Goblin Leads Today Versus High School Days Picture

I really miss my Goblin cuties, with re-watching the drama not enough thrill compared to the excitement of live watching the drama for two months. Nothing so far in 2017 has hooked me, forget to the degree I was obsessed with Goblin, but a breather from intense drama viewing is needed to reset. The leads of Goblin are all headed off to other things, with both male leads Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook holding sold out fan meetings across Asia to satiate their new and existing fans still riding the high of their Goblin and Grim Reaper characters.

No next project news from Yoo In Na and Kim Go Eun but I’m sure they will also reap the benefits of starring in such a hit drama. I came across a news article in K-ent that collected the high school pictures of the four leads and it struck me that Kim Go Eun really still looks just like her high school self, hence the role of Eun Tak wasn’t a stretch visually or with her acting talents. So any miss there perhaps rides on the writing and how suitable it was that her character be a high school student to begin with. The jury is still out on that one.

Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo look soooooo hilariously dorky in their high school pictures, I can imagine a buddy road trip movie with these two as well. Yoo In Na clearly got work done since her debut but she looks greats and owns up to it so more power to her. I also love how Kim Go Eun hasn’t buckled under the trend and remains exactly the same looks that nevertheless hasn’t hampered her acting career.


Goblin Leads Today Versus High School Days Picture — 14 Comments

  1. High school Kim Go Eun looks the most like her current self because she’s the youngest ?

    Gong Yoo looks like he was destined to be a computer science or engineering graduate lol. Who knew that he would be parading designer coats many years later in a drams? ?

    Lee Dong Wook – that’s how he looks in the 2001 drama pure heart. He really looks very different now….

  2. Upcoming drama is nothing to looking forward to either. What a shame. I only enjoying tomorrow with you and will watch rebel. A good think there is no drama interesting because I will be very busy for the next 6 month that only can afford 1-2 drama to follow

  3. I miss my Goblin cuties, too! Oh so much. <3 I was and still am kinda obsessed with that show, so it's hard for me to move on and find another cracktastic show like Goblin. I mean, I watch, but I'm not IN LOVE. Goblin was a real gem. I really hope to see Go-eun in another drama this year so I can obsessed over it. Haha. Looking forward to seeing all of the four main cast's next projects–especially Gong Yoo and Go-eun. I'm still waiting for their reunion in something. Anything!

    As for their childhood photos, boy, do most of them look different! I hope Go-eun never changes anything about her body–she's perfect! The others have obviously gotten some work done, which is fine. I'm sure Gong Yoo got some work done, too, albeit not much. Maybe his nose? Most likely, right? Anyways, he still looks dashing and ages like fine wine, so cheers to that!

  4. I knew about LDW fans meet.. but Gong Yoo fans meet, is there anything confirmed for outside Korea? I just did my own Goblin tour last week when I was on holiday there, most memorable was the yellow bookstore, the owner is superrrr totally nice people…. nothing excite me much these days too after Goblin LOL

    • gong yoo will have charity bazaar with his fans in korea in April then he’ll have fan meeting in other countries in Asia
      His agency stated they already received offers for fan meeting from 15 countries include Japan , China, Taiwan, US, Canada

  5. Still don’t understand the hype about Goblin . It’s only my opinion. I find it boring and not challenging at all for the actors.The same goes for Dots…

    • Same here. I tried watching but I really couldn’t get it. I tried the first episode and dropped it by episode 2. Then I tried watching the last episode and I thanked god that I dropped it earlier on. Guess my taste is totally not within the majority sphere since I spent loving most unpopular shows in 2016/17 like Moon Lovers, Weightlift Fairy, Hwarang bt indifferent twds popular shows like Dots, MDBC, Goblin and LOTBS.

      • @emilie, we share the same tastes ! I found WFairy so warm and cute, and i was addicted to Moon Lovers! It seems i only like “loosers” .LOL

      • No Moon Lovers is so popular with international fans it was trending everywhere when it was bein aired … I don’t get why it wasn’t loved in Korea but it’s one of my favorite dramas … I also love Goblin .. hasa

      • i loathe moonlover and hwarang but love goblin and dots. lobs was just so so but MDBC is overrated…i guess we all born with different taste.

  6. KGE is such a pretty lady. why a lot of people find her ugly !( and i’m not a fan) but i find her natural beauty refreshing (Park So Dam, Han ye ri, Moon geun Young…) . But if it can help some to live their dream … Yoo In Ha could’t have gone this far without it. Sad but true.

  7. i can see major work on Yoo In ha but the result is awesome…same goes to park min young she look like a different person before and after PS. i dont mind PS as long as they can emote well while acting its ok

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