Teaser and Stills Prep SBS’s Return to Medical on Mon-Tues with Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

The impending conclusion of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo means SBS can return to the winning formula on Mon-Tues with the medical themed drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. Its title is basically the underpinnings of the last SBS medical drama Doctors, what with Kim Rae Won‘s character being all three – romantic, teacher, and doctor – to Park Shin Hye‘s female lead.

In the upcoming medical drama, the titular Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim is played by veteran Han Seok Kyu, and the drama with the veteran paired with younger doctor leads in Seo Hyun Jin and Yoo Yeon Seok reminds me a lot of one of my favorite medical K-dramas New Heart with Jo Jae Hyun, Ji Sung, and Kim Min Jung. I enjoy the mentoring veteran professional drama with the youngsters growing in skill and love alongside. The drama stills and teasers are standard medical drama stuff but the glimpse of a love line with Seo Hyun Jin and Yoo Yeon Seok satisfies the romantic needs of the typical K-drama viewers.

Teasers for Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim:


Teaser and Stills Prep SBS’s Return to Medical on Mon-Tues with Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim — 39 Comments

    • JTBC is coming out with something rather unconventional in My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week. That is what I will be watching.

  1. Woman in a Suitcase or Briefcase or whatever is a no go for me so I’ll probably pick either this one or the Man Living in My House drama to go with but think I’ll wait until they are both about half way done to decide. I can’t get too worked up about either of them because they both sound so similar to other dramas I’ve seen in the past. I don’t hate medical dramas, but I don’t necessarily love them either. I just want something different if they use such a familiar format. I’ve already watched DOTS, Beautiful Mind and Doctors just this year.

    I guess with Goblin and the mermaid movie, maybe non-vampire fantasy creatures will be a trend next year.

    • I am most attracted to Legend of The Blue Sea until the second teaser came out. While I like JJH, her aura in here pretty much similar to her character in YFAS, but it’s just a 60 seconds teaser so I am giving this drama the benefit of a doubt. I will definitely pass on Goblin because it has both Kim Eun Sook and Gong Yoo. Once Moon Lovers ended, I will most likely check on Soo Ae’s new drama or better off, return to my reading. Gosh, I could not believe that it took me this long time to complete The Alchemist all because of ML.

  2. I saw the teaser and was happy to see that the actress was not wearing the last collection of Chanel with high heels… and the hairdo of a L’Oréal cf !

    • And the Koreans actually bought that kind of formula. How ironic! No offense against the actors but surgeons with nail arts and high heels when they have to run around the hospital? I am getting pissed with the double standard when they so want to talk about quality production.

      • Do you work in a hospital? Only surgeons/theatre staff need to have plain nails. Junior doctors that I’ve seen have polished nails. High heels are seen also and they are medical consultants!!! Yes, I don’t agree with high heels but if they are not on-call there is no reason why they can’t wear them to look professional.

      • I don’t work in hospital but spent quite considerable amount there when my grandma was hospitalized. And I did mentioned “surgeons” with regard to nail arts. And doctors making rounds in heels? Can you imagine the clacking sounds of the heels? Nope, definitely not the surgeons and physicians here where I came from.

      • Sorry to hear about your grandma but yes, I have seen female consultants do their morning ward rounds in heels. Doctors are normal people who have family, a life and individual personalities. It’s very crude to put ‘surgeons’ or ‘doctors’ under one look.

      • @Abc
        Thanks for the kind words. It’s not really the intention to put surgeon or doctor under one look but most of the times and should I be more specific, drama like Doctors unfortunately painted the whole unrealistic picture of medical setting. Over here, Seo Hyun Jin’s character seems more realistic as a doctor than PSH (that does not mean I am bashing PSH). Sure doctors and surgeons could look good but we all know the nature of their job, at least be realistic instead of getting us to view them all pretty all the time. Even then, I am so done with medical dramas. There are just too many and we are basically saturated with this setting.

  3. I am so done with medical dramas because they are dead BORING. And the only words uttered by those doctors are “scapel and suction”.

  4. Medical drama again. Yawn! While Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (the title sounds cheesy) looks more believable as a medical drama than Doctors but I am not so sure of the winning formula though…..
    Can’t they bring in other professions to be highlighted on tv? A chef just like Bradley Cooper in Burnt? or newsroom dramas like “News No Onna” and “Bijo ka Yajuu” or can perhaps adapting a feminist storyline as per the novel “Shutterbabe”.
    At least give us something new, fresh and creative. How many more doctors we have to endure with on screen???

    • I would just add that they should take a break from the legal dramas as well.

      I am watching 1% of Anything right now and it is a frothy rom/com, but it is actually refreshing that the lead gal is a school teacher.

      • On this department, I like Japanese dramas more. Japanese dramas tend to showcase more real working class group unlike K-dramas with the chaebol left and right. It would be refreshing to see something like “Long Vacation”, “Good Luck” and “Narita Rikkon” in K-dramas. Professions like photographer, engineer, journalist or average office lady always underplayed in K-dramas. It would be refreshing to watch a drama that make some fresh adaptations to some really good English novels. Just saying.

    • @Del
      Oh, thank you. You mentioned those dramas that I so very much love. Oldies but goodies. I like “News no Onna” very much. The female protagonist is the pure epitome of a strong woman. Flawed yet full of guts, proud yet smart and spunky. And her love lines with her 3 admires which she didn’t give a shit on is super hilarious. I can certainly imagine Kim Hyun Joo portraying this role. And “Narita Rikkon” is classic.

  5. Safe to say we dont really like doctor dramas, dramas where the guy is a chaebol; a ceo etc. im oso not keen on lawyers. Thus far the ones i like are chef and sound engineers/ producers. lol

    • I remember growing up watching a lot of HK dramas and there were full of police stories. And now that I forgo HK dramas and here, K-dramas are inundated with chaebol. I kind of like men in uniform with exception of police and army. I have a thing for chef and their all-white uniform (but please no checkered pants like the one my brother wearing). And I think pilot would be nice like HK’s classic “Triumph In The Sky”.

    • I want more engineering. It’s one of the most manly work 🙂 I only saw two times drama with engineering background. First, Choi Jiwoo and Bae Young Jooon in Winter Sonata, second Eric in Discovery of Romance.

      • I am an engineer but no…CJW in Winter Sonata is actually an architect and same as BYJ except he is more on developer side. Engineer looks into structural stability whereas architect takes care of aesthatic value. Actually the setting was poorly done since in real scenario, we visited the site before inking the deal but Winter Sonata is so addictive and BYJ made me turned a blind eyes on the flaws. And agree, engineer especially site engineer is one hell of manly profession. What’s with the guy covers with dirts yet speaks technical stuffs.

  6. Become a doctor doesn’t mean we can’t be pretty though. I saw many doctors have very pretty and stylish appearance. But, they will show just common stuff during their working hours.

    Realistic or not medical drama depends on how the writer put their storytelling. Sometimes I see so ridiculous stuff about medical drama. The writers need to learn about medical stuff, pharmacy, how to use some equipments before writing their story so it doesn’t come out stupid.

    From the teaser, this drama seems a bit exaggerate which is not match with the real situation in the hospital. From my experiences, most of doctors are very calm, work smart and well-mannered. Even if they have misunderstanding, they will talk nicely without shouting. And what’s with the kiss during work? It just worst than the previous medical dramas and it’s an insult to doctor profession. I’m not saying doctor can’t be involved in romance though. But I think the kiss is out of place.

  7. If the new drama leads were Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk , nobody will be complaining !!! And I don’t work in that field but i spend a lot of time in hospital due my mother health and they wear sneakers and are very tired .

    • I will be complaining even if it’s PSH and LJS. And I think it’s pretty much agreed that we are mostly so done with medical drama. I feel like under duress when watching dramas about sick people all the time. It’s high time to shift the spotlight on other professions. Hairdresser? DJ? Fashion designer? Bank officer? LOL.

      • @OMG they bring another medical drama because “Doctors” was successful ! I want something new too ! They allways focus on “noble” professions. I didn’t remember seeing a drama about a nurse hardships, a young version of Miss Marple, …

      • @Suzy pretty i mentioned him because everyone was talking about him. I like him but he’s not the only actor alive. The same goes for the Woman in VERY high heels !!!

      • @ Suzypretty i mentioned him like i would with another hallyu star. It’s just that people are complaining about another medical drama so why “Doctors” was a hit.

        To@ AG if yours comments are for me , know that : I ‘m not a PSH hater since i follow his career since 2006 and i wasn’t bashing Psh but his role . It’s not the same thing. As a veteran actress of his status she should choose meatier roles .

    • Lmao are you serious?
      PSH has so many haters here that keep complaining about her in everything
      And you seems like one considered you pushed down doctors and bring her to put her down…

    • And actually doctors dress up and wears brand names here. They are rich and enjoy their lives.
      It’s not like they wear high heels in the surgery rooms but they could when they are at conference or meeting or meeting. I have friends who are doctors and I can tell you they love dressing up and wear high heels

    • Last, no matter how much you put down doctors and complained about PSH, your favorite’s dramas and biases wish to have a successful drama like she did.

      You can’t deny that!
      And please stop being bitter and leave her alone

      • lmao maybe psh didn’t deserve compliments just because successful drama thats why ppl always complain and bash her.

  8. My favourite drama about doctors was Obstectrics and Gynecology Doctors. Go Joo Won was so handsome in this drama 😀 and the female character was interesting !

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