Expectant K-actress Hwang Jung Eum Shares Happy Picture Update on SNS

Recently revealed pregnant K-actress Kim Tae Hee and Jeon Ji Hyun are early along in their gestation periods but have gotten the lion share of media attention since both are so high profile. Married last year drama actress Hwang Jung Eum has been expecting her first child since early this year with her non-celebrity hubby and since the news was shared in February she’s been taking a break from her acting career and hunkering down to expand into a family of three. Recently there are new pictures updates with the glowing star hanging with her close girlfriends and hubby for a luncheon gathering. Hwang Jung Eum is due in early fall so this isn’t a baby shower but it’s wonderful to see her so healthy and happy. Good luck on the final trimester!


Expectant K-actress Hwang Jung Eum Shares Happy Picture Update on SNS — 5 Comments

  1. I hope her pregnancy is going well! She looks a bit tired but I know this is a whole new world for her. Pregnancy can be a roller coaster. Wishing for a safe delivery for mom and baby. I also hope her new hubby is treating her well!

    • Yeh, she looks a bit tired, maybe coz of this new experience in her life and her body is adjusting dramatically to it.Hope it’s all worth it after the baby is born next month.

  2. wow! her belly is so big, maybe it is so heavy at this moment, I hope she will deliver her baby safely without complications and her hubby will love her more since she has given him a gift more than all his assets in this world.

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