First Look at the Cast Script Reading for The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days

The SBS weekend fare continues to reside in the ratings crapper, with the currently airing Divorce Lawyers in Love not winning in any love from the audience. The network is bringing in the big guns next with the K-drama remake of TW-drama In Time With You. Starring Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook, the two veterans couple up for the first time onscreen to play best friends through 20 years with him nursing a long standing crush on the other than finally gets reciprocated after she suffers one bad relationship too many and sees him in a new light.

The cast of The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days gathered for a script reading last week and filming already commenced over the weekend. The script reading pictures, aside from a sneak peek at Ha Ji Won with her bitch face ready for the character and Lee Jin Wook all beaming warm smiles just like his character, is a veritable who’s who reunion from the cast of Pinocchio. Yoon Kyun Sang, Lee Joo Seung, Jin Kyung, Shin Jung Geun, the only thing missing is expecting Ha Myung and In Ha to pop out in a cameo. I love this cast, there might actually be a chance I like this version once the original story is given a fresh new set of clothes.


First Look at the Cast Script Reading for The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days — 36 Comments

  1. Yeah, as much as I like Ha Ji Won, I’m not looking forward to 19 and a half hours of her resting bitch face. (Why can’t she do another character like Gil Ra Im?)

    • I hated Gil Ra Im with a passion so I’m glad she’s not taking on another role. One of the weakest female lead she’s ever played.

      I rather resting bitch face like Hwang Jin Yi then Gil Ra Im’s passiveness.

  2. not watching this… nobody else can be li da ren like chen bolin <3 and you qing was only forgiveable and likeable because of Ariel lin's charm. I wouldn't mind watching HJW and LJW in a drama together but not in a remake of something I loved. there's a reason why I never watched mischievious kiss- I'd already seen it started with a kiss and I didn't want to see a version that would maybe taint my love for that story.

    • It is a very fun, relaxing drama to watch with lots of chemistry. The cast was very well put together. I really wonder why it is not doing well in Korea?

      • right? as i mentioned here below, it’s not that bad.i just hope it won’t be like birth of a beauty who started out well but became a wreck from the middle to the end.

        everybody bashed the female lead for her character but i saw worse than her. at least she’s standing on her own and is not a wet blanket.
        yeon woo jin is one big plus here and the second lead is charming as well. overall very nice drama, for those who search for a light thing to watch and not too committing.

  3. This is already a lot less like the original and I’m not a huge fan of the pd here, and even if they got a good PD they would be no Winnie Qu. I like the cast so I might just watch this for its own merit.

  4. I never watched the original hence I’m pretty much open about this. However at first I ecstatic that Lee Jin Wook been casted because he has this sizzling chemistry when he is rom comn and has a very soulful eyes. However when I saw the video of Rain and HJW I really can see their impeccable chemistry and their suitable casting with each other. I want them to be the couple and I believe Rain can pull a rom com+angsty like no other if given good script. But since it has been this way let see what they can bring together. It have come across that the original has lots of steamy scenes perhaps that the reasons Rain rejected and LJW is considered since we knew how he is in INR 2.

    • The original was a tease that didn’t give us ANY steamy scenes between the leads. There was a scene with her dickhead ex mid way through.

      Rain rejected it cos it clashed with his schedule, he should have taken this on since HJW seems to guarantee ratings.

      Her Empress Ki pushed 3 2nd/3rd leads into 1st lead status. Ji Chang Wook went on to lead in Healer, Beak Jin Hee in Triangle and Jin Ji Han in Secret Hotel.

      I wished I didn’t watch ITWY so that I can watch this with a fresh eye, cos what I know about it so far already has me fuming.

  5. Only watching this for Ha Ji Won. The writers have already screwed up the script and characters. Argh! FYI I had I no problem with You Qing’s character. She was a strong minded woman. People call her a bitch but it was Da Ren who never had the guts to tell her how he felt. Can’t expect her to know his feelings or reciprocate anything for a guy who played on her insecurities as a girl by saying he would never love her. She got a bit annoying but he wasn’t any better if you look at the whole picture.

    • I actually really like You Qing, thought she was very different to other characters out there, she can be annoying with her self importance and lack of understanding to other people, she does take things for granted a lot but she learns and grows and unfortunately some people needs to learn the hard way.

      It also gave us one of the best scenes ever in cinema, when the annoying ex girlfriend put her down(rightly so) and called her out on her and Da Ren’s selfishness.

  6. Looking forward to seeing this one and how it compares. I wasn’t in love with the original as seems to be th case with me and most popular tw dramas. I love Winnie and Ariel and bolin but somehow the combo didn’t electrify me – mainly due to the storyline. I agree it’s my issue with bolin’ character that drove me crazy. So I hope that the Korean version will give me a new appreciation for the story.

    divorce lawyers in love – I am watching it and I find it inoffensive with my low expectations of it. There is a certain wow factor that is definitely missing. In 8 episodes, I don’t feel quite how the otp falls for each other. Usually it’s intense like or dislike for a coupling but this is just meh. Maybe it will pick up.

    • I agree with you. I didn’t see her like that at all. She was a career woman but other than being strong willed at work; how does that translate into being a b**ch?

      • Right? Not all women should be complacent and weak minded. She had her faults but she wasn’t exactly a bitch. It’s not like Da Ren ever said anything or made a move. He also dated other people.

      • I liked Chen You Qing as a character, too. I don’t think she was a bitch. She was a modern career woman with a backbone. She’s not the typical wimp often portrayed in K-dramas.

  7. Thank you Miss, Koala!

    I’m so looking forward for this drama. It’ll be interesting to see how Ha Ji Won will express her character and to top it off, Lee Jin Wook. Can’t wait for the kissing scenes. 🙂

  8. So excited for this!

    The only thing I am not looking forward to, judging from the comments, is the “I hate this, it’s not exactly like the original, they changed the script too much!” tirade that we always have to go through when someone attempts a remake.

    Been through that with Cantabile Tomorrow, and it really ruined what in my opinion was a good, well-writen remake, if not as addictive as the original.

    • I personally loved Cantabile Tomorrow more than the original. But they didn’t make drastic changes to the plot and characters. Sunny Wang’s character Lee Ding Wei was crucial to the plot of ITWY and why it took them so long to be together, as well as her insecurities regarding love. The writers have gone and taken his character out altogether and replaced him with the cliche cheesy chaebol character. Also, both their families played a big role in what shaped them as people and their relationship. Again, it’s been replaced with the typical “abandoned by my mother plot”. So yeah, I’d say the script isn’t looking so well right now. I’d hardly call it a remake, but rather “inspired by” version.

  9. I’m was look forward to watch this drama.
    So i went to checked out ITWY and started watching it. Wow! I love the original version. Definitely not the best drama and some part can be slow but is realistic drama and now i love Bolin Chen acting cute dimples.

  10. Looking forward to that. i hope ha ji won’s and lee jin wook’s chemistry will be sizzling. they are both great actors (only seen LJW in two dramas but i loved him so much in TTM).
    oh a pinocchio reunion how nice! wouldn’t it be cool if in ha’s parents were couple here but not a divorced this time? hehe

    btw. i watch divorce lawyers in love and it’s not that bad. it’s not dropping me from my feet like falling for innocence does but it’s funny and light and from ep.4 onwards it got better, hope it will keep that way.

  11. I’m willing to give this versiona chance. I don’t care for Ha Ji Won at all; she’s serviceable but I’ve never been impressed by her acting. The character of You Qing isn’t exactly likeable either. BUT Li Da Ren is one of my favorite drama characters so I’m naturally invested in this adaption.

    Bolin Chen is Li Da Ren, but I hope Lee Jinwook will have a performance that makes Choi Won just as loved as Li Da Ren was.

  12. However the storyline goes…please let their be otp chemistry and lovely camera work and scenery too!!! I hope HJW can pull off a You Qing aura. Sometimes in KDramas, the feisty woman is always violent with the grabbing the guys hair and etc. I don’t really care for that. I think a woman can be strong willed with her words, although I understand the comedic underlining writing of such behavior.

    • I fell in love with ITWY because of the real life dialogue. I know it was draggy for a while….but still I enjoyed the conversations.

      • Me too! The conversations make all the difference. It was lovely and thought provoking at times.

        I keep telling myself that if I understood Korean better, Grapevine would have been a marvelous drama too. I still enjoy it but there’s many nuances which is not translated, or can’t be translated easily.

  13. A lot of viewers are complaining that HJW keeps on playing the same character now that she will portray someone with a bitchy character,still others are complaining.Well, you can’t please everyone.I’ m pretty sure that she’ll be a bitch and at the same time have great chemistry with the lead actor.So far everyone paired with HJW be it maybe young or matured had no complaints in that department.I’m looking forward to this drama.

  14. I don’t mind for having leads with bitchy or jerk characters as long as the script writers know what they’re doing and have points. I mean it’s not just throwing jerk leads to argue, violence or bickering. But the most important things are character development so we know from where those bitchy/ jerk behavior come out. If the writing isn’t good, the story will turn to be bored and we might hate the leads to the max. And not many actors could pull those jerk characters where audiences still rooting for them.

  15. Yeah.
    I agree that you cant please everybody.
    Yes, im a fan of HaJiwon and I believe she can make justice to the character given to her. (and I strongly disagree of some saying that she’s a so-so in acting)
    Have a good look at her filmography and you’ll change your mind.


  16. Not just you. I agree that lee jin wook has the Li da ren vibe. They have the same cute charming smile/face. he also played best friend/lover in i need romance. So i guess he’s perfect for the role and i feel that he can pull it off. I’m not so sure with the 2nd lead though. I like his character in pinocchio but in this drama the 2nd lead should have the sunny wang vibe.

  17. I think Gong Yoo and Lee Jin Wook have the Li Da Ren vibe. They really look somewhat similar. I love the original and I am looking forward to watching this drama. I love Bolin Chen as Li Da Ren and to be honest, Li Da Ren is the best part of the drama lol. Hopefully LJW can also pull it off too!

  18. I think Yoo Ah In or Gong Yoo are the best one’s to play Chen Bo Lin’s part. They have a strong resemblance plus both baby faced and both good actors too. And Eun Yoon Hye or Jang Na ra is more matched to play Ariel Lin’s Character in the Drama too. Just my opinion though..

  19. *spoiler alert*
    I absolutely love In Time With You. I didn’t think You Qing’s character was annoying, instead I saw her as a young girl who wanted to be strong and independent (hence the high heels and working for a shoe company, bc heels give women confidence) and didn’t want to be just picked up by some prince charming. But deep inside every girl wants her own happy ending. She was looking for love. In addition, she mistaken Li Da Ren for never possibly liking her and thus she was stuck thinking that they can only be friends (the drama says it all).
    I loved the drama and it’s a great story about friendship, love, and growing up.
    I love Ha Ji Won, so I might give it a try but I’ll try to watch it with a fresh mind and not as a remake.

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