The Shoes Were Alright at Jimmy Choo Event in Seoul with Mostly Black Outfits Falling Flat

There is just an across-the-board level of top fashion fail at the Jimmy Choo shoe brand event in Seoul this week it almost ruins the mostly good footwear on display. Nearly every star wore black so it made singers and dating couple Hyuna and E’Dawn look even more woefully out of place, like they wandered into the event stoned from a prairie land hippie dippie bong session. The high profile actress attendees were Ha Ji Won and Kim Sa Rang and they were both dress alright but the super short skirts didn’t quite match their classier image. Son Na Eun had a dead skunk draped over her shoulder which made for the funniest accessory of the night. Sigh, imma need some fashion inspiration fairy to sprinkle dust over the entirety of K-ent.


The Shoes Were Alright at Jimmy Choo Event in Seoul with Mostly Black Outfits Falling Flat — 11 Comments

    • No doubt when she’s his significant partner in life. He’ll always rely on her opinion. I know watching it together. Hyun Bin did great.

      • Secret garden shipper still stuck in 2010 hahaha. I’m was surprised see that MOA was filming in overseas country even that story and the rating was no good enough. Even hyun bin zombie movie with budget 17b didn’t surpassed 3 million admission tickets. Just wonder this drama can break rating 20%. See you tomorrow for rating ep.2.bye.

  1. I think they went with the concept “how to make ugly shoes look less ugly… by wearing an outfit that’s even more hidious”. It worked since I saw the outfits and went eww and then looked to their feet and went “I get it…”

  2. My queen is gorgeous no matter what she puts on. You really outshine everyone in the event. So sexy and sophisticated no wonder someone is head over heels for you. Hope to see you more in event and waiting patiently for your comeback to the small screen. Thanks Miss Koala for always support my queen.

  3. oh my goodness, can’t even recognize Hyuna… what’s wrong with her face? she’s 26 but looks much older than her age here. her ajhumma look is now very scary! I like Kim Sa Rang’s runners and she has nice legs 🙂

    • do they have any star value? Look at Hyuna now, what is she doing? E dawn is not mainstream yet… of coz they can date, no one really cares. I am not against idol stars dating, but they are a bit too extreme. They will not pave the way for public acceptance because they are not A-listers and E dawn will never be mainstream… just saying… How many people know them in this blog site??

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