Ace Bed Hires K-star Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young for First Married Couple CF Campaign

I’ve been wondering when the CF world would come knocking on the door of married acting couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young, and the first joint commercial hit it out of the park in terms of maximizing their appeal. The Ace bed company hired the parents of adorable toddler daughter Kwak Ji Yoo to hawk it’s line of super comfortable beds with ample back support. The CF dropped this week and is really short at just under 20 seconds, but flashes enough cuteness as the couple unanimously agree that the Ace bed is ideal for marital bliss. We get to see Ji Sung pout and agree while Lee Bo Young take charge, which is basically what both have shared as the successful underpinnings of their relationship for the last ten years from dating to married to parenthood. They remain such a sweet stable sign from K-ent that mature romances can happen from reel to real.

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young CF for Ace Bed:


Ace Bed Hires K-star Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young for First Married Couple CF Campaign — 18 Comments

    • No, she looks very different in the video also. Maybe it’s post-baby weight or just her new look post pregnancy? She looks good…just very different. Like a totally different person.

  1. Nothing happen with her,they just sharing aura,and they have very good chemistry. They must be have very good understanding each other. You can see that when you meet a happy couple.

  2. LOL I thought it’s just me who didn’t recognize LBY. It’s on my third time viewing the commercial that I was able to figure it out that it’s her. But still, I have to convince myself that it’s really her coz nobody else could be more fitting to be JS’s partner in that ad.

  3. To me it just looks like she lost weight in her face. Her cheeks and face shape just became more prominent due to this.

    • I didn’t even notice a difference in the beginning, I was busy being amused by the fact that they are advertising a mattress XD. Me and my dirty mind.

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