Gong Hyo Jin in Hong Kong as Surprise Guest for Good Friend Gong Yoo’s Fan Meeting

Bromance gets tons of attention in entertainment whether in real life or characters onscreen but less visible are the long lasting friendships that don’t have a quippy name. For well over a decade two stars have remained good friends in K-ent and doing so even without a dating scandal! Ever since playing the CP in Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, a drama I still can’t watch because of the whole teacher-student romance bit even thought I love both leads to pieces, Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin have parlayed all the potential from that relatively early in their career drama role into a critically acclaimed and popular acting career in movies and K-dramas. Two years ago they paired up for a home goods CF campaign and now in 2017 they will be on the same stage as Gong Hyo Jin is the special guest at Gong Yoo’s fan meeting stop in Hong Kong. Sadly it’s not much of a surprise as the vigilant HK paparazzi snapped them heading out for a tasty late night dinner with their staff but it’s still super nice of Gong Hyo Jin to make the effort for her good buddy Gong Yoo.


Gong Hyo Jin in Hong Kong as Surprise Guest for Good Friend Gong Yoo’s Fan Meeting — 9 Comments

  1. Aw, it’s so nice to see that they have maintained a good friendship over the years. I’m with you on the teacher-student relationship thing. I guess they make dramas like that because it is built in tension. I love Gong Hyo-jin, I watch (or at least start to watch) every drama she does.

  2. That’s because they are from the same agency. I won’t be surprise either if Jung Yumi or Jeon Do Yeon (The Good Wife) will also make a suprise appearance. But I would dedinitely love it if Jung Yumi and Gong Yoo will date for real. I really think they look so good together ❤

  3. This sort of thing is a testament to Gong Yoo’s personality and also to Gong Hyo Jin! GY in particular almost always gets along so well with his coststars, like genuinely gets along with them off screen. He seems like a genuinely great guy and ugh it just makes me fall for him more!!

    He sort of reminds me of Ha Ji Won in that manner and I’ve been wishing and hoping they’d costar as leads in a drama especially after seeing them next to each other when they won awards for paying their taxes (I believe) a few years back.

  4. It would be awesome if Gong Yoo next drama is with a great actress like Gong Hyo Jin.

    Make it happen drama God!

  5. Gong Hyo Jin & Gong Yoo had already paired in a drama Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy back in 2005. That drama was a flop. Actually, its GHJ lowest rating drama in her entire TV career. Her biggest hit is I believe was Sangdoo with Rain

  6. I actually loved Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy and still do to this day. Their acting (Gong Hyo Jin & Gong Yoo) was phenomenal – the chemi between the two of them – I’d watch any drama/movie that paired them together LOL

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