Video Preview for In a Good Way Episode 19 is All Sorts of Heart Attack Inducing

This Friday could not possible be any busier with the double dose of drama awesome in both In a Good Way and Bride of the Century. I can only tackle one at a time in terms of preview and recaps and taking breaks for squeeing and hoping I can mentally and emotionally survive until tomorrow. Episode 19 of In a Good Way was fantastic as always, and so meaty and dense we need a steak knife to dig into it. I loved every little moment and details, and once again the music was phenomenal in setting all the right moods. But before I discuss what happened in the recap, we’re all going to need to spend the next seven days doing exercises with our heart to strengthen it because holy flying pandas THE KISS IS COMING. It’s sorta a make up kiss (like I suspected), but who cares as long as it goes on forever and ever and the stupid camera doesn’t pan away or do weird editing cuts like the K-dramas tend to do. Keep that lens steady and let those two kiss for us.

I’m going to die laughing if the kiss scene filming makes the next BTS because one can only guess what the heck Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen are doing behind the scenes between takes.¬†Either goofing around or trying really hard to quell the blushing and squeeing.¬†The preview for episode 19 actually contains tons of great narrative markers aside from the long awaited kiss. Ah Qing discovers the will left by Liu Chuan’s grandfather, and combined with the treasure hunt clues left on the painting, might actually form a key and lock of sorts to help him discover what message his grandfather was trying to pass on to him. This drama has done such a fantastic job with the treasure hunting games actually imparting fun and meaningful takeaways, and I think Liu Chuan’s grandfather’s final gift for Liu Chuan is going to be a doozy. Tracy also unwitting helps resolve Liu Chuan and Jia En’s little spat and current impasse by sharing a little personality test from a magazine that actually shines a light on how people think about their future. You are in a desert with a bag, a gorilla, a snake, and a bird. How will you travel the journey with those things? Of course it represents something and I’ll share after the preview and translation below what it means. Have fun and think for yourself how you would choose to arrange these items.

Preview for episode 19:

[youtube id=”qQAuTdeqA3U” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Tracy: There is a really fun personality test. You guys come take it as well. If you are alone walking through the desert and you have a bag, a snake, a gorilla, and a bird, how would you arrange those items?

Ah Qing’s dad: Lawyers have a duty of confidentiality, whatever you read here cannot be divulged.

Ah Qing reads Liu Chuan’s grandfather’s will and Liu Chuan repeats it: “My thought process to Shong Heng; my treasure to Shan Feng, it can open up the path to freedom”.

Liu Chuan: I will put the snake in the bag and then carry the bag on my back, hold the gorilla in my arms, and let the bird fly free.


The bag means responsibility, the gorilla is the spouse, the snake is money, and the bird is the offspring. So Liu Chuan is saying that he will earn a lot of money and put the responsibility of the family on his back, while holding tightly and protecting his future wife, and giving their children the freedom to choose their own path.


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  1. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! I’ve been waiting to see what your reaction was for ep 19 preview!!! *swoons yet again* oh Liu Chuan….seriously, can you just jump into the lives of the men in my life to impart your wisdom? Jia En, you my dear have nothing to worry about after hearing that…Liu Chuan is never gonna let you go!!

  2. Thank you Ms Koala! I hope there’s a ‘like’ button here so I can hit it everytime I see IAGW post. I can’t wait for next week too!!! This drama is really doing an awesome job in making it as exciting as possible for the viewers. How can I focus on the next few days upon seeing that preview!! I’m sure I would have a lot of version of that kiss in my mind while waiting for nxt Fri…hahaha.

    • I KNOWW!! i dont know how many times i will watch a preview!!! xDD
      i wonder what will happen to me when the actual episode comes out! xDD

  3. That was a profound answer.

    I obviously am not. Since I couldn’t even tthink like that. If this drama continues like this, it might actually change my opinions on TW dramas.

  4. The answer was the bomb! OMG, I would have never thought like that. Seriously this guy is not real… After knowing the meaning, I was literally on my bed flapping around helplessly and squeeing so hard. My aunt thought something was wrong with me and kept asking if I was ok. Bloody hell, I hope LC and JE are together for ever and ever. I worry the drama will show that first love actually doesn’t last or that they can’t be together no matter how much they love each other. My mind is messed up. Writers, please have mercy on us. I am scared to watch because I don’t know whats going to happen so I check your website first to make sure the plot is going fine. Thank you Koala for writing all these goodies. ^^

  5. Intersting personality test!!
    LC and my answer were very similar but distantly different. I chose to hold the bag with one hand and grab the hand of the gorilla with the other.

    • I was definitely thinking of a gorilla as being too heavy to carry, even for Liu Chuan. It must be a baby gorilla.

      • Clearly LC definitely thinks that way. Not necessarily that the gorilla is a baby but that he has the strength to carry it or attempt to make it happen. Which of course solidifies what we know about him. Love how this drama continues that follow through with its characters.

  6. Kyaaaaaah! Thanks for posting that oh-so-to-be-sweetest kiss in dramaland for us. You are as always the best! I’m glad that our OTP is going to resolve this little spat of theirs soon. This is why IAGW is so addictive; the writers and actors are just so good at pulling all the right strings. Friday, why can’t you come sooner?!!

  7. Awwww the meaning behind the personality test is just too cute! xD ahhh can’t wait for this!!


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