Why Secretary Kim Premieres with Winning Ratings and Positive Reviews

I’m genuinely giddy with joy, rather selfishly even, that tvN webtoon adapted drama Why Secretary Kim has premiered as a hit this week. The drama airing on the cable network premiered with 5.757% ratings in episode one and episode two decreased slightly to 5.403%. It’s actually a feat in this day and age when rom-coms get low ratings and manga/webtoon adapted ones garner even lower overall. Secretary Kim’s first episode even came in ahead of two prime time network dramas Come and Hug Me with 4.4% and The Undateables (Handsome Guy and Jung Eum) coming in averaging 3.6%.

Leading the Wed-Thurs pack remains the K-drama remake of Suits but still unable to break 10& this week, with 8.4% for Wed and 9.2% Thurs. What makes me happiest is that audience reaction, opinion, and feedback are so positive for Secretary Kim – loving the spot on performances of leads Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young in embodying their characters, and excellent chemistry onscreen. Personally – I love Secretary Kim to pieces, her character even more than I love the drama and it’s been awhile since I’ve loved a female lead this insanely much. What a win for Park Min Young and another smart pick from Park Seo Joon.


Why Secretary Kim Premieres with Winning Ratings and Positive Reviews — 29 Comments

  1. I loved Why Secretary Kim ! It was really funny. PSJ reminds me Cha Seung Won. PMY is so beautiful in this drama ! I’m waiting for the character of Lee Tae Hwan now.

  2. I like the first two episodes. It’s funny and Park Seo Joon is such a hoot. I had really good laugh just from this week’s episodes alone.

    Anyway @Ms.Koala…Really? You have not liked a female lead for a long time? Have u watched “My Ajusshi”? Lee Ji An is perhaps one of the best K-drama heroines ever.

  3. It’s a safe choice for PJ but I don’t see anything new from him. He looks the same as his own self and look the same as the character in his previous drama.

    On the other, PMY is doing well. It’s something new from what she has done before.

    Anyhow, I am happy for both leads & the whole WSK team for the good ratings.

  4. a great watch 🙂 PMY shines in this drama. With the World Cup delaying the airing of Come and Hug Me, it is good to have Why Secretary Kim to fill in my gap. Come and Hug Me is getting draggy now and it reflects in its rating.

  5. WSK is such a good rom-com and it’s been a while since we’ve seen good acting and a good pairing so it’s a win for me

    • One more reason to watch WSK is that the drama was based on the webtoon (2015) which was created based on the web novel (2013) written by Jung Kyung Yoon. The story must be that good that it has been written in different way and finally turned into a TV drama in 2018.

      • @noonaaa like you, the shrieking almost turned me off Handsome Guy and Jung Eum..

        But somehow, I pulled through and things got better.

        You could fast forward the shrieking in eps 1-2 and after that, she stops entirely. The banshee antics were way worse in She Was Pretty and Kill Me, Heal Me. Someone must have told her to cut it out for Handsome Guy and Jung Eum.

        The story is nothing extraordinary but the chemistry between all 3 leads is solid. And I like the supporting characters too, especially Shim Hye Jin.

  6. Lawless Lawyer still going hard ep 9 drops tonight and LJK is an absolute Adonis and SYJ his Queen. Exceptional storyline and out of it acting . Best pash scene ever in ep 6 so yep I’m down to the finish line. Oh no I’m just gushing now sorry. ?

    • How rude of me not to mention but waiting for 6 eps for WSK to screen with subs then that’s me one weekend afternoon of binge! ?

    • So many best scenes in LL for me?? and as usual LJG creates unforgetable, memorable scenes in here. Unbelievable. All the cast actually are doing a great job.

  7. Is WSK really good? I watched the first 20 minutes of its 1st ep and all I noticed is PSJ’s lipstick or lipbalm?!!
    I shall try it again later after I check on the undateables myself, I don’t trust the ratings when it comes to k-drama. I just need something light to watch while waiting for my Lawless Lawyer.

    • Me too! I’m stashing all these rom coms like WSK away like secret chocolate and saving them for a rainy day. I mean when I need something light and fluffy not heavy on my heart and head. ? @ Daloula; Curious to find out why you can’t get into WSK? Any particular reason/s?

      • I guess since I just quit my current job to take on a new one, I cannot relate with secretary Kim who just after working for nine years, repaying her family’s debt and being the smart and perfect secretary, decides to leave her job without a back up plan. Who is going to pay her rent? Is she going to go back to live with her family when she is already 29? And like the VC himself said, she never said no and she was the one who accepted all those responsibilities. She also gets gifted a car after being late and turns down a hell of a promotion. I also cannot understand why she needs to quit to be able to get a life.
        Luckily PMY, whom I love, is the one playing the character and making it bearable.

      • It’s a rom-com. It’s made of fluffiness for entertainment. ? It’s only 2 episodes so maybe it will be more entertaining as the drama progresses.

    • WSK first 2 episodes are fun to watch. It is silly, but very entertaining. If you want something light & fluffy… I suspect PSJ character has had a childhood experience that was haunting & PMY may help uncovering it… Good acting & great visuals so far ?

  8. For some reasons, for the ongoing K-dramas, I only watch Miss Hammurabi and Lawless Lawyer before 6 of Jun. After 6 of Jun, I kind of like diligently watch What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (watching spoiler, raw and then subs — still working on to get the link for the webtoon). I really like it. Maybe since it’s romcom and a light one. Maybe because I need a good laugh out of my heavy life.

    For me, this drama is closer to reality. I am not a secretary, but I do find many similar characters in this drama in real life. So, I really can relate to some of the aspect in the drama. Not to mention, good casting and good acting of the actors and actress.

  9. I really love WSK so far. I honestly haven’t been watching kdramas for almost a year now. I just didn’t find the right one for me that made me want to watch it. I really like PSJ after seeing him in Warm Words and a few others but I didn’t really watch hwarang or FMY. The last kdrama I watched all the way through was PMY’s sageuk. I forgot the title already. Needless to say, kdramas haven’t been part of my life lately.

    But I saw a few trailers and I decided to watch ep 1. Found myself enjoying it. It’s incrediably silly but at the same time, the characters are extreme enough for me to be curious about what happens to them. pMy is as beautiful as ever and SJ is doing fine here. I like a good snobby exec every once in awhile as drama character – not in real life. So far, it’s the only thing I am watching. Not because I think it’s the best kdrama ever but because I finally have an interest in it. So maybe it will reignite my interest in kdramas.

  10. Oh I started this Webtoon not too long ago, once it came out on TappyToon, so I might check this out once it’s further along.

  11. I’m really loving this drama. It’s hilariously ott as romcoms are, but Secretary Kim herself is super relatable as a woman who feels lost after spending a long, long time in a job that gives her no sense of fulfillment. I love that her reason for quitting is that she wants to put herself first, after prioritizing others for so long. It’s inspiring.

  12. I didn’t enjoy the 1st episode. PMY & PSJ were great but the flow & narration didn’t connect. 2nd episode was better for me bec the story flow better. Not sure if it’s bec of editing or directing. I wished it was like W which I really enjoyed, despite not being a fan of the 2 leads.?

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