Ji Chang Wook is a Rebel in Jeans for Calvin Klein 2016 CF Campaign

Nobody puts baby in the ┬ácorner, but if it’s Ji Chang Wook then please go right on ahead and make him stand in the corner for the enjoyment of the world. When he’s not rescuing damsels and kicking major butt on currently airing tvN drama The K2, Ji Chang Wook finds time to model the latest and greatest in Calvin Klein jeans as see in this fall 2016 ad campaign. The shirtless with jeans and a jean jacket look is nnnngggg-inducing, not to mention his white and black loafers make me realize he has really really big feet. The rest of the pictures are just as smexy, with Ji Chang Wook doing his best James Dean homage with a side of Justin Beiber and making it the combination work marvelously.


Ji Chang Wook is a Rebel in Jeans for Calvin Klein 2016 CF Campaign — 10 Comments

  1. I never liked seeing man posing shirtless. Without showing too much skin, one can still look sexy. JCW looks good in this pictorials except for the first photo showing the abs. And sorry, K2 is a letdown.

  2. I agree K2 has plot holes but it’s the only drama that caught my attention this year. Looking at the big picture, it’s a story of damaged people and how they learn to fix it, either with absolute power or with love. “We are our choices.” (Jean Paul Sartre)

  3. Well thanks photographer to give the rest of the female (an interested male) population the eye candy it deserves on rainy autumn days. Or in short: Raaaaawr Oppa!

  4. After watching the latest episodes of K2, I’m kinda wondering if the writer have a fetish to habitually paint his heroines sick weakling. He just used the same formula as he did for Yong Pal???? Poor girls, pretty, but are always drugged to an extent their brains can’t really function normally. So pathetic! LOL I love the sweet moments between the OTP. But it’s a pity a lot of screen time has to be given to the veteran actress SYN. I think that’s the deal and also always a dilemma to have any past acting glory in the cast. Her scenes are repetitive and she steals too much screen time from the OTP.

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