Kim Soo Hyun Replaced by Kim Woo Bin for One Chinese CF, C-media Freaks Out

The Chinese media and fans love Kim Soo Hyun to the point where his every up and down to left and right needs to be covered. Last week he was snapped incognito in a NYC subway on a personal holiday and it made the landing page of the C-ent news portals. The even bigger news surrounding Kim Soo Hyun last week was the very thing I’ve been worried about with respect to his red hot career, that he’s really so at the top of his game with his popularity in China that there is nowhere to go but down. It’s the laws of physics people, what goes up must come down, and the higher the object the harder the fall.

A huge multi-million dollar ad campaign for a large Chinese home goods brand was one of the 35 Chinese CFs that have signed on Kim Soo Hyun as a spokesmodel in the last year due to his You From Another Star fame. The CF was just gearing up to shoot when the company nixed Kim Soo Hyun at the last minute and replaced him with Kim Woo Bin, reportedly due to the flap two months ago with Kim Soo Hyun showing up looking well fed and no longer bony thing. Poor guy can’t catch a break, he finally makes so much money he can swim in it and is enjoying a few well deserved meals only to get flack for it.

I personally don’t think Kim Soo Hyun being replaced with Kim Woo Bin in one of his countless Chinese CF deals is anything ominous. He certainly doesn’t deserve to lose any CFs because he was sporting a rounder face for a few weeks. It also does not portend an imminent loss of his star power in China, for example, as the C-media is concerned about. The concern is legit since Kim Soo Hyun has been riding on his YFAS fame for this entire year without doing another acting project, and the general public’s attention span is short and the next big IT BOY will surely show up soon.

But Kim Soo Hyun is considering Dr. Frankenstein and if he does that and it’s live streamed over in China then his exposure will continue. With that said, he really ought to pick his next acting gig soon. Kim Woo Bin is being considered by the C-media as a good CF substitute since his Heirs appeal is still strong plus he has a big K-movie coming out at the end of the year called The Technicians. Below is the just released Chinese home goods brand CF still with Kim Woo Bin. I love the boy but he  looks way too dastardly and devilish to suit the all-white clean image of the CF.


Kim Soo Hyun Replaced by Kim Woo Bin for One Chinese CF, C-media Freaks Out — 25 Comments

  1. Kim Woo-bin should be OK. He just needs to smile more. Then he looks cute and wholesome that way. Watch his shots during promotional interview with LMH and PSH and he looked very boyishly charming!.

  2. what is there to be angry about.KSH has done more than 35 CFs this year.losing one isnt that much of a big deal.i was already tired of seeing him everywhere,give other actors some chance.he should focus on his acting career now instead of still riding on his YWCFAS fame.after watching LJS in Pinocchio,i except KSH to do better than he did in his last project.i want to see the KSH i knew during DreamHigh.if he accept Dr. Frankestein,i hope he show great acting,or else i wont be watching his project anymore…

    • Waeh, compare LJS with KSH? Oh man, like KSH is nearing a god, left&right best actor, you’re comparison is just unfair for LJS. KSH is fine, give that man a break. Whatever he lost in this campaign, it’s that Co.’s lost, not his. He’d gain more from this. Or maybe they had to opt for cheaper talent fee of KWB. Then good for all, move along!

  3. Wow, the love they have for Kim Soo Hyun is INTENSE. But the bigger Q (or okay, genuine curiosity) I have is what happens to the C-stars, cos like by casting and signing K-stars, aren’t the local stars losing their wage/benefits? I was in Beijing and Guangzhou in Sept and was soooo surprised to see K-actors and actresses on practically any and all billboards. Are the C-stars not saying anything or have no more public appeal?

    • Chinese stars are more expensive. They get paid much higher than Korean stars. In reality, people know popular Chinese stars like Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, William Feng, and Wallace Chung better than most Hallyu stars anyway. Popular Chinese dramas get higher number of views compared to Kdramas too. Plus, with regard to casting, I haven’t seen a Korean star in a popular C-drama for a very long while, and I don’t think that’s going to change. The acting styles are very different, and so I never thought highly of the cross-border collaborations.

      • Okay thank you for the explanations kitai! I don’t follow C-entertainment, so huge relief to know all these that you just said- I was genuinely worried that the Korean actors and actresses are pushing the local C-talents away from their own domestic market haha, cos when I was in Beijing legit sooo many ads were Korean faces. I’m glad their own talents are still more valuable and regarded higher (I’m all for supporting home grown talents).

  4. Kinda off topic… But am I crazy for thinking the competition is so damn exciting between the young and in demand actors these days?

    As a huge fan of Kim Woo Bin & Lee Jong Suk I’m cheering them on to beat Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun – friendly and fair way of course… And a little clothes ripping wouldn’t hurt either 😉 .. This is just my personal opinion but I do honestly think idol groups are on the down fall and everyones attention is shifting to the young hot popular actors to invest their time and money on. ( After so many disbands I’ve been through, I give up on idols. Not all groups can be Shinhwa. )

    I’m really excited to see who will rein on top. As you said Koala unnie. What comes up, must come down. It’ll be really fascinating if a dark horse suddenly rose to the top. Someone we all wouldn’t have guessed would.

  5. Loooooool.. I just knew you would chose this article.. Lmfao!!!!

    Btw these are just rumors and his agency claimed that he declined that offer himself back in may so this is actully also Old news.. The Robin hood hunt is still going on..

    Btw I’m done with this Blog.

  6. WTF, I hope the thing about them dropping him is not due to his slight gain in weight. That would be disgusting in so many ways. Kim Soo Hyun was seriously skinny in YFAS and it was nice to see him gain a bit of weight during his much deserved break.

    In any case, I defintiely agree that he should pick another gig soon. While CFs are no doubt enormously lucrative, it is really his acting that grabbed everyone’s hearts in the first place!

  7. It’s not even a bad thing to be replaced tbh. People get sick of seeing the same person over and over again shilling everything regardless of how popular they are. I think some celebs shouldn’t take every thing offered to them at times. It might extend the life of their CF career..

  8. Ohhhh. lol. Kim Soo Hyun rejected them in May. Also dont you hear a news about this brand has poor quality??????? They found out that their products may contain poisonous substances.. Now this brand have no reputatian.

  9. *giggling at your last sentence*

    You’re right about that. He just has this unshakable “dangerous” label around him. He’s supposed to be PPLing clean, soft sheets but all I see is:

    “Come here, noona. Let’s enjoy the bed. No sleeping.”


  10. I was in Seoul this summer and KSH was seriously EVERYWHERE even upon our arrival at Incheon airport we were welcomed by at least 5 billboards of him.

  11. KWB should be casted as Vulcan for the next StarTrek movie and he wouldn’t need much make-up and absolutely no face cast. But beside? Never understood the hype about him.

  12. Because he’s fat ??that’s so stupid.. Though I’m so happy for woo bin. He so deserves it..he’s kinda my crush now so devishly sexy…..

  13. Korean dramas cannot be live stream anymore in 2015. All dramas need to be completed, reviewed, given a licence before airing on any portal. This means any drama shown in Korea will need at least 6 months after it ends in Korea to get aired. I think it will be awhile before he can get out of DMJ.

  14. Well this dumb. Whatever are they doing these chinese investor. Well dont they know that its usual for KSH to fatten up after he finished his drama. He said it so himself that after finishing a drama all he will do is lazying around at home. Eat a lot and sleep a lots. If u follow him since dream high this is true. Coz juz few months after he showed up in an interview looking chubby. But then when he start shooting for moon.embraces sun he is all looking skinny and cute again. Well the man knows how to do his work properly and rest properly. So i seriously dont think that its bcoz he have been looking chubbier is the reason he l the cf deal. Well hope to see him soon in another good drama~~ fightinggg!!!!

  15. While I doubt that he was dropped because of his weight gain, I still have to say that I hated that look. There’s nothing wrong with putting on a few pounds but THAT hair… that darn, darsdardly, unforgivng, horrible hair.

    If he has gotten a more boyish cut, he would have looked cute and fan girls would’ve been gushing over him as usual.

  16. Its a reality check. The ent industry is all about youth and physical appearance. KSH’s a little weight gain can get him replaced. Cant imagine how things work out once crows feet start showing up not too soon down the road. He is already in his late twenties. Anyway, no one stays on top forever so its good he enjoys the popularity trip while he can.

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