C-ent Buzzing About Drama Sequel to Legend of Zhen Huan Starring Zhou Xun and Tony Leung

Holy drama moly, even if half this news is correct it’s still the biggest drama news in Greater China in years. Filming starts this August on the conceptual sequel to China’s biggest hit C-drama ever The Legend of Zhen Huan with a career making turn by Sun Li as titular concubine turned empress. The upcoming Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace is already the most buzzed about production thanks to the casting of A-list movie star Zhou Xun as the female lead, at an apparently astronomical salary.

With Zhou Xun the only confirmed star and this being from the same production of Zhen Huan, the drama has already been pre-sold at a price higher than any C-drama in history. Now the excitement has been dialed up even further a notch with industry buzz that HK acting legend Tony Leung is making his first return to television in 27 years as the male lead in Ruyi opposite Zhou Xun, with an never before head price tag of $23 million US dollars (750 million NT) salary. If he’s in expect Ruyi to out star-stud Zhen Huan with so many supporting actors and actresses clamoring for a role, it’s going to be such a treat.


C-ent Buzzing About Drama Sequel to Legend of Zhen Huan Starring Zhou Xun and Tony Leung — 45 Comments

  1. Woah! I’m halfway through this novel, never got to finish it though as the plot is not as gripping as The Legend of Zhen Huan, and even for LOZH the storyline at the back (which the drama adaptation didn’t cover) is kind of draggy. But who knows, maybe this drama adaptation of Ruyi Zhuan will be awesome like LOZH.

    Zhou Xun is a huge A-list star indeed, but I guess you mean Tony Leung instead of Tong Leung. Really looking forward to this drama!

  2. I thought I saw Tony Leung in the title. “No way.” was my reaction. Then I looked properly and saw it was Tong Leung instead. I was about to google to see if there’s someone by that name but I read the actual post and yeah it’s Tony Leung alright. Lol.

    But seriously, Tony Leung in a drama?! I can’t believe they actually got him to do this. They must be paying him lots of money.

  3. Not surprised lots of celebs are returning to television, the film industry is doing the best compared to television. I am a tony Leung fan so maybe…just maybe…I just hope they don’t dubb his voice? Lol

    • If Tony Leung has an accent when he speaks Mandarin, then I think it’s 100% they will dub his voice, I mean, even Mainland actors and actresses get dubbed half of the time, especially if it’s a ancient drama.

  4. Koala hope you report fully when LMH’s movie hits the cinema’s in china on july 1st and as I know you’re lmh-fan again and have put the difference to aside which is honestly refreshing to see from you

    • Seriously, why mention Lee Min Ho in the comment section of an article that is not even related to him at all whatsoever????????

      • Relax folks I just made a humble request didn’t mean to intrude. My sincere apology

      • Hong Kong Stars rarely gets mentioned in an English blog. Especially, for the older much more respected ones. So mentioning Lee Min Ho on this post just irritated me. While there are thousands of Korean Drama English blogs and news, there isn’t much on the Chinese or especially Hong Kong actors/actresses.

    • Who are you referring to by LMH? Lee Min Ho? What does Lee Min Ho or his movie got to do with the contents of this post?

    • Hate it when LMH fans make comments like this. I’m sure your idol will be on every website when his C-film is released

    • Brother. Like there are other people in the world besides him you know.

      And their articles respected. You can read about the unmentionable when it’s about him and not hijack another post. Seriously. And one wonders why other fans think certain fans- not you exclusively- need to respect other fans when we read articles we are interested in. And then to see what other fellow fans comment.

  5. What’s the connection with Zhen Huan? If it’s the same production team, same writer, I’d be interested. ZH is so much higher in quality than the other C-historicals I’ve seen.

  6. Tony Leung Chiew Wai!!! Wow, either the pay is very good or the script is awesome to have him come back to the small screen. I’ll watch it just because of him.

  7. Wow!!! 23 million??? So what?? Tony would probably get what? 40 million? Used to watch Tony in old TVB dramas eons ago. No one could TOP him in Duke of Mount Deer, not even now. I hope he accepts. It’s gonna be epic!!

  8. Tony Leung is way too old to be a drama lead now, Unless they use photoshop in the drama. This just goes to show the lack of young Chinese male actors with good acting in the industry.

    • Tony is just 53. There’s no age limit to play a main lead of a drama, especially for male actors. He’s most definitely playing a king with 3000 concubines so the age is appropriate.

    • Which Qing dynasty King will he be playing? 27 years departure from TV is a big deal. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved Tony’s TVB dramas for years. He represented TVB golden years. I just don’t want him to go back into dramaland and regret it.

      • Does it matter??? He played “Wei Siu Bo” when he was in TVB which to date has been one of the most memorable character ever. His version is the best no matter how many re-makes they had of that drama. I am sure he is fine playing a character in Qing dynasty.

      • So when will Koala correct Tony Leung’s name in the article? His name is Tony not Tong… lol..

      • Unfortunately, he received his critics in The grand canal and it maybe one of the reasons he has stayed away from TV.

      • And fyi, he isn’t playing some pervy old king. Assuming the drama adaptation does not differ much from the novel, he will be acting as Emperor Qianlong, who ascended the throne at the age of 24, Zhou Xun will be playing Ruyi, who’s second in position to the main wife when the Qianlong is still a prince.

    • Seriously?? How can you judge him for his age? Have you not see any of his work? He’s one of the most well-respected actor in the Chinese/Hong Kong film industry. His acting can blow away all these younger actors, they stand no chance against him. And it’s a historical/palace drama where men are most often a lot older than their love interest(s) base on historical accuracy so I think his age shouldn’t be a problem unless they cast a baby to be his love interest.

      • I know Tony Leung can act. He is the only HK actor to have won a Cannes award for acting. I don’t want him to come back to dramaland to act a pervy King in the Qing dynasty and regret it. He will have immense pressure.

    • British theatre actors would have laughed so hard at your comment, while I’m just annoyed.
      A gifted actor -male or female- is able to transcend the limit of real age. Romeo or Hamlet can be very well played by performers who are no longer 18 years old, don’t you agree?
      I’m ready to watch Tony Leung in anything whether he’ll be a grandpa, a grandson, a little girl, a huge plant or a “photoshopped” Chinese king and I couldn’t care less about it. We should keep a very open mind when it comes to high-calibre artists (just a friendly advise…)

      • Tony Leung isn’t a British actor though. If he is acting in age appropriate good-written character, I don’t mind watching this drama but if it’s the same Mainland Chinese dramas with Qing dynasty concubines fighting it out it can get long and boring

      • I believe Tony Leung has been lifted to God-like status with his career but he hasn’t really acted anything else apart from being a male lead in a film or a drama. His peers has performed much better than him.

    • What about Zhou Xun? She’s in her forties too, so is there a lack of young Chinese actresses too? She’s already confirmed for the female lead, if the production chooses a young Chinese male actor as the emperor, people will be laughing about the pairing.

      Even the actress in The Legend of Zhen Huan, Sun Li, is 29 when she took on that role which started out as a 17 y.o. girl, it’s common for actors and actresses to take on roles younger or older than their actual age as long as they look and can act the part.

  9. Oh wow, this is like getting Kate Winslet and Will Smith back to television. Kudos to the investors for willing to shell out so much money to lure not only one but two a-list movie stars to this project. Hopefully the drama will be as good as the first series.

  10. Is this the same Tony Leung in “A City of Sadness”, they made him a mute since he spoke an accented Mandarin…

  11. I really dislike stories of King and his concubines. However, if Tony is in, I will definitely watch this. He’s not the type to take on undeveloped type of characters. If he does, it means he thinks the character is interesting and challenging. Can’t wait for more updates.


    One for the sequel, two for the casting, and three for the team behind this to be willing to place their money and faith behind the project.

  13. Tony Leung alone is good enough for me to bet on this sequel that should be better than the original version. The lead actress in the original version was great but the actor who played the king was really….. Actually any decent actor could be better than the one who played the king in the first drama – his mannerism just looked despicable, be it the way he talked or sat or stood…just disgusting.

  14. I hit myself a few times in the face to ensure that I’m not dreaming. Tony Leung?!!


    This is a dream come true… and next to Zhou Xun?!!

    How the script-writer and set people are going to live up to the expectations I have no idea, but I’m with everyone who will be tuned in to watch Tony…

    Guys, if you haven’t watched ChungKing Express, let me tell you: Tony can stand around in his underwear and have a monologue with a bar of soap in his hand and make you want to cry at the pathos, so don’t worry on Tony’s behalf about him making the role work.

    Just worry about how the rest of the cast and crew are going to live up to the legend.

    • I hear you, sister/brother.
      Tony Leung’s one of the most gifted actors of his generation on a global scale. His works are simply art.
      And you’re right, the rest of the cast (except for the leading lady, obviously!) is yet to be seen.

  15. Zhao Xun is a fave or mine. And I’m a die hard Tony Leung fan (I even met the man in real life and thank God he is a great guy, such a gentlemen and funny too) And he is not a photogenic man guys because he looks MUCH better in real life.

    I don’t know about the story of this drama but if the role is a king I think the age will not be problem since at those times it was normal for older kings to have younger concubines.

    Whatever happens at least great acting is guaranteed.

    Note: I love Tony in Jin YOng TVB dramas (I especially recommend The Duke of Mount Deer with Andy Lau) and he is one of the best actors in the world.
    And Zhao Xun was probably the best Huang Rong.

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