched for his fan made facebook accounts in different countries. It turns out, he has thousand and thousands of fan followers in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador,Puerto Rico, Chile, Turkey, Middle East,and the Asian countries. Whoever the girl is, she cannot deny the evidence that proves about Kim Bum’s popularity because the evidence really do exist.

  10. Well, you’re going to need a bigger Thesaurus to finish the updates.
    Or, I guess you could start using non-english words for poop!
    DΓ©esse de la Merde, par example.

    • Even though you’re talking to Ockoala, I think your suggestion is unnecessary because GOF is not the worse drama and there’s no need to use synonyms for “that word”.

  11. @Alison : I tell you the truth some people annoys when they wow about man yes I am Girl I love men but Actors for me I won’t touch any one , I love Kim Bum but I don’t like the way they talk about her .
    MGY worked so hard to reach that level .
    I don’t care if the man is so Gorgeous .
    If they said this girl is ……etc bcz they feel jealous, they concentrate on surface of person .
    Do they know this person ??? no , Do they live with them to know the real them ?? No.
    only thing they care is face but who is that person i don’t think so .
    what do you expect ???
    I love kim bum and MGY and all actors and actresses but as I said before the Korean dramas need Writers who can write strong scripts with depth .
    The korean Movies improves bcz the new stories with good script writers.
    I see this change but in drama I don’t see any change .

    • The big issue is sexism because for the Asian audience, they favor male stars more than females and men have more privilege than women. It’s really unfair!! Also, korean actresses get criticized more harshly than actors. For Kdramas, the audience is mostly women who idolize the actors.

      • @Nilechoclat
        Even though you love Kim Bum, how come you don’t like the way people talk about KB? What do you hear people say about him?

      • @Alison : Actually God with those actors like KB and actresses like MGY they suffering from everything to lose your freedom to live as normal person added to that someone talk about her or him or commenting on their features bcz he or she loves acting .
        Only thing I will say don’t speak on someone doesn’t present in the talk , It is unrespectable anyway .

      • @Nilechoclat
        Can you give me examples of what people said about KB? What do you mean by “commenting their features bcuz he or she loves acting”? The comment you posted was somewhat unclear.

  12. @KBFan : If you refering to me actually I don’t talk about popularity of KB bcz I don’t care About those stuff .
    I love kim Bum and I don’t use stupid words such as comparing popularity .
    Bcz I think it is immature , I know that kim BUM will appear a chinese Movie , I saw the trailer it is amazing and I want to watch it .
    Yes there is someone who Mentioned kim Bum in non relating articles to him seriously I got mad anyway .

    • I defend Kim Bum based on my opinions, logical explanations, and evidence. No matter how much I love an actor, I try to be realistic. Since you mentioned comparing popularity, other people said a specific actress is not more popular than KB because she’s a girl. It’s really sexist! I know you cannot compare a guy and girl’s fame, but unfortunately, what they said is true.

      • I didn’t compare or mentioned KB in those articles seriously ????
        Kim Bum is a growing actor and yes he is popular and no one can deny that but I don’t compare popularity between actors or actresses .

      • @nilechoclat
        Whoa! Misunderstanding….I never said you compared or mentioned KB is those articles. Also, I don’t compare a guy and girl’s popularity either.

      • @nilechoclat
        In my other comment, when I said “since you mentioned comparing popularity”, I was referring to your comment that even though you love KB, you don’t compare actors’ fame. That’s all.

  13. One of my biggest issue with GOF is that it’s suppose to be about the life and love story about a Jung Yi. I guess the drama does display the life somehow but where’s the romance part? The love in GOF is written so platonically it’s frustrating and boring to follow. After 24 episode, we don’t even have a good hug between the leads.

    So sad that MGY is being criticized again. She is such a wondeful dedicated actress. Her downfall is picking the wrong drama…I hope her next choice is better.

    • MGY’s acting was good in cinderella’s sister and painter of the wind. However, her acting in GOF and cheongdamdong alice is not good.

    • Yeah I personally loved her in Cinderella’s Sister (even though I hated the drama) and Painter of the Wind as well. But then I don’t know what happened. Her acting style is bland to me. And she lost that charm. Something change in her. I hope she cheers up and gets ready for her next project because this one is a lost cause.

      • Overall, MGY’s acting is good but not great. She was good in POW but I’m disappointed with the choices she made for her dramas after that. As for Kim Bum, his acting skills improved. I loved his acting in padam padam and that winter the wind blows. He was awesome. For GOF, I like his character Tae Do and his acting is pretty good for his first saeguk drama. Remember that saeguk dramas are more difficult than contemporary dramas.

  14. I’m so glad I dropped this early. LOVE LOVE LOVE KB, but I dislike her so much I couldn’t even get through one scene with her. Bashing? No, that’s not nice. I dislike, therefore I don’t watch. That’s it. Though I will always give her a chance. You never know, she might surprise me one day.

    Koala dear, thank you for posting pictures. I’ll just look at the pretty that is KB and hope his next project is something I can get behind on so I can enjoy him to the fullest.

    Now, that I’ve contributed my not quite valuable two cents, I’ll go catch up with Two Weeks and find something else to start since Hyun Joon Oppa has gone to finally rest peacefully in hot ghostly oppa heaven.

    • I hope Kim Bum will be the main leading actor from now on for his next dramas. He’s a good actor and he has potential to lead his own drama.

    • For Kim Bum’s other dramas…padam padam and that winter the wind blows, he is an awesome and passionate actor. For GOF, his acting is pretty good, but he’s better with contemporary dramas.

  15. I think your comment on North Korea is misplaced as you (we) don’t know anything about what’s really happening in North Korea.

    I know you will either ignore this comment or say something like “this is my blog so I write what I want”. I don’t want to stop you from saying what you think – you probably didn’t even think about it when you wrote it as a “simple” comparison. But I felt uncomfortable reading this post with this small political connotation at the end – especially when this isn’t a blog focused on political issues.

    Other than that I’m not following GOF but overall I knew it would be a bad drama. πŸ™

  16. Yeah this drama is a crap. Since the begining I’ve never likes it but watched it because I love Pretty MGY and hottie KB. And because they have amazing chemistry, but I’m not enjoying it! This drama sucks!!! How can MBC hasn’t noticed that yet?? This is a bad combo (bad writing and bad directing) The plot got more stupid. Jung-Yi wanna seek revenge? How??? She can barely take care of herself and she’s really stupid!! And I’m not trying to be mean but MGY looks really weird on the screen. Is she getting fat? Her head looks relly round and her crossing-eyes are bothering me! I mean she’s really pretty! In early episodes even while she was wearing man clothes she looked pretty. I don’t know if it’s the Bunwoon clothes and hairstyle but she’s not looking good

    • @Nilechoclat
      Yes, Kim Bum is getting better and better. From now on, he should be the main leading actor for his next dramas…seriously!! I agree with Alison because for That Winter the Wind Blows and Padam Padam, Kim Bum’s acting was awesome, natural, and passionate. He did such a good job and got praised by the audience. I wonder why he’s always the supporting actor.

  17. @Meli
    I feel bad that some people think MGY is not pretty and not a hottie because she looks like a 12 year old. As for Kim Bum, he is BEAUTIFUL and HOT. From head to toe, he’s got everything and I cannot find any flaws. Everybody thinks he’s cute, and people flip out if you disagree. It’s like a given that he’s cute.

    • Believe me It’s not that I think, she’s pretty in Cinderella’s Sister the first episode while she was running and CJM tried to catch her. Her hair blew with the wind and looked back. I though she was the most beautiful girl in the world. But GOF styles are ugly! Except the red w/ blue and the creme w/ purple hanboks she wore. She looked gorgeous in those.

  18. There’s no such thing as the “most beautiful girl in the world”. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone is entitled to their opinions. I just don’t think she’s pretty…No offense, but I’ve seen better looking women.

    • @Meli
      One more thing, based on the online comments, I just feel bad that some people criticize the way she looks and they say she’s not pretty. However, I think she’s kind of cute.

  19. I’m curious to watch the last 8 episodes of GOF because after Hwa ryung arranged to have her mentor killed, I wonder what other bad things she going to plan next. No matter how greedy she is, I hope she does not harm Tae Do by accident.

    • Even though I don’t like hwa ryung, her “good girl gone bad” character makes the plot a little more interesting because I want to see what she is going to do next.

  20. Also, I wonder how jung yi is actually going to take revenge. Wait until she finds out that her enemy is her real father. also, I want jung yi to pick Tae Do in the end, not gwanghae.

  21. I heard there’s going to be a battle between the Koreans and Japanese invaders. I hope to see Tae Do fight. He looks so hot in his warrior outfits. Such a fine looking actor.

  22. During the summer, I was really looking forward to watching GOF (especially because of Kim Bum). However, the story is pointless and a waste of time. Such a disappointment but I’m still watching because of my favorite actor Kim Bum. I agree with others that he’s doing good for his first saeguk drama. I’m excited to see him in his next dramas…as the leading actor.

  23. If Kim Bum ever does another saeguk, hopefully the story will be good and intriguing to watch, not boring like GOF. Next time, I think he should play the crown prince or a warrior again, but as the main lead.

  24. Ok girls…o understood that KB pretty ^^
    but why do you say that MGY acting not good here?
    MGY for me best actress in korea and asia and even in the world
    i agree the plot is bad…but who care? MGY will get award in MBD awards 2013
    and that the most important thing for me ^^
    so don’t forget….if MGY wasn’t the lead here…the rating will be worse and worse

    • I agree with you even though I’m not liking GOF at all, MGY is an excellent actress (GOF has a strong cast) and she’s really professional. Dispaite her recent eye injury she keeps working hard I admire her a lot. Jung-Yi’s annoying but MGY has given a good performance.

  25. It’s NOT realistic how you said MGY is the best actress in Asia and in the world. LOL!!!…. There is no such thing as the number one best actress. Even though MGY is famous around Asia, she is not famous in foreign countries around the world. I’ve done research so I know this is true. Some actresses are better than MGY. Everyone has different opinions and people have their own favorite actresses.

      • Same with me.
        Even though I love Kim Bum to death, I’m still realistic because I know that he is not the most handsome. However, he is “one of the most handsome”. For other actors & actresses, no matter how good they are, they cannot be the best, but they can be “one of the best”.

      • Of course there’s no such thing as the most handsome. However, for Asian guys I know and I’ve seen, no one is better looking than Kim Bum πŸ™‚ He is beautiful eye candy and such a hottie!

  26. @Crant
    You think if MGY is not the lead, the ratings would be worse and worse. There’s other Korean actresses who can portray Jung Yi too.
    For Kim Bum, not only is he pretty and hot, he’s also a good singer and he’s a versatile actor who plays diverse roles.

  27. I love MGY, I do. I haven’t read what other netizens are saying about her but I think it is justified that she is getting flack for picking this kind of role. It’s flat out terrible and not just that, the script is terrible and the directing is terrible.

    Re: looks…I don’t think she’s your typical ideal Asian beauty with model long legs and that kind of face but she’s definitely an one of a kind. Her jung yi character isn’t some drop dead gorgeous goddess so in terms of her character look, I think she looks all right. But they do make her look very young. So I can understand the comments.

    I just hope she can pick a better role next time.

    Re Kim bum – I like him even if he’s not a favorite of mine. I hope he can get a happily ever after here. That’s what happened in history right? It’s so sad that the producers could not save this work from the gutter. What a complete waste.

  28. I was just listening to the good songs from GOF’s soundtrack on YouTube. Also, I watched videos of Kim Bum singing live in Japan. He is so good and he’s got strong vocals! People praised that KB is one of the best singers. My favorite songs are I’m Going to Meet You Now and Eve No Sora.

  29. For some reason, after clicking onto the link, the video is no longer available. Just Googlesearch for “Kim Bum sings I’m going right now to meet you”. It’s the exact same song but it’s the best version.

  30. Kim Bum is my motivation to keep watching this boring and mediocre drama.
    KB is one of the most handsome K-actors and one of the most popular Korean stars. I also agree with his other fans that he is one of the best singers.

  31. So…..uhm…..normally I let y’all talk however way you want, but I thought this is both absurd and totally unnecessary (not to mention bizarre) that I need to point it out.

    I hope people know that when you post comments at my site (or any site), regardless of what email address you use, your IP address is the same

    I hate to call you out because what you’re saying is harmless enough but I can’t understand the need to sock puppet around here to promote and defend Kim Bum and have conversations with yourself. If you’re really a fan, the you need to know you give his fandom a bad name with this type of behavior. Just chillax and like him and leave it at that.

    So the following commentators are all the same person, or he/she lives with 10 roommates that all love Kim Bum: Alison, KBfan, Kdramalover, cutiepie, Teamkimbum, besthero, Rosalita, Sam, and mylove, and serena.

  32. Dear Ockoala,

    This is a huge misunderstanding. We are ten real people who each have our own different email address. I am friends with four people. The others are my classmates and we go to the same school. I’m the one who started it because I showed Kim Bum to these nine people and they all think he’s really cute. I always convince them to watch Boys Over Flowers and now we’re watching GOF. We hang out at my house so we post comments on the same laptop, have conversations with one another and with other people. We are a team just like Girls Generation, but the only difference is that we’re 10 people instead of 9.

    • This is absolutely possible.
      It just seems that all the logging on and logging off may ruin the spontaneity of your conversations. I guess if you record them, and then play them back while you type, that would work.

      I am guessing your Team of Ten may have a few other differences than numbers from Girls Generation.

      Bummie, fighting!

  33. Also, we are not giving Kim Bum’s fandom a bad name because other crazy fans do things a lot worse than we do. We are simply forming a circle of friends and share the same laptop. We like to post what we say to each other online because we want to share our individual opinions to other fans of kim bum and get the public’s response.

    • @rch311
      I already explained that we are 10 different girls who each have a different email address. How could you call us a creepy man? That’s rude! We are a group of friends who hang out together all the time just like Girls Generation.

      • I hope you know that Girl’s Generation is a group of girls who WORK together. They don’t hang out in someone’s living room chatting. They make money together, by selling their hot images and highly choreographed singing and dance routines.

      • Yes, even though Girls’ Generation write songs and perform together, they are still best friends who hang out together. I’ve read news about them so I know. I’ve seen pictures of them going on vacation together and hang out chatting in the same place. As for me and my friends, we also work together because we help each other study for exams and work on projects.

  34. LOL. I’m not watching GOF, but I always enjoy your posts about it because the crack me up so much. So thanks for that, ockoala. (Though I do feel sorry for the poor actors in this drama.)

    Also, the commenting fiasco on this post is probably the most bizarre and funny I’ve seen on this site.

    Thanks for the much needed laugh on a very sucky weekend, everyone! πŸ˜€

  35. Just in case y’all still don’t understand…..think about it, in order to post a comment, you have to type in your email address and username of your choice. How the heck can we be one person??? Each and every one of us 10 GIRLS have our own DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESSES THAT INCLUDE OUR REAL LAST NAMES AND INITIALS OF OUR REAL FIRST NAMES!

    There’s nothing wrong about a group of girl best friends using the same laptop when hanging out at my home! We simply share our conversation to the public. We just compliment Kim Bum and our comments are harmless!!! …..Y’all get it now?

    • Emails are discretionary as are usernames – you can put down ilovekimbum@kimbumrocks.com as your email and a new username and you’ll get assigned a new avatar.

      Also, I really think what you are doing is nothing awful that needs to stop, though I suggest it does stop since its counter-productive to your Kim Bum spread the love desire. But another reason I know you are all the same person is because you write the exact same way. I write for a living, syntax and grammar and usage gives you away immediately. But the proof was the same IP.

      Again, you can keep doing it, I won’t stop you, but I have to tell you that it makes you look kinda crazy. You may think you’re totally sane and this is something normal to do (it’s not, trust me, if you are 10 people hanging out in your living room, you should be talking about Kim Bum in person instead of online for others to see), but you can say all the same things under one username is all and still accomplish the same results. We get it – you like Kim Bum and think he’s really popular as a Korean star. Cool beans with that.


      • I admit that what we did is eccentric and weird, but we are sane people. We are not mentally ill. We could have just talked about Kim Bum in person, but we decided to do something different in contrast to his other fans. You think just because people write the same way, it’s one person? Not always. For example, my friend’s aunt, uncle, and grandparents have the same dialect. They were born and grew up in the Southern region of Vietnam. People there talk the same way in contrast to North Vietnam.

      • @ckoala
        kdrama lover already explained enough, but forgot to mention one thing. as we hang out together in the same room and gushing over kim bum, our leader kdramalover post online our compliments and response to other people’s comments. I know it’s weird but we don’t mind sharing our conversations about a celebrity online. Saying a guy is handsome, hot, good singer…nothing private!

      • @ckoala
        you probably still don’t get it. so let me clarify once more. we tell kdramalover what we want to say and she types everything onto this webpage. sometimes, she just types what she hears we’re saying. we could have each used our own laptops to post comments, but we just let kdramalover do most of the typing for us because she’s a little more obsessed of KB than we are.

        so you ger it now? why the same IP?…because of kdramalover’s laptop. why the same dialect cuz kdramalover does most of the typing. Me and my other 8 friends do most of the talking.

      • just in case ur wondering…i borrowed kdramalover’s laptop when she ain’t using it. xcuse me for my slang. i only use it when aggravated.

      • also ockoala, ev’ryone knows best friends copy each otha and as time goes by, we start talkin’ like each otha cuz of so much time spent w/ one anotha.

    • @Koala
      It’s frustrating how you think you’re right, but you don’t realize what we’re saying is true. What’s wrong with sharing the same laptop? I’ve seen people do that when they work on power point presentations, use skype, or post comments on facebook. I’ve seen best friends and family members use the same dialect because of peer influence or how they were raised in their culture. Before I met my friends, I used slang all the time, but now I use proper language because of their good influence.

      • Are you sure you’re only 10 friends? And which of the above two contradictory excuses is correct – are you all using the same laptop to post individually, or was one person “the leader” posting for everyone? Because it can’t be the same thing.


        In the Lee Min Ho/Park Shin Hye/Heirs post, I already saw all the sock puppeting but let it go then. But in addition to the 10 usernames above, the following commenters from that post are also originating from the same IP address: Anna May, Bianca, jamie, Carolyn. In addition to some of the above mentioned in this post showing up in that post with the same username. So is there 14 best friends all hanging out in the same living room and posting on the same laptop? I suggest you guys invest in more laptops. XD And I applaud the size of your living room. That’s some comfy-ass large room and I think you should name it the Kim Bum Den.

      • Even though I know the other four girls, I cannot reveal their names. I let them use my iPad to listen to K-pop songs, but I had no idea they were posting comments on your article and having a huge argument with others about the recap for park shin hye and lee min ho. I’m sorry and from now on, when I hang out with my 9 friends, I will not post anymore comments on your article again.

    • just to let ya know, ckoala. a couple folks think ya might be more than one person postin’ recaps. they question if ur many people usin’ the same identity and callin’ urself ckoala. i hope ya realize some people sorta think bad about ya. usually, i talk politely w/ proper english, but now i ran outta patience cuz ya keep doubting us, even tho we say the truth.

  36. @KOALA
    pardon me before i leave lemme type couple of things on my friend’s laptop. is it against the law? NO IT AINT! who the heck cares if u see the same IP address? simply group of best buddies sharing one thing, that’s all! i’m just gonna back up my friend besthero….friends & schoolmates spending too much time start talking alike. U know why? b/c of PEER SOCIAL INFLUENCE and regional dialect. koala, u think ur correct, but u misunderstand us big time!

    • There is nothing wrong. Except it being ridiculous if you think anyone with a functioning brain and average intelligence will buy the crock of bull excuses you have been coming up with. You can keep doing this but I genuinely suggest you find better uses of your time than to go online pretending to be different people and talking to yourself. Nothing wrong, except it being bizarre and baffling. I’m actually trying to help but its up to you to take it as constructive advice or as an attack. Anyways, this is my last post on this subject matter. I’m out and you do whatever you want. It’s harmless enough.

    • by the way…we lazy to type our own comments. kdramalover willing to do it for us. we say what we wanna say about kim bum & respond to other people, but kdramalover do the typing. she nice enuff to type our commentz 4 us. we too lazy to carry around our own laptops, chilling at kdramalover’s home more comfortable than public place. we don’t care if u think we crazy. every celebrity got crazy die hard fans!

    • u pissing us off bcuz ya don’t believe us. we ain’t making up excuses. same IP address & similar words don’t prove it. No matter what ya say, my 9 friends and I are real. we just weird crazy fans posting comments on same computer. what do ya want us to do to prove we’re telling the truth?

  37. I sincerely apologize. My friends and I are just supporting Kim Bum because we are loyal fans who love him. I just post all of our comments on my laptop while socializing with them. From now on, in order to avoid misunderstandings like this, we will no longer make comments on koala’s playground again.

    • No need to apologize. I already said its harmless and I don’t demand you stop. I was merely pointing out the out-there nature of these comments patterns.

      • Thanks. By the way, we are nice people, but we’re just crazy devoted fans. I mean…Kim Bum is SO HANDSOME and HOT. He’s a good singer and his acing skills are improving. He’s one of the most popular Korean actors. Oops! I said from now on, I’m not going to post anymore comments. I guess this might be my last one.

      • If I were kim bum, I’d be surprised and laugh but i would not be embarrassed. I’d be happy I got fan girls who love me. popularity benefits your career. besides, there’s much worse fandom than one chick typing all commentz for her crew.

  38. one last thing…thanks girls for the crazy commentz above. I ain’t “frightened” one bit but I was rather amused. Keep idolizing and defending KB like his other fans around the planet. Peace out!

    • Oh c’mon. Dude/Lady – please stop. “Jack” here is using the other IP address also used by the members of the Girl’s Generation of Kim Bum Love – the group used one IP address primarily, but the same names would use another IP address in addition to the main one in their posts. I’m assuming the main one is your apartment IP, and the other one used on occasion is your school IP, or maybe a local Starbucks. I don’t know and don’t care. But please stop trying to pretend to be yet another person to comment that this “behavior” is perfectly normal and fine. It’s creepy as all out now.

      • Calm down! my last comment was only sarcasm. didn’t think you’d be that pissed…sorry.
        FYI, i was typing at a PUBLIC LIBRARY and here i am now. And don’t drag me into the bizarre situation of the obsessed fan girls! I got nothing to do with that. i aint even a fan of kim bum.
        word on the street…do you know bunch of people talking trash ’bout you (ckoala) behind your back. they reckon you’re different people pretending to be the same person. hhmmm….
        dont worry…i’m not gonna type hundreds of commentz like that group of chicks.
        From now on, I want nothing to do with this website. I’m leaving this thread. BYE!

      • by the way, my real name is jackie and my friends call me jack so I’m not pretending to be another person.

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