Dapper Bolin Chen Tours London in Fall 2013 Fashion for GQ Taiwan

In my last post about the upcoming Taiwan comedy Campus Confidential with Bolin Chen and Ivy Chen, some folks thought that he was vastly underrated or not that popular. Despite his winning turn in In Time With You as the devoted best guy friend every world dreams about having, Bolin doesn’t quite have the international fanbase as some other Taiwan actors. In Taiwan he’s smoking hot famous, his face is on dozens of billboards hawking anything from t-shirts to soft drinks, and he’s one of the top three grossing male entertainer CF models in this year (the other two being Vic Zhou and Eddie Peng). He’s beloved in Taiwan for his amazing acting chops, validated by winning tons of drama and movie awards since he debuted in 2002 with Blue Gate Crossing, and for being the boy next door image of reliable and steadfast. His real life bestie friendship with equally as talented Taiwanese movie actress Gwei Lun Mei also adds to his nice guy appeal. All in all, he’s one of the top male actors in Taiwan hands down so it’s really only internationally that he doesn’t get quite the coverage. He graces the cover and pages of October issue of GQ Taiwan and these photos wonderfully capture Bolin hanging out in London. He’s one of the few Taiwanese entertainers without a public Facebook page or weibo, and he is intensely private and prefers it so. Stories from the movie sets confirm that he’s just a very down to earth guy, who spends the time in the make up chair chatting with the staff members rather than checking his phone or playing video games. In his interview with GQ, Bolin expressed a true love of acting and his only lament is that his fame has taken away his chance to be anonymous in the city of Taipei that he lives and loves. I adore him and every role he takes is always a treat to watch. I recently watched his other movie Machi Action which was released earlier this year in 2013 and it was hilarious and sweet. More Bolin is good for the cinematic soul.


Dapper Bolin Chen Tours London in Fall 2013 Fashion for GQ Taiwan — 23 Comments

  1. Thanks for a yummy breakfast, Koala! (I savored the dapper PIE in the header before noshing on cutie-pie Bolin.) Love the ♥ shirt.

    I’ll add Machi Action to my To Watch list– thanks for the rec!

    • yes, the eyebrows and eyes. Also Joe odigari’s sensualilty or is it Hiroyunki Sanada’s? Takeshi is magnificent looking but a bit reserved and uptight…he’s more Japanese that way. Bolin is just so earthy laid back Taiwanese sexy. I wonder how his English is. He has the makings of a global star.

  2. Why didn’t anyone tell me he was in my neighbourhood? I know where all these photos were taken (ok maybe not the last one). Damnit! Looking dapper indeed!!!

    • i recommend in time with you… or try his debut piece Blue Gate crossing where he was just so endearing…

      this man really is a chameleon, which is super hard when your are that gorgeous…

  3. I am definitely a big fan since ITWY. I think he is a wonderful actor. His acting came very genuinely across the screen. He has a natural and warmth vibe and for that, I love love it.

    And the dimples and cute smile, and gorgeous hair do not hurt at all. But really, you cannot help but love him because he is so into characters.

    Wonder if he is visiting someone in London too.

  4. I think his appeal isn’t only about how he looks, but the expression he gives makes it feel like he’s someone you know, or can get close to, like a friendly welcoming vibe, which makes him feel so warm.. Ofcourse his dimples help too 😛

  5. I’m happy to know he is already being recognized in Taiwan as one of the top actors and endorsers of today:) You know after years of doing tons of movies that truly showcased his acting skills it is not until the ITWY’s success and his great portrayal of his role as Li Da Ren that he finally got his break in his career, but I’m actually kinda glad to know that he does not have that big international fanbase,I know that”s very selfish of me hihihi but I just feel annoyed when someone gets so popular and everyone would be like crushing on him out of the blue just because it is the trend.And another thing I like about him is that he is not the attractive at first sight type, you know, not too handsome or the likes,a perfect filter for those who is just a sucker for looks haha Bolin is more than that he is a very versatile actor and has that natural appeal,god those dimples, his trademark hair that looks so soft and bouncy I want to touch it hahaha, and I also love him off screen especially in the BTS he has that contagious laughter that I raped the replay button haha and observed that he is a very social person too.

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