Movie Actress Kim Go Eun in Talks for Cheese in the Trap Leading Lady

The casting train is moving fast for in development cable drama Cheese in the Trap. Not letting a high profile pass from idol-actress Suzy deter the production, the media is reporting that movie actress Kim Go Eun is now in talks for the leading lady role. K-drama fans may find Kim Go Eun’s name and face completely unfamiliar and it’s for a good reason, she has never ever been in a K-drama before, in any capacity. She made her debut in the K-movie The Muse in 2012 and never looked back, starring at least one movie a year since then and this year in 2015 has four movies under her belt.

Kim Go Eun’s Coin Locker Girl premiered this past April but her biggest movie this year will undoubtedly be the sageuk thriller Memories of the Sword opposite her idol Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Byun Hun. Her other two movies are done filming with a year end release date so she definitely has time on her schedule to do Cheese in the Trap. The question is whether she should, but if she wants additional recognition and broader appeal then this drama isn’t a terrible choice since she’ll be acting opposite confirmed leading man Park Hae Jin. I’m a mite perplexed at the choice from Suzy to Kim Go Eun, setting aside opinions on acting ability and level of popularity, they are just soooooo different any way I look at it.

It’s not a huge stretch for Kim Go Eun to be seriously considering this cable offer as potentially her first drama, movie actress Park Bo Young recently made her drama return with tvN‘s Oh My Ghost to great reception and solid ratings. I’ve also heard good things about the source webtoon Cheese in the Trap, how it’s not your typical college romance and love triangles, with complex main characters and interesting interactions. I’m all for Kim Go Eun’s casting and hope she accepts to put this particular drama casting runaround to bed. All in all, out of left field but not a bad call.


Movie Actress Kim Go Eun in Talks for Cheese in the Trap Leading Lady — 13 Comments

  1. She don’t have a Hong Seol vibe and looks but I’m ok with her..I don’t think she’s a bad actress and it’s refreshing to see unfamiliar face. I actually prefer her than Chun Woo Hee. Chun Woo hee for sure is a good actress and her visual is a lot more closer to Hong Seol but I could not imagine her as drama lead..I mean there are drama leads that are not charismatic in movies as they were in dramas and vice versa and if I were Chun Woo Hee I don’t think I will accept this drama..

  2. The movies she’s done also have a very wide range of roles and she’s pulled them all off. Which is extraordinary for an actress who debuted just three years ago and has no training.

    Rather than having an actress who looks exactly like the webtoon, I’d rather see one who can act well and bring out Hong Seol’s personality. I think Kim Go Eun would match Park Hae Jin very well in the acting department too.

    • She actually had a lot of training before debut. As student at K-ARTS, she had to attend a lot of acting workshops and theater short shows on campus.

    • Hmm she studied acting. That was her major in uni. That’s better training than any company could offer. I’ve never seen her act, but I’m always willing to bet more on actors with actual training than idols with fame and nothing more. If she takes it, the production will be seen in a better light and she will probably gain some foreign recognition as well. Movie acting gets your name known and respected mostly in Korea unfortunately.

      • Talent and acting studies are what really count at the end of the day. Any production team in any project will have to depend on good skillful actors who can really perform. Theatre and film experience provides fine artists worldwide. Take British actors for example: the majority of them have graduated from acting schools, do have a wide range of theatrical roles under their belt and they can impeccably perform various roles whether it’s on TV or films or even Hollywood. They can do everything…:-)

      • A lot of idols and actors/actress have majored in Drama/Film/Theater/Acting in universities. However, due to their hectic schedule, not many of them actually attend classes or join department workshops. There are few who actually postpone their careers or debuts and attend university as full-time students (i.e:Go Ara, Ha Jung Woo, Park Seo Joon, Yoo Yeon Seok, Lee Sun Kyun…)

  3. Why don’t they cast Han Groo instead? I think she will fit the role and would match with Park Had Jin too., what ya think?

    • I’m game. I like Kim Go Eun and idk anything about this webtoon but I think since she has such a high profile movie career taking off, I don’t see her selecting this project.

  4. I’ve watched two of her movies, Monster and Coin locker girl, and she’s a great actress! her image in the movies was very different from the picture in this post, because in both movies she portrayed “ugly” and tough women. I confess I cried a lot in Coin locker girl. She is perfect for Hong Seol.

  5. I will be surprised if she accept the offer… unless she wants to be more popular she is just fine at movie with so many movie directors want to cast her

  6. I honestly think this webtoon wouldn’t be as good when it’s on tv screen. Most of the interesting parts are Seol “complex” POV about Jung and how she didn’t treat him like his fangirls or sidekicks so I wonder how they can properly translate it.

  7. she prove it, she is better than suzy.
    suzy is an idol but her voice isn’t too good, and go eun can sing too, suzy’s act is so usual and go eun’s act so awesome

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