Song Hye Kyo is Stunning in New Fall Jewelry Campaign as Descendants of the Sun Moved Back to April 2016 Premiere

I’m waiting for a Song Hye Kyo drama that will completely make me fall in love with her, which isn’t all that hard because she’s freaking gorgeous and keeps getting prettier with age. Compared to her Hotelier and Autumn in My Heart days, the current Song Hye Kyo deserves the accolades as one of Korea’s top beauties. The latest ad campaign for jewelry Estina does a great job of melding beauty and baubles, even with a black backdrop and various little black dresses. I love Song Hye Kyo’s modeling style way more than her acting (for now) because that underlying cool vibe she projects does well in print media when there is a stillness in every pose.

She’s like an alive marble carving, if you may, an object to be gazed upon. It doesn’t work as well onscreen because she doesn’t make me connect with her characters. I’ll have to wait a bit longer to see her attempt to convert me – Descendants of the Sun has a new update in that the drama will be pushed back (again) in airing date to April of 2016 due to a delay in getting SARFT approval. I could have told KBS that, SARFT is notorious unpredictable in when it deigns to give approval.


Song Hye Kyo is Stunning in New Fall Jewelry Campaign as Descendants of the Sun Moved Back to April 2016 Premiere — 22 Comments

  1. It has NOT been pushed back to April, i.e., it is still set for broadcast in late Jan/early Feb 2016 (contingent on the network’s year-end awards schedule).

    Here’s the erroneous article @9.52am:

    And the network AND the production company’s official reiteration that it’s set to follow Gaekju (ie. don’t listen to Kim Jin-Seok’s bullsh*t who’s notorious for these click & bait articles) posted WITHIN MINUTES and which has been picked up by EVERY media outlet except for Kim Jin Seok’s 일간스포츠:,p:all,a:all&mynews=0&related=1&start=1&refresh_start=0

    It’s been 14 hours, why are you still peddling his BS?

    • PS. I’m really curious as to why you would believe Kim Jin-Seok given his horrible track record with fact-checking over the network, the production company, and the cast & crew who know better than anyone whether or not the drama’s on schedule. I also don’t understand why you keep pushing this notion that DotS has been riddled with scheduling delays, when the earliest it could have been scheduled was late 2015 from the moment they decided they’d have every episode in the can before broadcast. It takes six months minimum for a 16-ep drama and DotS started filming in June/July. It’d never have been ready by Sept/Oct, so how could the network have scheduled it for Sept/Oct? Why would you take your cues from the K-media when you know much of their output is pure crap that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny?

      • Koala generally gets her drama “news” from weibo or baidu and as such she relies on Chinese posters to translate Korean casting rumors/stories found on Korean forums to Chinese. For Korean drama/movie news, I usually take whatever she writes with a grain of salt since anyone can make up rumors (remember Lee Jong-seok for SBS Remember casting story lol?) Dramabeans is a better place to find reliable drama news because they compile and read all news from actual news articles and make decision on whether the story is credible enough to post to their site, and they actually provide links to their source.

      • I know her “sources” come from by way of weibo & baidu. I also know she knows much of it has to be winnowed out and double-checked, which in her case is not half as difficult as it is for most of her readers but which she refuses to do again and again. In this case, the bogus article had no traction yesterday (not even on weibo/baidu) because it was refuted immediately after publication, as if the other reporters looked at the byline and went straight for the phone to check with the network/production company. It didn’t even last an hour, it was shot down in 10 minutes. Yet here she is, peddling it again the day after. That’s not fun, that’s willfully misleading her readers for what? Fun? I was appalled that in recent months she started to republish posts directly off the main drama gallery @DCinside. 3-4 years ago, that might have made some sense because it had credible insiders who regularly shared early scoops. Not anymore. Every one of those anonymous sources have since left DCinside because it’s become a toxic place for rumormongering and fabrication, leading to legal action (I know of at least five trolls who’ve been pursued under the cyber defamation law), and the attention wasn’t worth the price of getting their anonymous covers blown off. The Lee Jong-Seok/SBS Remember is one of those bogus stories from DCinside, likewise DotS’ scheduling delay rumors which she’s described as “industry chatter.” Seriously? DCinside now hotbed for “industry chatter”? Where anybody can make up rumors 99% of which is BS, ie they make up so much stuff, every now & then they stumble on the 1% that turns out to be true. I hope that those who think repeating that is “harmless fun” are not the same people who mock K-netizens as paranoid, overbearing, nutcases, etc. when they’re encouraging the trolls who inhabit places like DCinside for the sole purpose of fabricating and spreading malicious rumors.

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m glad there is someone who actually knows what is going on and is not willing to write about false info just to get hits. I guess I’ll stick do dramabeans from now on. I come hear to get news, not lies, so no more hits from me.

  2. I enjoyed reading koala’s blog because she talks about Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese dramas, which is a great mix!! I don’t have a problem with her sharing news from weibo or baidu, since I don’t have time to read any of those.
    Who cares if some of those news posted are not 100% accurate and change with time as updates occur?
    I definitely did not read entertainment news or blogs to get 100% accuracy on the celebrities or their production companies, hahaha!!

    • same with me. 😀

      I just dont really get with those who offended by her article. It is not an obligation for Koala to check the accuracy of articles, even it will the best if she do.

    • Maybe the drama that was between them gets pushed forward while Uncontrollably fond keeps its time and DOts filling up that spot in april and then comes UF on June..

  3. I don’t really care whether it’s going to be pushed back or brought forward for I’m not interested in watching this drama. Song Hye Go is incredibly beautiful if it’s up to me I’ll put her as the most beautiful woman in Korea instead of Kim Tae Hee but none of her dramas or movies appeal to me except for Full House which I loved. This drama sounds just as melodramatic as That Winter the Wind Blows which I tried really hard to watch and finish to no avail.
    And it doesn’t upset me at all if Koala gets her fact wrong, it’s not the end of the world.

  4. Love Song Hye Gyo and looking forward to DOTS. Totally agree with Ms Koala she’s totally gorgeous and keeps getting prettier with age.

  5. The sense of self entitlement that some readers have reading someone’s PERSONAL blog (NOT some official news or info blog) is just unbelievable.

    Koala posts what she know and what her thoughts are. Not once did I feel she is deliberately and knowingly perpetuating lies so please just avoid this blog if you can’t stand her posts.
    Koala owes readers nothing.

    • She can publish whatever she wants on her blog, but when she reports on something that’s blatantly false and presents it as “fact,” she cannot expect not to be called on it. This isn’t about a battle of opinions, but about facts. What is she going to say the next time she writes up about DotS? It was “postponed to April” (FALSE) but the network changed their minds “again” (FALSE since they didn’t postpone it)? This isn’t a case where the production company says one thing and the network another or any number of negotiation tactic & maneuvering behind the scenes re: scheduling. Both the company and the network are saying one thing, and because they do, within minutes of the bogus claim getting published they shut it down jointly and swiftly.

      This isn’t also a case where they took their time in releasing their response and she reported on the original article in between. The official rebuttal came out in 10 min. and all the other media outlets carried it over the bogus claim. She wrote her post a whole day after it was shut down. Scores of articles reiterating the official position vs the one article which claims it’ll premiere in April (published by someone with a horrible track record, no less), and she chooses to believe the latter? It’s not a matter of opinions but facts, and the fact is she got her facts wrong, which happens all too often whether or not she knows or acknowledges it.

      I read her blog because I too enjoy her eclectic tastes and varied interests. But difference of opinions is one thing, getting facts wrong is something else entirely, esp. when it has the power of dissemination, which her blog does. It’s her prerogative whether to bother with fact-checking, but unless she explicitly states she doesn’t want to be corrected or challenged (again her prerogative) re: her “news” items, then I will call on it if I see something that fails verification. It’s what feedback, comments are for, and unless she explictly sets limits on what she wants there, I will continue to do so. I believe I’m entitled to that much as a reader within the boundaries set on this blog.

      • Sure. But there is a difference on how the message is conveyed. The tone of your comments borders judgemental and personal.
        No need to use “BS” here and “BS” there.
        Just plainly point out the errors in her posts without insinuations or being derogatory and even self righteous.

        Now you are sounding defensive. What for? You said your piece.

      • Misrepresentation of facts, reference to questionable and, in some cases, discredited sources or no citation at all, sold as “industry gossip” when some of the uncredited “reports” can be traced back to an anonymous community notorious for fabricating malicious rumors, but what you find objectionable is the tone of my criticisms? And I’m the defensive party?

      • What you’re saying isn’t wrong at all, in fact over the years of reading this blog readers have on many occasions pointed out when something koala had said was incorrect. However, your tone is rude and accusatory. You make it seem like koala is deliberately misleading her readers when in fact she could just been writing upon hearing false news. It is quite possible that she read the wrong news and made a note to write about it and didn’t go back to check in case it had changed. This isn’t a news reporting site. It is and always has been a blog where she discusses rumors and news she’s read and expresses her opinion. I have no problem with people pointing out that whatever news she posted about isn’t correct or that it was just a rumor but there is no need to attack her for it. I think of it as the same as if a friend had read the wrong information and called me up to discuss it. I wouldn’t belittle her for it and instead just say oh no that was just a rumor and explain how certain sources aren’t reliable. I think people tend to get more worked up when it’s online compared to how they would react if someone had said that in person. Just something to keep in mind as we move further into the world of online communication.

  6. Maybe its difficult to relate to her drama character because of how incredibly beautiful she is. I myself tend to gaze upon her beauty rather than trying to understand her drama character. She is so pretty. 🙂

    • Well is that a reason? I only watched one of her dramas so far – The Winter The Wind Blows. Her acting is convincing to me even I don’t like the storyline and the character of the hero. I never paid much attention to her looks when watching that drama. Her looks are not in my definition of astounding beauty, to be honest. I just don’t get the idea why many people mock her acting. It doesn’t make sense. I’m not her fan though. She is a fine actress to me, at least better than Park Shin Hyue who I found always delivered the same frowned expression in all the dramas she’s cast and extremely monotone/boring even I like some of her dramas. LOL….

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