Attack on Titan Holds Movie World Premiere in LA and Releases 3-minute Gloriously Action-packed US Trailer

I so wanted to fist bump and roar my approval after watching the just released new US-version trailer for the soon-to-be-released live-action movie adaptation of hit shonen manga Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). Too bad there was no one right next to me to squee with but hopefully this latest and most comprehensive look at the first movie coming out at the beginning of August (the second movie to be released a month later) will excite other fans. The US-trailer is 3 minutes long with so many new action-packed scenes, easily double the length of the Japanese trailer that came out last month.

The new US-trailer was released in tandem with the world premiere of the first movie held on July 15th at the famous Egyptian theater in Hollywood. In attendance was director Higuchi Shinji, male lead Miura Haruma, and female lead Mizuhara Kiko, with the premiere high with excitement and intensity and ending with a roaring standing ovation by the attending audience. Not sure if that’s a stamp of approval on the quality but definitely the movie must’ve been fun to watch and likely ended on a cliffhanger high note to make way for the second movie to come. Check out tons of new movie stills and the super long new trailer that shows all the Titans in their attacking scary glory.

While fan-favorite manga character Levi is not in the movie, there are 7 new characters that were created just for the movie including the so-called Titan slayer Shikishima played by Hasegawa Hiroki looking hotter than I have ever seen him look. He’s the one who is stealing a kiss from Mikasa in the trailer, a scene that had fans freaking out thinking it was Eren-Mikasa which is such a no no based on their sibling relationship in the manga and ruining what was such a strong platonic love and camaraderie with the standard romance trope. Thankfully it’s not Eren-Mikasa, so if Mikasa gets some Shikishima loving on the side that’s fine by me. I doubt she’ll let any guy distract her from her ass-kicking personality and one-track mind.

Attack on Titan live-action US trailer (English subbed):


Attack on Titan Holds Movie World Premiere in LA and Releases 3-minute Gloriously Action-packed US Trailer — 15 Comments

  1. evrytime I see news about this I cn’t help but shed tears because of how depressed they cast miura haruma instead of any other of the multitude of talented young actors they have, the business industry is depressing

  2. Kudos to Ishihara Satomi, her character is obviously as awesome as in the anime, I might watch this just for hanji zoe ( satomi’s character) but the special effects are not very promissing, I usually don’t like typical hollywood action movies but this one needs a hollywood adaption and can only be successful as that with a load of money and talented people at the helm. When you compare a manga/anime like Attack on titan to a comic/show such as the walking Dead and see how hajime isayama ( manga’s author) has done sooooo much better in terms with a concept that is so close to that of the walking dead, it’s clear AOT should get its chance at further international fame, it’s not just some other action packed shonen, Hajime Isayama is a brilliant writer

  3. I’d like to ask miss Koala did you read the manga or watch the anime ? coz I wouldn’t expect anyone who did to be satisfied with this, this is not to say that the movie cn’t be fun and entertaining on it’s own

    • I did. I’ve read the entire manga up to the latest chapter and watched the anime. I don’t have quibbles with what I see of the live-action movie and can debate why I think it looks fine but I don’t care either way. Fans can like or dislike it, it’s such a personal reaction and right now there is no right or wrong since the movies haven’t been released yet.

  4. I was freaking out cause of the kiss scene! but now that I know, I am really looking forward to this. would be even better if Levi was in it. *sigh*

  5. Oh, I’m glad it was not Eren who kissed Mikasa. I’m ready for the S2 of anime and this movie will be watched.

  6. This is my perspective of this trailer (I have not read the manga so I have no knowledge what it’s about other than that this is a very popular manga): The CGI is very unpromising. It kills the vibe for me. Trailer is okay and I probably would skip this movie.

    • Good review and I did not know there were two parts to the movie. I thought Mikasa’s character looked/felt different in the trailer. This is a horror genre…to be expected with the likes of Titans of varying sizes gobbling up humanity with a smile and nary a word. Thanks for the link.

  7. I THINK IT LOOKS FUN TO WATCH! hahaha the titan looks scary! I like the cg effect it looks like harry potter level cg effect …I just hope the fighting scenes are better … I hope they don’t fly like they’re in broomstick and slash the titan cleanly …I hope they cartwheel in air or something lol because in manga and anime they just don’t kill the titan easily yunno …

  8. I’m disappointed that Mikasa’s character was changed because she is a favorite, but I’m still looking forward to seeing this.Gotta agree about Hasegawa Hiroki. Where was all this hotness hiding?

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