Chris Wu and Yao Yao Lend Their Support for the Taiwan PSA Campaign Against Sexual Assault

Taiwan is a pretty woke country in terms of being culturally and socially progressive and it’s especially nice to see the entertainers always stepping up as representatives of positive outreach. This week top stars Chris Wu and Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao) took a day off to attend the press conference for the “No Means No” public service announcement campaign to combat sexual assault. They also filmed short videos to share the pain of being a victim to raise awareness and fight against stigma for being a survival of rape. I find this so powerful and uplifting to see stars getting involved in important PSA events to give it more exposure and hopefully make an impact. Sexual assault remains a huge problem around the world not just in Taiwan so remember that “no means no” and it’s never okay to blame the victim.

PSA for “No Means No”:


Chris Wu and Yao Yao Lend Their Support for the Taiwan PSA Campaign Against Sexual Assault — 4 Comments

  1. I hope this will make some kind of difference 🙂 I do like how they at pretty progressive over there. I do miss being there as well.

    I am glad that stars are stepping out for good causes such as this one.

  2. The short videos are so powerful, I agree that Taiwan is quite progressive in terms of LGBT and sensitive issues, even their stars talked publicly about such issues to educate the public.

    By the way, Wu Kang Ren stated on his Facebook before that he have no English name, it’s only Wu Kang Ren and have no idea who was the one who edit his Wikipage to “Chris Wu” so it’s the best if Miss Koala could rectify your post to state his correct name so there won’t be more people misled by this.

  3. @koala: LOVE your blog and Chris Wu. I know this is off topic but what do you think of his new drama (the Perfect Match) and his recent comment about the low pay and abuse of the crew in Taiwanese TV industry? I don’t understand Chinese but read on reddit that he commented on the low $9k budget per episode for this show. I’d like to read some other people’s perspective about this but can’t find anything else in English and hope his honesty will not jeopardize his career since he is my fave Taiwanese actor and so talented.

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