Moon Geun Young Celebrates 30th Birthday and Fully Leaves Child Actress Image Behind

It’s birthday time and this one is a combination of my favorite and a big day. K-actress Moon Geun Young celebrated her 30th birthday on May 6th, a Taurus who was born on this day in 1987. Moon Geun Young is ostensibly Hallyu drama’s first child actor star, setting the stage in the childhood portion of weepy fauxcest K-drama Autumn in My Heart so memorably that it kept viewers riveted for the adult portion with less impressive acting to come. She’s parlayed that one role into a full fledged acting career spanning dramas and movies equally, along the way winning the SBS Daesang and the Baeksang Arts Award Best Actress for her role in sageuk Painter of the Wind. She’s culturally 31 years old in Korean age but still has her immensely recognizable baby face minus the baby cheeks. She hasn’t selected any hit projects in quite a few years but there’s always the next big one to work towards, and for now I just want her to fully recover from the recent health scare and her career will be just fine.


Moon Geun Young Celebrates 30th Birthday and Fully Leaves Child Actress Image Behind — 11 Comments

  1. Happy birthday to MGY. She’s one of my few and favorite Korean actress. I hope she’ll recover quickly and pick up a good project soon.

  2. My favourite actress of d favorites!! Just hope she’ll stay healthy and happy and hopefully a good script soon! I’ve faith in her!!

  3. Aww! This post is so cute. Is it just me or does she look like Lee Young-ae, especially with short hair. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MGY!

  4. Nothing has been heard from her in a long time and I am sure her health status is being protected by her Agency.Her injury was major and these type of injuries take a long time to heal and often dont heal completetly. Acting is not the priority having normal arm function is. We all send her lots of love and support and will be their for her on the challenging road ahead .

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