Lee Soo Hyuk Trades Elle Korea Suits for Scholar Who Walks the Night Vampire Look

It’s been satisfying watching all three model-turned-actor Vampire Idol henchmen attain K-ent success one after another to varying degrees. First Kim Woo Bin, then Hong Jong Hyun, and now Lee Soo Hyuk, all three went from supporting roles in a wacky cable sitcom to holding their own in dramas or movies. It took me awhile to warm up to Lee Soo Hyuk and Valid Love earlier this year was the drama to do it. He’s someone that actually looks better adding some pounds to his model frame, upping his masculinity over his otherworldly beauty.

I thought he was long confirmed for upcoming vampire fantasy sageuk Scholar Who Walks the Night but apparently not as MBC just released an article today that he was signed on for sure. Looks like someone forget to send out the press release because Lee Soo Hyuk has been posting since last month on his SNS all sorts of tidbits about him playing the vampire antagonist to Lee Jun Ki‘s vampire scholar. He was featured in the March issue of Elle Korea two months ago doing a black and white modern gentleman spread which is perfect to share while envisioning him in the wholly different look of a long white hair usually half naked maniacal vampire villain.

In the press release today about Lee Soo Hyuk’s confirmation for Night Scholar, it talks about him playing the antagonist role of a nameless immortal vampire who goes up against Lee Jun Ki. It’s the same role as written in the original manhwa (see the look below), though I’m thinking for ratings purposes he won’t be half-robed all the time. I actually never understood why he couldn’t just pull his damn robe up, or not wear it at all, it irrationally irritates me and I just want to fix his clothes every time he shows up in the story. I’m looking forward to how Lee Soo Hyuk pulls off this dramatic ethereal vampire look, he has the model posing chops to vogue his way through what would be a ridiculous getup on most anyone else.


Lee Soo Hyuk Trades Elle Korea Suits for Scholar Who Walks the Night Vampire Look — 19 Comments

  1. Like I’ve mentioned previously and in all SWWTN related reviews, I’m soooo glad Soo Hyuk can go all demonic vampy and crazy. It will be exciting. His scenes.

  2. He doesn’t even have to stretch that much to look the part. Evidence-> his instagram pics early in the morning after his Shanghai FM look scary in a hot way. Now, it is good news to me that his character is half-naked most of the time. Looking forward to life-ruining ABStastic scenes. I do not know how I can prevent nose bleeds when LJK and LSH are both in the same frame—so much prettiness…ahhh, sorry LYB can’t compete:)

  3. I find it hilarious that we are getting a Vampire Idol reunion with Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Yoo Bi in SWWTN, and this time he’s playing a vampire again.

  4. Ooh, half naked you say?

    (scrolls down)

    Aww, sadness! Why won’t the ratings allow him to disrobe halfway?? I mean, that would only help increase the ratings right?

    Oh well, I’ll watch anyway.

  5. Soo Hyuk Oppaaaa! My Vampiralien Prince! He looks bootiful in these pics, just slaying as usual. Just…yes! High school King cemented my love for him and I’m excited to see his new role.

  6. ….not sure what Lee Yoobi did to earn the disses (she can at least act, unlike some people), but I look forward to this drama.

    • Let’s just ship Lee Jun Ki with Lee Soo Hyuk! I can already tell their chemistry will be explosive. That would end the Lee Yoo Bi-Kim So Eun feud between fans.

  7. I know you brought up Vampire Idol, but before that all three plus more were in White Christmas. White Christmas is actually weird to watch now because in 2011 they all were just models and now some are leading men. Also Esom just won some movie award.

  8. They were all also in White Christmas together. Along with some other of my favorite young up and coming actors. I wish they would all get a little more spotlight. I think they’re all very talented.

  9. Why he is not second lead instead of Changmin. He is better actor and the character of Changmin is just an additional.

  10. Lee Junki, Lee Soo Hyuk and Changmin? Don’t think my eyes can take in all that handsomeness *goes off to buy protection against good-looks sunglasses*

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