Director Confirms Sequel to Hit Zombie K-movie to Train to Busan in Works

I expected this sequel to be announced earlier but better now than never. The director of the box office hit Korean zombie movie Train to Busan has announced that a sequel is in the works, not called Train to Busan 2 though. The title is tentatively Peninsula, which reveals that the infection has spread through the entire Korean peninsula, which may include upwards to North Korea. I would take a boat to Jeju at this point, lol. I loved the movie which I credit to having a great casting mix with Gong Yoo, Ma Dong Seok, Jung Yumi, and child actress Kim Soo Ahn. The director also kept the pacing perfect with steady camera control so the movie never felt messy or jarring despite all the zombie attacks. I also love that the upcoming sequel is actually a trilogy as the animated movie Seoul Station is narratively the prequel to Train to Busan.


Director Confirms Sequel to Hit Zombie K-movie to Train to Busan in Works — 11 Comments

  1. The movie was excellent. Even on re-watching mode, I still get nervous and root for the characters and of course cry buckets. Wonder if Gong Yoo will also join the sequel or would that be weird?

    • Not likely. According to soompi, the director said that non of the casts of Train To Busan will return for the latest installment.

      • Makes sense and actually, I agree with the director. Will still check out the sequel. Although it was a fantasy zombie film, it was the examination of human nature and behavior that was the secret success of the movie. Everyone could relate and developed attachment to the characters, even really hating some of them etc.

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