Jung Il Woo Discharged From the Military and Accepts Lead Role in SBS Sageuk Drama Hatch

Another boy (now man) is back in town after a stint in the military, though I confess I didn’t really feel his time away much. K-actor Jung Il Woo was discharged from the military today, capping off nearly 2 years of mandatory service and returning in time for the holiday season. He’s also returning with a drama offer accepted in his pocketed for the male lead of upcoming SBS weekend sageuk Hatch. He’ll play the role of a Joseon era fictional prince opposite rumored leading lady Go Ara playing a capable damo (female detective). Jung Il Woo is no stranger to sageuks with his breakout role in The Return of Iljimae and subsequently more period dramas including The Moon Embracing the Sun and The Night Watchman’s Journal. Good to see him back and hopefully he can seamlessly transition back to his acting career, but please ditch that spotted maroon shiny shirt lol.


Jung Il Woo Discharged From the Military and Accepts Lead Role in SBS Sageuk Drama Hatch — 10 Comments

  1. I’m glad that JIW is back safely from Military Service and welcome him back to my screen again. Frankly, his latest drama choices pre-military Service haven’t been all that great. Hoping this marks a turning point for the better in his acting career.

  2. Wow. Is that an actual government department uniform? Just thinking of all those who actually have to have that for work. It even has hearts and crosses * cringes. *

    • hahaha… is that a uniform for Social Service? with hearts, musical notes, rattles and something looking like a baby bottle… looks like a clown shirt. what a joke. LOL.

  3. Good to see him back.I hope he is healthy.I wish he had gotten a thriller from ocn though than a sageuk on a public channel.He hasnt had ratings luck with fusion sageuk and Go Ara is not a strong actress.
    SBS has also had a poor track record with sageuk in recent years compared to mbc and kbs.But all the same, I wish him well.For talented actors like him, its only luck that differentiates those who have momentum with career highs and those who languish in the same place for years.

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