Sooyoung in Talks for K-drama Version of So I Married an Anti-fan with Male Lead Choi Tae Joon

I think the casting is spot on and adorably inverted from real life in a good way. SNSD member turned actress Sooyoung is in talks to headline the K-drama adaptation of webtoon So I Married an Anti-fan, which has already been adapted to a C-movie starring Sooyoung’s fellow SM agency member Chanyeol from EXO. It’s based on a Korean webtoon so I was expecting a K-version but better late than never as I don’t know anyone who checked out the C-movie take other than Chanyeol fans. The K-drama will pair up Sooyoung with Choi Tae Joon, who I have to mention is dating top Hallyu young actress Park Shin Hye so if anyone has experienced anti-fan blowback in real life it would be him as I suspect some of her more ardent fans may not be accepting of him (yet). The drama doesn’t have a network yet but my guess is it’ll be picked up on a cable channel.


Sooyoung in Talks for K-drama Version of So I Married an Anti-fan with Male Lead Choi Tae Joon — 29 Comments

  1. I am a big supporter of this hard working, manly looking actor Choi Tae Joon , I wish him all the best and hope he gets the recognition he deserves national and international on his own! Fighting !

    Koala , I know I am nobody to tell you what to write in your article, as you free to write what you feel like, also I am free to write and responde the way I feel like , in an article on a public blogger.

    Would be nice to respect Park Shin Hye, and Choi Tae Joon private life and let him continuing to make a name on his own through his hard work, as he has been doing, without trying to take advantage of, like many do, and with major respect to Park Shin Hye, his fans, and others.

    • Couldn’t agree more about respecting their privacy. It’s old news anyways.
      My dearest wish is not to see Park Shin Hye’s or Choi Tae Joon’s name together in every article of theirs that is work related. They are separate artists. It should be just about their project. One has worked hard for years to reach the position of Hallyu star of enormous popularity and the other working hard to establish as a top actor. Would be nice to see the focus stay on that.
      I think both of them and their well wishers would appreciate that.

      • Choi tae-joon top actors? His agency just use dating scandal to get more recognition. This is just noise marketing same like when Lee dong wook and suzy dating just mediaplay for their drama. And in fact ldw drama was flop and get criticism for his acting and Cho seung-woo get praise. Feel bad for suzy get slut for dating two times. Some of knetz even saying Choi tae-joon was nugu. he just second lead material not make lead.

      • Sorry but top actor? He’s not even in han jaein’s league. Probably later. I hope he’ll get more recognition. He’s a good actor tho.

      • I did say “ trying to establish” not “ he is a top actor”….
        How can I when this is his first project as a main lead….
        Mention of an artist’s personal stuff with work related one is totally superfluous

    • @Scar99. It was CTJ’s agency who told the media about their dating. How do you explain him not trying to get famous by exposing their private life and stealing her spotlight? His action does not explain what fans are trying to defend for. His action shows he wants to be linked with PSH.

      • @candycane, 100% agree with you.. even now psh Chinese fans mad,because sbs post his news at weibo tags psh name.. every time news for him always tags psh name..btw her fans okay about her relationship but they think not okay for ctj always tags’s better ctj don’t tags or put psh name for his news..

  2. I don’t like Soo Young as an actress. I’m happy for Choi Tae Joon, he deserves te male lead role for once. But I think I will pass this one.

  3. I’m surprised that you mentioned her labelmate, Chanyeol, but not that the C-movie co-starred Seohyun – her SNSD *bandmate*.

  4. According blind items, park shin hye boyfriend was nugu and his agency purposely went around leaking their relationship to journalists.

    • It’s not like they were hiding it too much either. They were not hiding behind masks, looking over their shoulders or switching cars at 1 am. They were spotted in Australia trip and some camping trip over year ago yet her fans denied everything and said ’’they’re just college friends!!’’. What I find funnier is how her agency reacted to these dating news like ’’they started seeing each other after Christmas’’ or some other shit to soften the blow. Like just shut up completely or just curtly confirm when everyone already sees through it. Anyway, it will never be beneficial to anyone to rise with someone else’s name. Hyeri used her dating with Tony Ahn to get famous and while people have slowly moved on, no one will ever forget how she’s fucked her way up.

  5. Sorry will pass this… u know a lot artists are working hard but can everyone be the top actor? That’s the reality. Fact said someone is using someone to get fame.

  6. “making a name on his own through his hard work” it’s a fact that he’s been getting breaks (lead actor in a two-part SP) since his dating news. and then lead in this. his hard work has paid off indeed.

    • Yes, since 2001 he has been working (hard?) and getting nowhere. Immediately after he confirmed his dating news in March this year, he managed to get lead roles, hmmmm, he must have worked so hard to get the right girlfriend 🙂
      Let’s see how far this can get him

  7. These comments here are funny. It sure must suck after getting busted for dating to be always connected to your partner all the time. “She is glowing because of boyfriend”, “he is getting lead roles because of his more famous gf”. I don’t think they’ll last much longer. That’d make the delusional stans happy because they think PSH “suits” more with Lee Min Hoo or Jung Yong Wha for whatever reasons even though both are unmanly and worse at acting than CTJ (missing 9 and suspicious partner showcased his potential). Anyway, Sooyoung is below average. She was okay in Police Unit and she’s def. better than Yoona but she’s boring, her acting is superficial.

    • “She was okay in Police Unit”, for me she was pretty bad, they seemed to have cut her of the story too, she nearly had a role in the story at the end. The other actresses were far better than her, more charismatic like Lee Sun Bin.

      • Sooyoung isn’t bad in the 38 Task Force. She was good and those who initially watched for Seo In Guk said that they were surprise how good she was. Her role originally was a ‘villain’ towards main role character but the story line somehow changes mid of drama thus her role was minimized to almost a cameo. Lee Sun Bin is definitely charismatic as much as Sooyoung does. I believe if their role switches, Lee Sun Bin and Sooyoung still manage to pull off both characters.

  8. Didn’t CTJ’s agency go on a media hype spree after the dating news? “What you should know about PSH’s boyfriend” “Who is CTJ?” and practically every article of him identified him as “PSH’s boyfriend”. So yeah, totally worked hard on his own to be known, I’m sure he also worked hard to get those lead roles. But what’s the harm? It’s best she spreads her popularity to him so they could be equal. Must be tough on the guy if he stays nugu.

  9. is he the guy who said problematic things on tv like deliberately forgetting his wallet while on a date and talking about his “conquests”? or did I confuse him with another fuck boi in korean showbiz.

    • It’s another fuckboi who boasted with his conquests and forgot his wallet. CTJ has been dating around quite a lot, there’s blind items about him dating some female idols idk?

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