Gong Yoo and Ma Dong Seok’s Train to Busan Breaks First Day Box Office Records in Korea

A big congrats is due to the entire cast and crew of zombie thriller movie Train to Busan, with the first day of official premiere in South Korea breaking the record for first day box office haul. Train to Busan had a limited release last weekend but on its first day of wide release took in 872,000 admissions in one day equaling $5,76/ million gross. That breaks both the domestic box office first day record held by The Admiral: Roaring Currents back in 2014 with  682,700 admissions and $4.77 million as well as the foreign release record held by Captain America: Civil War. This is great news for the movie but even better news for the depressed state of movies in recent years, any blockbuster helps to elevate the industry and return a veneer of excitement for audiences to partake.

Long trailer for Train to Busan:


Gong Yoo and Ma Dong Seok’s Train to Busan Breaks First Day Box Office Records in Korea — 10 Comments

  1. Honestly, I think S. Korea film industry has one of the pools with best acting talent and filming crews. But most of the plots are crap, not comparable to even the 2nd or 3rd tier. I watched a few so-called blockbusters. The screenplays are the biggest problem for those films to be considered top-notch, just a huge waste of their acting and directing talent.

    S. Koreans really love thrillers. Most of these films are obnoxiously gross.

  2. Wohoo! Looks like it’s going to be a good year for Gong Yoo with this movie doing awesome and hopefully Goblin getting some solid ratings on tvN

  3. Congrats oppa loved you since coffee prince ….wish you and yoon hun hye can get married …too cute together .

  4. I’m so happy for Gong Yoo, hopefully 2016 is his year. I hate zombie films, but will watch it at the cost of GY. Can’t wait for his drama as well.

  5. I’m so happy for Gong Yoo and can’t wait for his upcoming drama in november but why did he have to make an horror movie? I can’t with those movies genre but it’s Gong Yoo’s movie so I have to watch it!! and it looks great by the look of the trailer that made me litteraly shaking and through my fingers!! good thing I have time to prepare my heart till it’s avalable online with subs and and sure thing I’ll watch it by daytime by then but I’m sure I’ll eat all my fingers and turn to my pillow by the end of the movie!!…but will I really have the time to prepare my heart with W Two Worlds leaving me breathless with uncontrollable heartbeats and then Scarlet Heart: Ryeo which I’m sure won’t let my heart rest either!! good!! I’ll prepare heart medication by my side then!! hhhhhhhh

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