Wu Zun Finally Admits to Having a Wife and Daughter Ending the Worst Kept Secret in TW-ent

For folks who’ve been chilling at my blog for years now, or at least since 2011, this will come as no surprise for you since I wrote an entire post about it when the widely known rumor was first reported in the TW-news. But for others new to TW-ent or have been living under a rock, this will obviously be new and notable – today actor and former Fahrenheit idol boy Wu Zun wrote a post on his Weibo admitting that he was married and a father. Yawn, c’mon dude, that’s such a zzzzzz confession when everyone and their grandmothers and pet roosters knows about it. I would have rather today’s confession being Wu Zun revealing he was half-robot. Wu Zun finally owned up to being married to his girlfriend of 18 years and having a daughter together (who should be around 3 years old now). He’s clearly giving James Wen and his 17 year girlfriend who he married earlier this year a run for their money in terms of long term commitment in a relationship. Wu Zun and his wife have been dating since they were 16 years old and met in high school. She’s from a prominent Chinese family in Brunei just like he is. She is his first love and he wrote sweetly of how she’s supported and encouraged him on in his entertainment career. Initially when he entered the industry he introduced her to his friends but as he became more famous, she became less willing to be in the limelight and asked that he keep their relationship a secret. Oh rilly? Me thinks you are letting your wifey take the fall on this one. Let it be said that Wu Zun having a long time girlfriend back in Brunei is really the worst kept secret in TW-ent because everyone in Taiwan and Brunei knows it, and I think only his international fans kept insisting he was single despite his lame attempts to keep that illusion going. Even his three Fahrenheit bros have slipped up so often in interviews it’s funny. Usually Jiro Wang can’t keep a straight face, Calvin Chen flat out forgets in interviews that Wu Zun is supposed to be single to the public, and Aaron Yan adorably gets tongue tied when trying to help out his hyung with excuses. Anyways, I’ve already congratulated Wu Zun on being a daddy when the news broke two years ago but this time I’ll say a hallelujah that this charade has finally ended and now his fans can support him as a married daddy who happens to be a hot albeit terrible actor.

Wu Zun is in Taiwan this week for the release of his new book, leading media to speculate his coming clean was to stir up interest in his book. Probably, and what’s wrong with that. The dude is a master at generating publicity for his projects.

Before posting the weibo confession, Wu Zun was snapped out meeting his Fahrenheit brothers in Taipei over the weekend. Jiro and Calvin was there and only maknae Aaron was missing because he was filming. Of course this mini-reunion leads to the usual murmurings that a Fahrenheit reunion may be in the works. I would love that.

Wu Zun’s wifey Lee Li Ying was the subject of tabloid Apple Daily’s on site investigation in Brunei in 2011. She’s described as very pretty in a girl next door way and a wife and daughter-in-law the Wu family loves.

I didn’t translate Wu Zun’s entire weibo post but he wrote very lovingly of his wife and how she’s been his biggest bedrock of his career. He asks that his fans understand why he kept his relationship a secret for so long and he thanks his friends and colleagues who have known the truth since the beginning but respected his decision.


Wu Zun Finally Admits to Having a Wife and Daughter Ending the Worst Kept Secret in TW-ent — 50 Comments

  1. I admit that when these news came out the first time, I was pretty shocked. I used to read his blog (which he wrote in some pretty impressive English) and I didn’t see any mention of a wife, let alone a daughter.

    Knowing he’s married and a daddy doesn’t change how much/little I like him… but I wonder why he kept it a “secret” for so long. He could have just come out with it when he left Fahrenheit to pursue his “acting” career.

    Anyways, I’m happy he FINALLY said it out loud. It was becoming ridiculous hiding it any longer. I wish him all the best.

    • Wu Zun? He went to college in Australia, he speaks fluent English. His first language was Brunei Malay since he was born in Brunei. His Mandarin Chinese is terrible and he had to learn it in earnest after he became a model/actor/singer in Taiwan in 2006.

    • *Shaking my head*

      Correction, Ms. Koala. Wu Zun’s first language (also known as Native language or mother tongue) is Chinese. To be specific, it is Hokkien and NOT Brunei Malay.

      • Really? I’ve heard him speak Hokkien and it’s pretty weird sounding so hard to imagine that’s his first language. I stand corrected.

      • Perhaps it sounded weird to you is because you are comparing the Taiwanese you knew to South East Asia’s Hokkien. From what I have noticed – Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei Chinese speaks Hokkien but people from different areas pronounce certain words differently.

        It can also be because in each country, these people carry their own accents. It’s like the Mandarin that Taiwanese speaks are different to the Mandarin a mainlander Chinese speaks. Similar situation can apply to American (North + South US) & British accents.

        Also, his first language is Chinese does not mean he would be pronouncing every word the correct or standard way. This really depends on where one’s grew up, the environment and people around them.

  2. Yea! I remembered when you post about this in the past. lol So finally he admitted it to the whole world. Good for him. Plus his daughter is growing up, isn’t it a little sad for her if her daddy is “hiding” her?

    • To be honest, I don’t think he needed to admit it since everyone knew. It was that weird so it almost doesn’t need to be admitted. It’s like if he had two heads and everyone could see it and was cool with it, and now suddenly he’s declaring “I have two heads!” and stating the obvious.

      • Why would people believe in the first place and so confident it is true.
        Usually we will just call it as a mere rumor. Is it any obvious differences on how rumors works in t ent and k ent. Since in korea everything is conducted as a rumor if true or vice versa,

      • the way i see it, although there is rumors, but there is no confirmation. He might just want to generating publicity for his book, and give his wife an actual place in an official way. Because sooner or later, he’ll have to admit it- If/when a reporter ask him. Might as well do it now you know.

    • Yea, Annie is right… yes maybe everyone in Taiwan and Brunei knows the truth about him having a family, but there was never a confirmation from him. With his admission, there was a definite closure with this issue.

      Haha! So where are the fan girls defending him in the past?? Heehee! Peace! :]

  3. I’m glad for his wife and daughter.

    Btw, do you know other rumors that aren’t that secret guys but the actors think they are? lol

      • Do the actors seriously think they are actually fooling anyone? 🙂 they have got to know that people know lol.

      • Please spill, pretty please with cherry on top. Do any of them involve Loverboy or Alec Su?

      • Is it included Ariel lin is dating……hehe

        Still, i’m curious what mechanism or indicating the rumors is true in T ent

      • oooh, please share more 🙁 huhuhu what a tease! lol

        But, can you say at least if Ariel and Joe ever dated? The only tcouple I shipped so hard on real life 🙁

    • I seriously can’t tell. Some fans might go berserk to hear the truth. As for the ArJoe, I can answer you that Ariel and Joe NEVER EVER EVER IN A BILLION YEARS DATED in real life. The all caps is to emphasize they never ever ever did anything in real life other than be good friends. Ariel has never dated a co-star in real life actually. She’s attracted to men who would never even come close to being in the entertainment industry, in either looks or personality.

      • LOL on the “looks” you mentioned last. XD I agree. Remember the ex-boyfriend who lied about his age?? I dunno, Ariel looks cute but her preference (specifically that ex-bf) is really questionable. :/

      • Ms. Koala, what is your take on Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying, if you have been following their news?

  4. i had no clue that he was even keeping it a secret cause ive read about his wife in tons of articles I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention haha … either way ive already seen everything hes done and he may not be the best actor but for some reason im addicted to him hope he comes back to dramas soon

  5. Lol… I am not a fan but it really was the worst kept secret in Taiwan. At that point a few years ago, I thought he should have just come clean. I mean he was past idol years anyways at this point? Anyhow that’s all the past. Maybe they are having number 2 so it might be harder to keep the second one under wraps.

    How do fans have so much time in their hands to care about this stuff. 🙂

    Best of luck to him and much happiness.

  6. Haha, yeah he probably didn’t have to confirm it. Although it creeps me out that they did so much digging up on her. I mean, I guess that’s the celeb life.

    Any deets on Aaron Yan? I find him so adorable…although I dropped Just You (for now!) and I read somewhere he was gay? Is that true? Or just because he’s somewhat metrosexual? haha.

  7. Andy Lau kept his marriage a secret for 20+ years. I don’t know how they do it. It’s like they hide their wives in a hole or something.

    • But everyone knew about her a long long time ago even though he never actually admitted it publicly until after marrying her. I remember hearing about her in the early 90s as a kid.

      Lee ji ah marriage was a complete surprise to me.

  8. So, let me get this straight. He’s been married for a couple of years now? How many years are that? And he has two kids from what I’m reading in other website. Or is it only 1 daughter who is turning 3 now? Wow. That is a huge secret to keep from the fans.

  9. I remember reading about his not-so-secret secret on your blog a few years ago, but now the post seems to have… disappeared. o_O

    • O GLOB! I was so shocked…because I didn’t think she was all that great of an actress and BREAKING NEWS! So SCANDALOUS!!! I was so…yeap…shocked..

  10. I always heard about him being taken or having a girlfriend back when I got into Taiwanese dramas (Ain’t gonna lie I was an avid ChunElla shipper) so to hear an actual confirmation from him is actually funny now that I think back to those days.

  11. i´m in shock! because he was my first asian love!
    </3 but well i move on time ago!
    i wish i could see his daugther! but well…
    nevermind! just speaking my mind out! XD hahaha

    • She might grow up to be really pretty! I mean with his awesome hotness genes, I’m sure the kid is adorable. Let’s cross our fingers he’ll have a little boy one day that reflects his good genes. LOL

  12. Geebus…Finally some news that he’s human. I’m excited to know that these celebs are human and lead their own lives even if they have to hide it. Wouldn’t you rather want the illusion that they’re awesome husband/dad material more than a hot single guy who parties all night? I mean I could do both, but I still want someone really awesome husband/dad material from the dude. Plus, isn’t he in like his 30s and just looks really young? I’m just saying, but Asian people age really well.

  13. O.O I think I’ve been living in a cave because I’m shocked!!! Well I’ve never being Wu Zhun fan but i like him. I’m really happy for him. Well it must be an impact that he admits having a wife and more a child! Even if it was already rumored.

  14. I think it’s quite ridiculous still that in the post Wu Zhun doesn’t mention being married, or how old his daughter is… he makes it sound like he’s a new father. pfft.

  15. Good for him and his family! Went to Brunei more than a year ago and some people I met said that Wu Zun is married and has a child.

  16. um… i have been living under a tw-ent rock, i suppose. i used to be into fahrenheit and he was my favorite, but i’d left it behind years ago. but good for him! and aww for marrying his first love.

  17. Koala thanks for waking me up! I nearly fell asleep in a lecture at university (totally bad but I was watching Winter Sonata the night before XD)! I just love reading your writing!
    This was not a shock to me at all because I remember you writing about this “rumour” on your blog. It’s good that he finally told the truth even though he really didn’t need to because everyone seemed to have known about it. Though if I was his wife I would be finally happy that people realised that his a MARRIED MAN with a CHILD!

  18. What I read on the news is that his wife is expectant with another child currently. He said that during his book release press meet.

  19. I am a total wu zun fan but I dont care if hes married.. I’d like to meet him in person as a friend and a fan(if I could get the chance), but i KNOW that there is no way i’d be disappointed if I don’t get to marry him.. I can still stare at him and gush.. from miles away (in USA). Congrats to him with marriage and his children. He may not be a great actor but he’s trying.. coming from a Brunei born Chinese guy who may or may not be great at speaking mandarin.

    I wonder if his book that is out is any good.. maybe I’ll have to get myself a copy to see… 😀

  20. oh my!! is it really true dt ur alresdy married?? oh..but 8s ok..everyone deserves 2 be happy…

    nothings change ..even ur married already. id still be ur no.1 fan..

  21. Hi, this is a post from years ago but nonetheless, hope to get your reply on it.

    Understand that Wu Chun being married was an open secret in Taiwan – after all he is a member of the popular boyband Fahrenheit.

    Would like to learn more about how it is an open secret in Brunei (am aware he is from Brunei) as well and how did you learn that it is an open secret?

    PS: Are you from Taiwan?

    Have a great weekend!

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