Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo Both Confirm Mysterious Romance Drama W


This is most excellent drama casting news for me, not sure if anyone else finds this as promising as I do but it’s certainly big name catches for MBC. The summer 2016 K-drama season is shaping up to be intense competition indeed as Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo have both just confirmed the thriller romance W. The drama will air on Wed-Thurs and is currently slated to go head-to-head with Lee Jong Seok’s bromance buddy Kim Woo Bin‘s Uncontrollably Fond costarring Suzy, as well as the still waiting to be cast new drama Deal by the screenwriter of Secret. It probably won’t be as one-sided ratings wise as Descendants of the Sun is obliterating its Wed-Thurs competition, but with Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin both proffering a drama in the same time slot, I might have to go with a coin toss to decide which first episode to click play first. Decisions, decision, such happy smexy decisions.


W is the story of a female surgeon who goes in search of her missing father, and is kidnapped by a mysterious man, and thereafter they encounter a romance through various realities. It sounds insane to pull off but the screenwriter of W did Queen In Hyun’s Man and Nine: Nine Times Time Travels (and The Three Musketeers), so I have faith the idea of zapping through dimensions and whatnot isn’t something too far out of the writer’s reach. W is slated to air after Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Jun Yeol‘s Lucky Romance.


Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo Both Confirm Mysterious Romance Drama W — 31 Comments

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! i am super excited about this confirmed drama news. i had been praying it will happen and sure it did! frankly, i am not excited with suzy and woob but jong seok is another story and having han hyo joo on board that made it even more amazing. i hope it will happen tomorrow already. i am that excited. i find the premise exciting like straight from Judith McNaught’s Perfect! i know this will be perfect.

    • Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Seok are definitely on a different level from Suzy and Kim Woo Bin.

      HHJ is A-list actress can’t say that of Suzy. I also think that LJS acting is generally better than KWB. So looking forward to W.

  2. Fyuuuuh i’m happy han hyojoo comeback to drama after 6 years. But the time slot is same with the dino guy drama, His agency will media playing so much uh i hate Sidus.

      • They made a rumor that kwb had received an offer for pinocchio which was under Sidus but sbs & writer made an official statement that they had lee jongsuk in their mind from the first, and of course stopped LJS’s agency from selling the dvds of his fan meeting because there was a scene with kwb in his fan meeting, no need to mention the last article they published about jongsuk and the other things….

  3. SQUEEEEEEEEE! ULTRASONIC SQUEEEEEEE THAT ONLY DOGS CAN HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only my most beloved Lee Jong Seok but also Han Hyo Joo! I have so dearly missed her since I donโ€™t watch many K-movies; although I did see Beauty Inside and enjoyed it. Plus the plot sounds good, if not confusing. And I love the writer! Canโ€™t wait!

    Conversely, I love Kim Woo Bin but cannot stand Suzy and doubly cannot stand straight up melos, so I have no interest in Arbitrarily Fond. But this! THIS! It’s like the dramagods maybe love me after all!

  4. The cast of W is certainly a better selling point for me to tune in. Not to offend Kim Woo Bin and Suzy’s fans, just my personal preference. I personally think LJS/HHJ pairing is more convincing with their acting talents. But JWM/Suzy’s drama is another pre production following suit of DotS. Therefore, I’m not sure overall W will outperform this pre-produced drama or not. The history told that even as an excellent actor as LJS, his drama could go train wreck and a flop overall like Dr. Stranger. This will be an interesting competition.

  5. The plot is intriguing but I’m having low expectations because of Lee Jong Seok. His characters are typically mischievous, cute, and emotional. I got enough of his characters. I want a mature role for him.

    • Imo his characters in different parts of Dr stranger & also in Jade lovers aren’t as u described, and this one seems a charismatic and mysterious one so I hope you can enjoy his last two dramas more. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I recently just saw Hyun Bin and thought he’ll be good in this male leading role. But it’s sad that the male lead is already confirmed to be Lee Jong Suk. Isnt he busy with Chinese filming?

  7. Can we not pretend that the writer for Deal wrote Secret, since it’s Yoo Bo Rah who pretty much did all the writing for Secret and the previous work of the actual writer for Deal is Mask, which was a total mess? And from the synopsis, it looks like Deal is just gonna be the Mask 2.0.

  8. I love KWB more than i love LJS but then I am super excited about Han hyo joo’s return to the small screen. I will watch both since i will be watching it online not through broadcast station.

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