Jeon Ji Hyun Chic and Cool in London for Nepa Sportswear CF

It doesn’t even matter than Jeon Ji Hyun is the mother of a child and a married wife for many years, she still exudes every bit the movie star chirmas to the max. Jeon Ji Hyun is preparing to head to Palau and then Spain for overseas filming on fantasy drama Legend of the Blue Sea with Lee Min Ho, the most anticipated K-drama now that big budget 2016 productions such as K-Bu Bu Jing XIn and Uncontrollably Fond have aired to varying degrees of success. Jeon Ji Hyun has been repping sportswear brand Nepa for many years now and continues to be the face of the brand even during and after her pregnancy, with the latest pictorial depositing her in London for a pretty effortless shoot. She looks exquisite and remains a true hallmark for all actresses to meet and exceed in CF delivery.


Jeon Ji Hyun Chic and Cool in London for Nepa Sportswear CF — 28 Comments

  1. Is there something Korean women eat or do that makes them go back to their pre-pregnancy form after giving birth? I am so curious.

      • Is that ALL they eat? So slim! And JJH is not the only one like this. I find that a lot of Korean women stay slim during and after pregnancy. Hips, arms, legs and boobs stay pretty much the same size. Perhaps it is something about the food or genetics since I don’t think Koreans are big on gym memberships, hahaha.

  2. Too often Asian celebs get sent to Europe for photoshoots which eventually do not include a single shot of the surroundings, just some weird indoor rooms. We’re to believe the photographer’s word that the shooting occured in, say, Berlin or Paris, when the pics could have been taken anywhere closer to home. So kudos to this team for incorporating fancy scenes of the Londonian life. And greetings to my Korean teacher’s high school sunbae.^^

    • Amen! I never understood why they went abroad for these photoshop because the countrys landmarks where never included. So happy to see these pics.

      That last pic looks as if she stepped out of her YWCFAS drama, especially her white coat.

    • Well, apart from Tower bridge can’t really see any other famous London landmarks. Could have taken them in any European country. Should try better than this.

  3. Now mom is gone, chic lass is back. LOL…
    She looks effortless fabulous in every style of these CFs. I’m curious if her drama with LMH will also be banned from China bcos of THAAD.

      • She has been acing rom com with her quirky humor. But I beg this time to showcase her prowess on other genres. To be honest, still way to see her more versatile, not just being a rom com queen. I hope mermaid is not a rom com again.

  4. I am curious over the genre of her new drama with LMH? Is it a romcom? or a melodrama?
    I like her since “My Sassy Girl” where her character is as zany as Cheon Song Yi in YFAS. But I wish to see her portray something like her character “Il Mare” this type around.

    • From what I’ve read, it is supposed to be romance+comedy+fantasy.

      Like what you and @Drama2016 said, I think it would be nice to see her in something other than comedy.She is definitely capable of other genres, just watch her movies like The Assassins and The Berlin File. Not mind blowing great but I quite liked her understated style.

      LMH on the other hand should never do melo. Romcom is best for him.

  5. She just looks gorgeous on any cosmetics or jewellery ads. When it comes to fashion cf/magazine photoshoot, she looks ridiculous with unbelievably clumsy, messy and awkward poses.

  6. Why….why………why can’t I be this flawless?????? She is so cool, beautiful and funny and nice to boot! Can’t wait for the upcoming drama!

  7. Wow, she looks effortlessly beautiful in these shots! I don’t find her to be the most beautiful K-actress and she’s not a personal fave but she unquestionably has this aura to her that makes her stand out.

  8. Wow…so gorgeous this girl, She has many pictorials thats been recently released and I find that these Nepa and Michaa print ads of hers are the best….

    • OMO!!! her Hera cf and rounge and lounge too… uuggghh!! can’t decide which was the best, they’re all breathtakingly beautiful!!;)

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