K-movie Version of Cheese in the Trap in the Works and Offer Out to Park Hae Jin to Repeat as Male Lead

Not sure who is the brain trust behind this percolating idea but it’s so worth talking about. There is a potential Cheese in the Trap movie in the works, and on top of that an offer has gone out to Park Hae Jin to reprise his role as male lead Yoo Jung. I’m hoping the idea of male lead for the K-movie isn’t a runaround, much like Park Hae Jin was the male lead in the drama before he became not the male lead for all intents and purposes.

The news of the movie and Park Hae Jin’s involvement comes from his own agency, and nowhere is the drama production company mentioned. The movie is being discussed directly with original webtoon writer Soonkki so if she green lights this project it will include her approval and involvement. The financials are vetted as a likely Korean and Chinese joint production, which tells me the movie may be targeting the Chinese audience even more than the Korean viewers.

I like Park Hae Jin a lot, ever since he played a baddie in East of Eden 8 years ago and the affection was rekindled thanks to You From Another Star and even his wasted turn in Dr. Stranger. But honestly Yoo Jung isn’t a fave character of mine from his oeuvre, and the same goes for the story line in Cheese in the Trap. I almost want him to just move on from Cheese, especially since it was a tad of an age stretch for him to play a college student. It would also be odd to see him with a different Hong Seol not played by Kim Go Eun, unless she’s also brought back as the movie leading lady. I’m pretty indifferent to this whole story, especially after the hot mess the K-drama devolved into, but if a movie version ends up happening it’ll certainly be second crack at the bat for devoted Cheese fans to get the adaptation that they’ve been clamoring for which stays true to the original story.


K-movie Version of Cheese in the Trap in the Works and Offer Out to Park Hae Jin to Repeat as Male Lead — 15 Comments

  1. it better to move on,
    they already have 16 episode drama and the webtoon still unfinished,
    maybe after the webtoon finished?
    just let the cheese lay low for now

  2. Wowww phj is hot in the market now…hes been flooding with so many offers. Hope it can heal the pain from that drama mess

    • He is doing fine. Yes, he was disappointed with the drama. But he is doing well than you can ever hope for. So don’t feel sorry for the guy. He is the smartest person in the room the moment he separated himself from the show before it ended. It was a terrible ending. He would have been crucified by netizens if he didn’t do that.

  3. Film producer Lee Dong-ho (Architecture 101) is planning the movie. His side released a statement on the matter and confirmed they approached Soonkki and PHJ about a potential movie. The producer’s side said it’s up to Soonkki whether if the project will proceed.

    I want PHJ and the rest of the cast to move on and never look back. He’s got Man to Man already lined up so fans clamoring for more PHJ can look forward to that. CitT left too much bad vibes for a remake to be done this soon.

  4. PHJ makes Yoo Jung alive onscreen. It’s too bad that his character is slaughtered by the screenwriter and PD. If you read the webtoon, you will treasure PHJ’s acting even more, he brought to the surface what wasn’t there to begin with. Yoo Jung is a complex multidimensional character that challenges our thoughts and reasons. People might either love him wholeheartedly or want to hate him but somehow cannot.
    But I wish he wouldn’t take this project. Agree with you that he should move on 🙂

  5. His own agency released the news of the offer? Why would they do that to themselves… do they not have better offers to mediaplay siiigh

    I really hope the drama cast stays far, far away from this project (if it ever comes to fruition). Just move on, please.

  6. The only way this movie could work would be using the same 2 lead actors and no Seo Kang Joon. If they put PHJ and SKJ on the same screen again everyone will go crazy (and not in a good way).

    I still feel hurt and betrayed by the drama so I have mixed feelings about this.

    If they go ahead with this then I hope they make a different ending.

  7. He needs to move on. People tend to forget quickly, that role doesn’t need to be the most remembered role of his career, and if he does it again, that’s what will happen. Just move on to better things.

  8. I love PHJ and KGE, best couple on screen, they got the chemistry. But, dislike the idea of bringing it into a movie. Let’s just move one. I hate to see PHJ’s Yoo Jung paired up with a different KGE Hong Soul.
    The casting in the drama wast just prefect, cannot imagine another actors playing it up. Just the storyline in the half episodes that put us disappointed.

  9. only if KGE is the leading lady, other than that, he’s taking a bigger risk if it fails again.
    Cheese deserve a decent and proper closure for the main lead.

  10. I realy hope they work with the SAME cast please a lot of people still seeking for answer I couldn’t imagine any other actors as the cast because the Citt drama cast were perfect! They literally drowned into their character and made us believe they became the character not just actor who played a character.

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