Yoo Seung Ho Turns 23 Years Old and Offered Lead Role in Fantasy Sageuk Ruler – Master of the Mask

It’s double the good news today to start off August 17th in Korea – child actor turned leading man Yoo Seung Ho turns 23 years old (or 24 in Korean years) and he’s been offered the lead in an upcoming fantasy sageuk drama. He really remains so in demand, even after turning down the lead in MBC‘s upcoming The Man Living in Our House there is no shortage of drama roles being thrown his way. This sageuk drama is called Ruler – Master of the Mask, which immediately makes me think of The Man in the Iron Mask for whatever reason. The drama will be full pre-produced and currently doesn’t have a broadcast network or time slot, but will be aiming for an early 2017 release. Happy 23rd birthday to my cute boy and here’s hoping he accepts the drama and gifts the world with his gorgeousness in sageuk costuming glory for 20 episodes.

Ruler – Master of the Mask has Yoo Seung Ho up for the role of a Joseon prince who battles for his people against a shadowy powerful organization that seeks to privatize and exploit water usage in the land. That makes Yoo Seung Ho the Ruler versus the bad guy who is the Master of the Mask, I’m assuming? Even this brief concept synopsis sounds good enough for me.


Yoo Seung Ho Turns 23 Years Old and Offered Lead Role in Fantasy Sageuk Ruler – Master of the Mask — 9 Comments

  1. Wow – the baby has grown up so fine and already 23?! Time flies! I think it’s pretty cool that he already finished his MS. a sageuk would be nice but I will take anything – hoping for a good storyline too. Gosh what a blast from the past with The King and I. He was a young kid then.

    YSH fighting!!

  2. I miss him so much , I wish see him soon in strong drama , he is my fav actor forever, he became more manly in this times .
    happy birthday to my handsome soldier .

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