Moon Geun Young has Third Surgery and Avoids Serious Complications Such as Amputation

There‚Äôs good news to report on Moon Geun Young‘s recent medical scare, with a frightening worst case scenario element to it. Moon Geun Young has undergone her third surgery on her arm for compartment syndrome, with the remaining performances for the stage production of Romeo and Juliet now fully cancelled. Her agency confirms that she is in recovery but the situation was so severe that her inured arm could have been amputated had she not gotten surgery just in time. Compartment Syndrome is when there is severe internal bleeding and swelling to the tissues after a sudden injury, and if not treated swiftly could cause permanent tissue and nerve damage. I’m so relieved Moon Geun Young is in recovery and praying there are no lasting repercussions.

Other than the Romeo and Juliet performances, Moon Geun Young did not have anything else on her upcoming schedule whether drama or movie. This medical recovery will likely mean we won’t see her anytime soon in a new project but that’s fine, health is always the highest priority.


Moon Geun Young has Third Surgery and Avoids Serious Complications Such as Amputation — 12 Comments

  1. These injuries take many months to heal and often never heal completely after surgery.She will need to be watched closely as setbacks and dangers remain for considerable time. Her Agency needs to be more regular with updates to her fans who genuinely adore her and be honest for Gods sake…Its been poor, vague and in some cases inaccurate information with some us able to see straight through the PR crap.I have Medical experience and know for a fact her condition is serious and will remain in the balance for a long time. I hope she is well taken care of and given all the support she deserves by her Agency..They owe her that.

  2. Praying for a quick recovery. I am a believer of only the good die young so I hope she is not on the list. So much evil on this planet and this young lady gets thrown a curve. She is a good person (not that I know her) by deeds and actions. Thank you for your post.

  3. No updates on her condition anywhere.Many of her fans are worried and deserve better…Her Agency needs to keep her fans updated or they will think the worse..not impressed.

  4. Why no news on her in weeks.something is not right..Her Agency has shown no respect to her fans by not keeping her condition updated..Is this how it works in South Korea..Her fans deserve to know how she is doing truthfully.

  5. Poor girl..nearly 4 weeks in hospital and maybe another surgery..our prayers and love go to her..This is obviously serious with no way of knowing an outcome..God bless you Moon.

  6. Best wishes on the difficult process and journey ahead.May you have all the support and care you deserve. Everyone now understands your huge battle even though little information is been given.
    Lots of Hugs.

  7. Why wont her agency give her fans more regular updates on her progress? What are you suppose to think when you hear nothing…her fans deserve to know how she is as they are hearing nothing.These Talent Agencies in Korea make me sick.

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