Brotherly Rivalry Heats up in Latest Stills of Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Min Ho for Heirs

We’re T-minus 7 full days before the premiere of the highly anticipated Heirs or The Inheritors, and I am finally reaching saturation point. I know plenty of folks have long been tired from the endless casting, preparation, production, and now promotion of this drama, but strangely I hadn’t been until now. Who knows why the switched flipped but I kinda need this drama to air now. I don’t think the promotional materials have turn me impatient but more like I’ve been sitting too long and my butt is sore so I need some action to start happening. The latest stills continue to drop from the US overseas shoot and this set is an off-shoot of the OTP stills we saw earlier of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye at an almond farm. Turns out big brother played by Choi Jin Hyuk was also at the same almond farm, and might even be the reason Lee Min Ho’s character Kim Tan is there in the first place. The stills show a tense interaction between the two half-brothers, in what looks like a fancy party that Kim Won is presiding over but he prevents Kim Tan from joining. Ah, why you got such a big stick up your arse, big bro? Yeah, I get little Tan Tan is the by-product of your Chairman Daddy’s affair with a woman he then installed in his house as an official mistress, while your mom the legal wife got shunted off to the side. But no need to take out your daddy rage on innocent woobie Tan Tan. Lee Min Ho does a good job of showing the restrained pain and perhaps adds to why I’ve been feeling like his stills are rather aloof and disengaged. Maybe that is the crux of his character’s persona and what we’re seeing captures that perfectly. In which case, I hope that when he starts to like Park Shin Hye’s Cha Eun Sang their chemistry warms up like sweet hot chocolate simmering on the stove. As for big bro Kim Won? I”m all for Choi Jin Hyuk’s love line with Im Joo Eun, but I’m not liking his cold assholery attitude towards his little brother. Would it kill you to include him if he made all the effort to come to your stupid soiree? 


Brotherly Rivalry Heats up in Latest Stills of Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Min Ho for Heirs — 21 Comments

  1. i haven’t reache my saturation point, thanks good, and even tho i know that this could suck (like a lot), i’m really excited about this starting next week, don’t ask me why because i really don’t know jejejejeje

  2. Funny… First thing I thought when I saw this post was “can this drama start already??”. I’m ready! Can’t wait for Heritors and Mi Rae’s Choice to start!

  3. Yes drama please start already … choi jinhyuk shd get lead roles after this drama ..he is tooo hot and looks actor like … as for minho i can recognise these pained looks from city hunter ..

  4. Seems like this show is never going to start. I too have a sore butt from all this promo and no actual aired material.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one. I have a truckload of socks to share after last spring’s Kim Ji Hoon’s bare ankles made me feel sympathy for all bare ankles everywhere. I think either denali or jomo offered up their socks faster than me, so I have some left that I would LOVE to share with Choi Jin Hyuk. I know it’s California and all, but it gets really cool at night, right. I wouldn’t want those bare ankles getting cold!

      • Yes pls ! Omg what’s up with these ppl and socks ! They are never I meN never unfashionable ! On the opposite ! How do their feet smell after words!
        Or worst ?! Do they wear foot covers instead ! Pmg I cant think of that ! Better off aocks either way ! Pls men ! Maaaaan up

    • The lack of socks is super distracting. Why was he wearing house slippers outside?

      Love the subtle facial & body expressions.

  5. I’ve reached that saturation point when it comes to any news NOT related to Choi Jin Hyuk or Im Joo Eun.

    Any pictures from those 2 are more than welcome. And I’m dying to see Im Joo Eun in action!

    • I think she has not started filming yet. She plays a teacher, so she will be there when they start filming high school scenes.

  6. Not saturated because I feel like we are seeing so little of what is really to come.

    As far as those two up there, the brother rivalry thing only works for me when they show that they really love each other. Then, it KILLS me that they are at odds.

  7. We all know that by the end of the drama they’ll be best buddies. I’m guessing that’s Won’s journey as a character, his relationship with his brother (and his love story with the teacher).

  8. hmm, it’s interesting to note that they shoot their scenes as rich individuals in california, but it’s not realistic to be wearing suits at all to emphasize their wealth. it’s california, it’s too warm to wear suits specially on a farm. even folks in the hamptons don’t do formal wear

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