Kim Woo Bin Makes Giordano Basics Look Sleek and Chic in Latest CF Stills

In terms of Asia’s popular fast casual clothing brands, right not might not be a good time to be a Uniqlo spokesperson for China (heh), but Giordano is having a nice week in South Korea. Thanks to the news of popular Giordano spokescouple So Ji Sub and Shin Mina doing the drama Oh My God together, many news articles are using their previous CF and stills to in articles about the drama casting. The current Giordano SK spokesmodel is It Boy Kim Woo Bin, still riding high going on three years after a non-stop streak of successful projects starting from Friends 2 to Heirs to The Technicians onto the most recent Twenty.


Kim Woo Bin Makes Giordano Basics Look Sleek and Chic in Latest CF Stills — 16 Comments

      • and I’m really curious why koala hasnt posted/said anything yet about them…? 😀

    • Yes its confirmed! This year so many celebs dating :

      1) Lee Min Ho & Suzy
      2) Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye
      3) Kim Woo Bin & Shin Min Ah

      Which couple is next??

      • So the other three in the foursome Hallyu superstars. I’m waiting for Kim Soo Hyun’s bombshell lol

      • Only Lee Minho x Suzy and Kim Woobin x Shin Minah have confirmed.
        Lee Jeongsuk x Park Shinhye said they’re only friends.
        As to Kim Soohyun, he’s been on a dating scandal recently but didn’t last long. It’s with Dara.

    • in fact it’s Dispatch who exposed Kim Woo Bin – Shin Minah couple as well… And they got to know each other because of Giordano CF!

  1. out of curiosity, why would this week not be good for Uniqlo China?

    is it because Giordano SK cf models upstaged them by casting/dating or did something actually happen?

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