Yoon Eun Hye in L’Oreal and Salvatore Ferragano Prepping for Brand CF Campaigns


Yoon Eun Hye has always been a CF queen in K-ent so she remains active with the promotional circuit outside of Korea this year while on acting hiatus. She’s recently inked a deal to be the spokesmodel for Chinese beauty brand Mageline. but over the summer she posted updates on brand activities for L’Oreal and Salvatore Ferragamo that show her relaxed and chic. I’ve always loved Yoon Eun Hye’s personal style, she has a way of making CF endorsements feel like it’s her natural fit to use the products be it jewelry, clothing, accessories or makeup. I also love her acting the same way, it just feels warm and relatable. I can’t wait for her K-ent come back in early 2017!



Yoon Eun Hye in L’Oreal and Salvatore Ferragano Prepping for Brand CF Campaigns — 41 Comments

    • Again the same old story ! Here we go again ! Welcome back Yeh ! I can’t wait for you. Hope to see you in a lot of projects . Hits or flops , i don’t care . I just love this LADY and want her to act, act, act,…

    • she is innocent so why should she apologized. You should read both story before judging. And if that fashion designer really thinks that YEH plagiarized his work why don’t he sued her for that? after YEH give the statement about it, he just vanished. The idea is not his. nothing new about the design. so he can’t really say that it was his idea.

      • Totally agree with you @orino. In Paris it’s the fashion week and we can see a lot of similarities in the new collections. It’s called ” la tendance”

      • Hey, why do you use my user name if you just want to bash her. Be gentleman/gentlewoman and just using your own name. Troll!!

      • Hey, if you want to bash her DO NOT use my user name. Be gentleman/woman & be creative. Use your own name !!

    • @lolol, Are we going to ignore the fact that a designer, such as Yoon Choon Ho, can accuse people of picking up clothes from them to steal and use in their designs, swear at them on sns, provide no proof to support their claims, and ruin several peoples’ reputations.

      I mean let’s give it a rest. Happy Birthday YEH!

  1. “Feel like it’s her natural fit to use the products”

    That’s the point. She always take products/brand she’s endorsed based on which one she likes & will be used/wore by her own, not solely because of the money. That’s what she said in one of her old interview.
    She’s been rejected several offers of brands/CF before just because she didn’t like it such as Soju but she took Cass Beer instead.

    Anyway, waiting for good news (her comeback project)

  2. i’m happy whenever koala wrote about her. can’t wait for 2017. I miss her doing variety and drama. if only yeh could be in weekend drama so that i can watch her longer.

  3. She turned 32 yesterday! My wish for her is to stay happy and healthy, and a certain release date for After Love! It’s been held too long 🙁

      • @Lal, i was afraid that you changed your mind ! Happy to see that it wasn’t you. I like to read comments from the original one !

      • @cahill, not a chanche lol. I won’t turn my back on her. Although IF someday I’m not her fans anymore (fat chanche) I won’t bashed her and become her antifans (like some people I know)

        So if next time you see/read a poster/commenter bashing YEH by using my user name, that’s not me 😉

    • Same here. I’m waiting for her name to appear on any K-Drama casting news be it a rumor or consideration ’cause I’m looking forward to her comeback on K-Drama land.

  4. Good luck YEH. I am not her fan but to those who don’t have nice things to say, better off to skip this article and not say anything and kill the joy for others who cherish her.

  5. I love YEH and I love whenever Koala post an article like this one about her here. Keep them coming! Like Koala, I also love her personal style and acting the same. Can’t wait for her new drama announcement for 2017! 🙂

  6. I think she is a solid actress and wish her luck on her next project. It might be a tad bit shallow, but I appreciate that she actually knows how to do a kiss scene which is helpful in not making them look ridiculous.

  7. Yoon Eun Hye’s beauty really transcends Asian and European, she’s like a mixed of both worlds, maybe that’s why its easy for her to get endorsement deals like these abroad, she’s like a Eurasian Queen. but looking at her profile she’s not even mixed blood but pure Korean. Her kind of beauty is what outside Korea can appreciate well, hope she comes back in Kdrama land very soon! no wonder many new K actress copy her face, or try to look like her, lololol.

    • Copycats can never surpass the original one. Her beauty seems to be more appreciate internationally. Last week i was watching a French tv doc (2015) about Seoul and to represent the beauty of korean woman , they show 2 pictures…Song Hye Kyo and Yoon Eun Hye ! Even as a fan, i was amazed .

      • To @ bibimpap , you can see it on YouTube “Maboul de Seoul” presented by Antoine de Caunes ( great sense of humor and a bit sarcastic and ironic) from french tv “canal +” around 33 / 35 mn you can see the photos.

      • The Chipettes are so cute you betrayed yourself mentioning this movie, Queen B even lended them her voice.

      • Happy Birthday to Chipette, cutest than ever Yoon Eun Hye.
        Even Hollywood’s stars love “The Chipettes and the Chipmunks” voices on their snapchats, so how could you even mention so cute animations with a bad meaning.”The Chipettes and the Chipmunks” are heroes and best friends to children so many imitate them!

    • @Anna Karenina, you made an interesting description about YEH’s beauty. Since long ago I always feel that YEH has a “unique” beauty, not typically Korean’s. Especially for her nose and lips.
      I think Korean people also appreciated those “characteristics” (not just international people) since she used to win the poll of best lips or nose for Korean actresses category.
      YEH’s nose (alongside Han Ga in’s) particulary were very popular among women who want to undergo plastic surgery. There were articles about that.

      • I may be wrong but it saddens me that nowadays male actors never mention her as a potential partner. She’s not just an unique beauty. She ‘s sensual and cute at same time, never vulgar, very feminine with a strong and charismatic personality .A deep gaze who shows a great sense of humanity… An actress with a great unexplored potential…

      • @cahill, being mentioned by some actors as potential co-star isn’t that important for me. They didn’t the ones who make the decision of the casting. Sure there’re some exception if the actor/actress powerful enough. But that’s a rare case. I believed with her many achievements YEH is still sought after to this day despite everything else.

  8. Are they many antifans for yoon eun hye in korea … cuz every time i see her articles in neitzen buzzz.. they are mostly of negative comments unlike other celebrities !!!

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