Park Yoochun Resumes Entertainment Career After Scandal with Japan Fan Meeting

It’s so awkward to watch singer-actor Yoochun formerly of DBSK and JYJ resume his public events two years after a very messy and public accusation of rape and subsequent revelations of his salacious personal life. A requirement for star appeal is the public persona projects that fans like and that is impossible to maintain once the curtain falls to reveal the complicated and in Yoochun’s case, rather gross sexual preferences, behind the charming idol boy facade.

He’s been cleared of the rape charges but afterwards got engaged to an Korean heiress though that engagement imploded recently as well. I figured he would have made enough money to retire from entertainment and use his earnings to find another career path, but alas it appears Yoochun has fans outside of South Korea where he’s persona non grate. Yoochun slinked out of Incheon airport this week for a Japan fan meeting, and honestly being covered up in sunglasses, face mask, and walking with an embarrassed hunch like he’s a leper is really so unfortunate to see.


Park Yoochun Resumes Entertainment Career After Scandal with Japan Fan Meeting — 8 Comments

  1. I just returned from Japan (Koreatown) and I can vouch that he and JYJ still have a presence there. Hope he didn’t portray as a loving ‘oppa’ during the fanmeeting. *shudders*

  2. I really liked PYC as an actor prior to that scandal. Now Idk how to feel about him. Regardless of the verdict, those allegations will continue to follow him and as a woman, it’s hard for me to look or think of him the way I used to. I feel the same way about Park Shihoo too and even though I’ve enjoyed his recent works, it’s always there in the back of my mind so there’s always that ick factor and I can’t believe the character he’s trying to play.

  3. Him,Park Shi Hoo and Kim Hyun Joong are all trash. I know it won’t make any difference but I’m on a personal boycott of all activities of these three.

      • i cannot even rewatch Sungjyunkwan Scandal becoz he appears so gross to me now. Too bad coz I like the other three artists 🙁

  4. As an actor, he’s gradually been improving over the years.
    As DBSK, they were fine as a group.

    His toilet fetishes remain his and his alone imo.
    If he wants to act again – fine, I will watch.

    Can’t say it will be the same level of ‘unbiased’ ‘ untainted’ viewing – same goes for Park Shi-hoo … but they’re both decent actors.

    Also does NOT mean the other actors out rhere whom do NOT (as yet) have their private preferences ‘outed’ are all exemplary characters in real life.
    Same goes for JC (the mega martial arts big brother) = only ONE affair of his was publicized and outed … does NOT mean anything, or that the rest aren’t scumbags or loser dads as well.

    • There are some really good exemplary male actors with a clean private life out there. It’s up to women themselves to choose who to support. If we continue to be hypocrites no one will take us seriously.

    • @jusash – i totally get your point. But K-dramas always promote these so-called “Oppas” in rom-com which makes me sick when their real-life fetishes have been uncovered. I guess PYC can portray as villan, serial-killer, psycho-psycho, but please no more Oppa like in “Missing You”.
      @Abc – agree with you. There are so many good actors we can choose. I can switch gear anytime… lol…

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