Lego Lee and Nikki Hsieh Meet Fans of the Fantabulous TW-drama Love @ Seventeen

My favorite currently airing TW-drama is the mellow and underrated Love @ Seventeen, not one of the buzzy SETTV offerings but airing on TTV on Saturday nights without too much fanfare. I checked in for the pairing of leads Lego Lee and Nikki Hsieh, two of my faves, and ended up staying for the amazing chemistry and wonderful throwback story. The drama just aired its 6th episode last week and I can’t recommend it enough, love it to pieces and thoroughly enjoy the conflict and change of pace from the usual idol drama fare. Nikki gets to play the aloof emotionally scarred one while Lego goes all out to remedy his 17 year old mistakes and step up in his adult incarnation. The cast attended a media event for fans this weekend, with the visuals a great presentation for how pretty this drama projects from the leads to the cinematography. Check it out for those looking for an intriguing TW-drama.

Ending MV:

Opening MV:


Lego Lee and Nikki Hsieh Meet Fans of the Fantabulous TW-drama Love @ Seventeen — 21 Comments

  1. I want to smack myself; I can’t believe I haven’t even heard of this! And Lego Lee is one of my faves. Def checking it out right away.

    Will you be recapping this drama Mz Koala?

  2. Oh I love this drama ! Nikki Hsieh is so beautiful when she smiles ๐Ÿ™‚

    So I hope this drama will have a happy ending because this kind of drama when there are the young and adult parts often have sad or bittersweet ending…

  3. Anyone knows where I can watch this drama with English subtitles? Any help would be appreciate. Thank you.

  4. This drama is strangely adorable and addicting! I can’t help but rewatch their scenes together. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m watching this drama because of lego lee n i just find my other guilty pleasure in back to 1989 with marcus chang aka Chen Ce n also Aaron Yan in Refresh man. Eventhough all my Kdrama piling up, i still have room this taiwanese drama n they’re almost as good as Kdrama?????

  6. I really hated Niki in lovestore around the corner but I’ve heard such good things about this drama, and now a koala rec! I’m gonna have to check this out.

  7. Knew I would love it and I absolutely do! Hope it continues to develop as the beautiful story it began. And if it does, it will be the best TW drama of 2016.

  8. Is Nikki really that short? lol Her heels are scary high. I’m enjoying this flair and loving the chemistry between the leads.

  9. I’m loving this drama too, and I find it amazing how young Lego and Nikki looked during their seventeen year old scenes. Nikki is so sweet especially when she smiles and that boyish grin of Lego’s is just so charming. Also love the background music.

    • We are having a great season of Taiwanese dramas right now, with Back to 1989 on Fridays, Love @ Seventeen on Saturdays, and Refresh Man on Sundays. Total bliss for us T-drama watchers.

      • I agree!! First time I really felt pulled to watch Aaron in a drama. Ever since bromance, I got completely sucked back into idol and regular twdramas along side tw dramas in which Taiwanese is spoken. Dropped kdramas all together.

        I like 1989 one ok – it started out well for me but then I slowly lost interest and kinda just want to know what happened. It took me 3 episodes to get into Lego and Nikki’s drama. I saw their promos on xYJ’s talk show and really wanted to see it. But lego’s character took awhile to connect with.

        Surprisingly I like Refresh man then Roy and Yao Yao’s sitcom and Alice’s drama. It’s been a great year for me and twdramas. It’s been a long time since I liked or watched that many.

      • YAY… exactly. back to 89, love at 17 and refresh man. back to taiwanese dramas!!!! i watched some mainland, korean, and japanese dramas, but i have to say that taiwanese dramas got my attention more now…

        ps : i dont like Lego’s style in that pic. he has better in drama, seriously ๐Ÿ™

  10. Such a cute show <3

    the main couple is adorable

    BUT I just want her to ditch the girl friends. I hope she moves on
    They are just terrible and Alice can do better. I am still super tight with my girl gang from high school and the blatant lack of care consideration and loyalty had me fuming

  11. I would love to meet Lego lee in person I think he so cute and spending a day with him would truly be amazing even though I just became an adult I would love to go see the world and where ever Lego lee is I love to meet him!!!!

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