Bolin Chen Shows off Fall Vibes in the October Issue of Men’s Uno

Fall seems like the weather season I would associate with TW-actor Bolin Chen, complex and contemplative and layered. Bolin is on the cover and pages of Men’s Uno magazine this fall, with nothing upcoming on his acting schedule but recently quite active with some crossovers into K-ent. He was paired with K-actress Song Ji Hyo in We Are in Love, the Chinese version of We Got Married, and earlier did a cameo in MBC drama Monster and a movie with Ha Ji Won. His stint on the reality romance show with Song Ji Hyo shows us a man who is thoughtful and boyish, always sincere and serious behind his big smile. He’s really a top Taiwanese star asset and I hope he continues to build upon his impressive acting career into greater Asia, it doesn’t hurt that his looks are gorgeous without being plastic or cookie cutter.


Bolin Chen Shows off Fall Vibes in the October Issue of Men’s Uno — 9 Comments

  1. I enjoyed Bolin Chen in all of his dramas. I absolutely fell in love with him in We Are In Love with Song Ji Hyo. He was manly, boyish, charming, considerate, kind, humorous, serious, sincere, romantic and warm with a depth to his personality that was refreshing to see in this type of reality show. I felt we got to know him. He is an excellent actor and yummy eye candy. Really yummy eye candy!!!

  2. And his voice …
    Luckily I first saw him in tw-drama, so no dubbing.
    I will melt with his charming-boyish-smile, and with his whisper on my ears will turn me to dust.

    Capt K, I notice that we may have same type. With Masaya, Fujiki, Vic, Wallace, and Bolin. Now if only you can add Alec Su there, I would be grateful.

  3. Although the reality show Bolin starred in with Song was for TV only I strongly believe through much of their body language that this relationship is still going on..not only do I believe but I want it too they definitely suit each other in every which way!!!

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