So Ji Sub Takes Care of Shin Mina in New Stills and Drama Teaser for Oh My Venus

I think I’m already fangirling chubby Shin Mina in upcoming KBS drama Oh My Venus. The real life super skinny actress looks sooooooo cute in a chubby suit persona, in no diss to folks who are slightly rounder in real life the way her character looks in the drama. She’s called fat at 77 kg (around 170 lbs) but I actually see her as just larger framed with none of the healthy detrimental side effects of being overweight that would compel her to lose the some kilos.

Unlike Hwang Jung Eum‘s ridiculous “ugly” makeup in She Was Pretty that was cured with one snap makeover,┬áthis doesn’t come across as visually excessive for the sake of going to one extreme. It’s going to be fun to watch her try to lose the weight with trainer chaebol So Ji Sub’s help since it’s not going to matter to me whether she pulls it off inasmuch as she gets the man who loves her just the way she is. Check out the new teaser pictures and preview with actual scenes from the drama.

Drama teaser for Oh My Venus:


So Ji Sub Takes Care of Shin Mina in New Stills and Drama Teaser for Oh My Venus — 18 Comments

  1. I don’t think HJE was overly uglified in She was pretty… And she only straightened her hair and put some blush to plain her cheeks…so no big makeover

    • small makeover with huge different, wonder why it took years for HJE’s character to improve her appearance, at least for sake of job hunting. it’s as simple as applying a BB cream on your face and rebonding.

      • They explained it in episode 9 of She Was Pretty so your point is moot. And I don’t think koala likes HJE. Conceptually speaking, if the point was to compare and contrast the right show would be Birth of Beauty against Oh My Venus. They both deal with weight issues and have very similar stories. She Was Pretty has avoided a lot of cliches and deals with character growth more than weight issues or external beauty. And HJE’s character would go back to looking like her old self once the makeup was removed, its been shown in the show too. There was honestly no need to subtly diss her here in order to glorify Shin Mina’s character. It was uncalled for.

      • @Gem….it was HJE’s character, koala was dissing not the actress LOL and you are getting mad like 10 year old. grow up!

      • @belp nobody is getting angry. I stated what I felt and entertainment news isn’t important enough to get mad at somebody. I’ve been around this place a while to know what to make of the writing. I would appreciate it if you could keep the debate respectful without resorting to questioning my intellect.

  2. Please drama be good! I have some faith since SJS and Mina both liked what they saw in the script. I thankfully have a crack drama in I Have A Lover but I need another one!!!

  3. I don’t think Shin Mina is a super skinny actress though. There are many actresses with the same height that are thinner than her. She has perfect body weight, not so skinny or chubby.

  4. It sounds like movie 200 Pounds Beauty, as a drama.

    While it was entertaining, I didn’t NOT enjoy how he fell for her after her weight loss in the movie. Gives an aftertaste it was all superficial.

    This one looks like it might be different (hopefully).

  5. Beautiful is different in every persons eyes! What is one man’s meat is another man’s poison! Some like physical beauty and others go for emotional beauty!

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