tvN Drama Mr. Sunshine Releases Official Character Posters with One Month From July 7th Premiere

Ready or not, here comes Mr. Sunshine. The time flew on this one as tvN is starting ramped up promotions for the next Sat-Sun drama Mr. Sunshine by the screenwriter Kim Eun Sook of Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, and Heirs. With currently airing Lawless Lawyer at the midway point, Mr. Sunshine is slated to premiere on July 7th and with it confirm whether Kim Eun Sook still has the power to bring audiences in. This time her male lead Lee Byung Hun has recent scandal and isn’t the same actor he was ten years ago during his IRIS prime days, and relative newbie Kim Tae Ri made a big splash with the K-movie The Handmaiden and will be making her first drama leading role. The drama released official character posters today and it’s scenes from the drama with plenty of acting intensity. I see the roles being played especially Byun Yo Han as the carefree playboy type and Yoo Yeon Seok as the warrior for freedom.


tvN Drama Mr. Sunshine Releases Official Character Posters with One Month From July 7th Premiere — 16 Comments

  1. I’m looking forward to watch this since I watch kmovie The Handmaiden. I was mesmerized how talented and beauty is Kim Tae Ri. Fighting.

  2. Never liked any of KES drama but again I said, this one looks epic. May be, she won’t go for extreme cheesiness and filler since this is a sageuk. I am not excited for the OTP at all but Byun Yo Han looks good and I am most looking forward to see him.

    I predict this will be a rating win since most cable dramas perform really well these day and again, this drama comes from KES and Koreans love her works.

  3. It seems that I’m the only one here who like KES’s dramas and I’m really excited to see this one. The casting looks great, really! I saw KTR in The Handmaiden and The Little Forest, I liked her. She’s very beautiful and natural. BYH looks so fine in the trailer and this poster !

    • Lols me too. I’ve watched 11 of her dramas. Only city hall i couldnt finish. Well, except LBH, i like every actor in that drama. Cant wait for july.

  4. DOTS was addictive in the beginning and then just kind of flickered out and Goblin killed me with those extra long episodes. I’ll give this a go, and I’m sure it will be a ratings hit, but I hope they stick to one hour at a time.

  5. I wonder what KTR role. In the photo, KTR looks so naive yet holding a gun. Looking at the stills, it makes me more curious why KMJ is not the female lead here.

    • Cause KTR is a better actress. But the way those posters are aligned at the top, KTR looks more like LBH’s daughter.

      • They say ktr like his daughter but still hit rating and lee santa oppa will get ton of cf offer after that drama.

      • Actors like LBH don’t do just any CF and not just any brand. He is not a newbie. I am sure he had also experienced the CF rush in the early years of his career.

    • My question is the same. It seems that KMJ has more experiences than KTR. Maybe because the lead character needs a young one. KTR in her twenties and KMJ in her thirties. Maybe.

  6. You lying sweetheart kim eun sook male lead drama always get famouse and get tone of cf offer that a reason why lee santa oppa take this role cause even with all box office movie and can’t deny that oppa is good actors but in korea still don’t like him because cheater and bastard he want improve his image in korea thats it. Congrat lee santa oppa carrer and romance success.

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