Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao Share Loving Photo Celebrating One Year Wedding Anniversary

July 5th of 2017 belongs to the K-ent shattering news that A-list same last name stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are getting married, garnering gasps and swoony congratulations from all corners. The same date a year ago also happens to be the wedding anniversary date of same last name stars Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen, who was the starting lead off runner of the great Chinese and Taiwanese celebrity wedding marathon of 2016. This morning Michelle posted the picture above on her SNS showing her so exhausted after a day of taking wedding pictures she fell into her hubby’s arms around midnight as the shoot wrapped up.

She wished her honey a happy wedding anniversary and thanked him for always being her support and bedrock. Chen Xiao re-posted and wished his wifey a happy anniversary back. Like the Song-Songs with Descendants of the Sun, the Chen-Chens met on the set of filming a romance drama, namely the high profile Romance of the Condor Heroes where they were each scrutinized to the heavens and back for being suited to play beloved iconic novel characters. Their adaptation was raked through the coals for being awful but the two shrugged off the criticism and found love, marriage, and also now parents to a 7 month old little baby boy. Goals yo!

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Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao Share Loving Photo Celebrating One Year Wedding Anniversary — 2 Comments

  1. The baby boy, although no idea how his face looks like.. but from the back, he looks so much like his daddy, Chen Xiao. Happy for the couple! Happy anniversary! 🙂

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