Kim Yoo Jung Wraps Up Ten Years as K-drama Sageuk’s Go To Child Actress

Of all the three current IT grown up Korean child actresses, only Kim Yoo Jung has been well known for one specialty whereas the other two Kim Sae Ron and Kim So Hyun haven’t built up any niche in any particular category. It’s the ten year anniversary of Kim Yoo Jung’s storied drama sageuk child actress career, spanning from Iljimae to Painter of the Wind all the way through recent year’s Secret Door and upcoming Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.

She was soooooo cherubic and cute when she first started out but could turn the intensity on like a dime, and in The Moon Embraces the Sun she out-acted her adult counterpart by leaps and bounds, emphasizedย when the two actresses shared a scene later on in the drama. It’s hard enough to be a child actor but to shine in the harder to act medium of sageuks makes Kim Yoo Jung that much more appreciated for her innate and unbridled talent. Check out her sageuk growth revolution below from wee thing to striking teenager.


Kim Yoo Jung Wraps Up Ten Years as K-drama Sageuk’s Go To Child Actress — 23 Comments

  1. I’ve watched her grow on my screen! She’s blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She’s definitely one of the best in her age group, hands down. Even better than some actresses older than her. Can’t wait till she’s older and begins to take on adult roles where she will really shine!

  2. My fave is only 16yo(international age)but already in her 10 year anniversary in showbiz. For her starting so young I hope only good things will come to her after working so hard.

  3. The shape of Kim Yoo Jung’s head suits the Joseon women hairstyle very well. I like Kim So Hyun too but I have to admit she doesn’t look as good in Joseon costumes due to the shape of her forehead. Both are great actresses though, I’ll be looking forward to both of their upcoming dramas.

  4. Such a beautiful beautiful young woman. She just radiates beauty, freshness and vitality. And an a naturally talented actress.
    I wish her nothing but success.
    She’s such a
    Breath of fresh air.

  5. I think first drama that I saw her was Formidable Rival where she got 2 hot actors as her dad. Sometimes I rewatch that drama again just for their interaction.

    Hope she continue to blossom and work with great actors, directors and good project too.

    • I fell in love with her in the drama. She acted so well as a kid that it was just amazing to watch. Her talent shone even at her young age.

  6. i see lee min ho 1993 in the background.. they were so great together.. but they never end up in the end.. want to see them in a sageuk drama a tpgeth

    • He did say if she is gone up and he is single, he will go after her. He has a soft spot for her at a young age. They look good together.

    • 2020. And Lee Min Ho 1993 / Lee Tae Ri is still my OTP for her (never Yeo Jin Goo). I was spoiled by Grudhe the Revolt of Gumiho. I was so sad for the one sided love in Moon Embracing the Sun. I want to see them together, but alas they again cast others as Kim Yoo Jung’s leads in Hong Chun Gi.

    • Yes, I want this too but maybe in a few years. They’ve done a film together already but as brother and sisters. It’s also quite old because they were both young.

  7. She has such adorable little cheeks as a child, makes you want to pinch them and spoil her rotten. But that little girl was a powerhouse before she even hit puberty, her gaze in some of these pics tells you she has no problem at all with emoting.

  8. I’ve rewatched Moon embraced the sun or whatever that drama was- the childhood portion- several times just because of her and Jin Gu. Man those 2 child actors just lit up the screen together.

  9. My favorite K child actress. She was so elegant in The Moon Embracing the Sun and now just looked fabulously gorgeous in the gown. I’m looking forward to her sageuk with Park Bo Gum.

    • I think KSH is the one that might have the career like PSH. But they are still young. One thing for sure they will be the leads of their generation.

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